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2021 Sun Transit Gemini to Cancer Astrology Predictions

The Sun is at 29 Aries in Gemini, and it is conjunct the North Node, at 10 degrees. This will be the Sun transit that we will use to make our 2021 Sun-Saturn-Neptune predictions.

The Sun transits Gemini, and comes into contact with Cancer in 2021. Gemini and Cancer are both fixed signs, and so their closeness in the sky has a special effect on us. This is particularly true of Cancer, which rules the seed, the plant, and the soil, and which we honor this year by working with plants, in the outdoors, and especially in the garden. Therefore, of all the signs with which the Sun transits Gemini, it is the most likely to affect our minds and bodies.

The sun changes on the 16th. July 2021, Gemini to Cancer. This transit of the Sun can affect the lives of all Nativas. Discover now the date, time and significance of the transit of the Sun in Cancer, as well as astrological predictions for each zodiac sign.


As the annual transit of the Sun passes through the fourth house, you will be focused on your home and family. Now it’s time to improve the physical environment in and around your home. There will be many conversations with family members. You will be busy with different tasks and this can take a lot of effort out of you. This is also an important time for your health and nutrition. So you have to pay attention to what you eat and how your digestion works. You also need to pay attention at work, as you may have several tasks to complete.


This annual sunshine event forces you to focus on your tasks, and you’ll be multitasking for the next few days. Numerous projects in the field of media and mass communication are proposed. Short-term travel and work-related training can also be part of this transit. Students and faculty will have a great time. This is the perfect time to reconnect with siblings and neighbors. This is the perfect time to gain knowledge and pass on what you have learned. However, you need to take care of your physical health. Illness and injury are possible.


Now is the time to take control of your assets and make more money. The annual transit of the Sun in the second house of wealth will help you identify the real sources of money. You want to save money and at the same time you can spend a lot of it. The second house indicates the ego, so you will have an exaggerated opinion of yourself. This can lead to conflicts with family members and others. You get caught up in your self-esteem and sometimes feel the need to strengthen it. They will also work on creative projects. New employment opportunities are also possible.


This is a very important time for your personal life and for your relationships. At this time you expect a change in your life and you will get one. You will try to improve your health and your beauty. Sometimes we can act compulsively, which leads to anxiety. It is also a time of transformation. You may need to be very careful with your loved ones. Differences of opinion may arise. Minor physical problems can also occur.


It’s time to take care of your physical and mental health. This annual transit of the Sun will affect your emotional state. You may feel lonely and isolated. There will be many travel plans, but there will also be obstacles. Spiritual retreats are also organized. You have to stay away from all kinds of scandals and problems. There may be mental blocks, but now is the time to address them. They will try to make long trips by car. There will be a lot of work-related stress and you can work on competitive projects.


During this time, you will focus more on long-term projects and making a profit. However, this solar transfer will cause clashes with your teammates. Team projects will be part of this walk-through. It is possible to work on long-term technical communication projects. Also noteworthy is the work to improve the situation of children and youth groups. It’s also a good time to find like-minded people. Projects from abroad will also be included in this transit. Some of your friends may be leaving your team and your life.


This is a very important time for career related matters as the Sun transits the tenth house. You can receive training through employment-related programs. New tasks and a new role are also possible during this transit. The Sun indicates ego and self-worth, so there will be some issues with your superiors. You must avoid any dispute, otherwise there will be many obstacles in the work. The Sun will hit the fourth house, the house of home and family, so there will be a lot to do in this area as well. Real estate transactions are also possible.


This is a very important moment for your overseas cooperation. The Sun crosses the divine sign of Cancer, which makes you a spiritualist. You can get new projects at work. They may come from fields related to communications, media and technology. They will be busy preparing for the long haul. Overseas cooperation will also be part of this phase. Opportunities are also being considered for those working in media and mass communication. They are trying to enroll in an institution of higher learning. It is also an ideal time to reach out to the international community.

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During this time, you will focus on your finances as the Sun affects your money. There will be many changes in general resources. This is not the right time for joint projects and other partners. Borrowing and lending are also controlled. There may also be questions about taxes and insurance. They’ll have to try to fix it. Financial income and expenses may arise from time to time. It will be good for you to manage your finances carefully. Start thinking about your savings plan and invest carefully. But this is a good time to get part-time projects.


This is a very exciting transit because the Sun will affect your relationship. You should not take risks with your partners, as the Sun in the seventh house is not ideal for a relationship. They focus a lot on personal relationships. They are interested in socializing and meeting new friends. New contracts and agreements can also be drawn up. However, this is not the best time to enter into new partnerships, so be careful. Your opponents will show you what they expect from you.


This annual sunshine trip will affect your workplace and your health. This is a very sensitive time for both, as the Sun becomes very active. You will focus on your debts, your diseases and your enemies. They will be looking for new projects. Projects from the creative industry can also be set up. There may be changes in the workplace. Slight health problems are possible. You are starting a new diet or wellness program. Special attention is also paid to your financial obligations.


This transit of the Sun affects the fifth house of children and creativity in you. This is the time to network and meet new people. They will be looking for new opportunities for entertainment and fun. There will be many team projects and you will be working with your children as well as team members. Those in the arts, entertainment and politics will have much to do. Disagreements and dissatisfaction can be a part of your life, though, just like your teammates. So you have to be very careful

Frequently Asked Questions

Will 2021 be a good year for cancer?

The year 2021 will be a good year for cancer.

Is Gemini before cancer?

Gemini is before cancer.

Will Gemini travel abroad in 2021?

Gemini will not be able to travel abroad in 2021.

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