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2021 Yearly Astrology Forecast For All Signs

The year 2021 is the year of the Rabbit, the year of the Ox, the Year of the Tiger and the year of the Dragon. But beyond that, what does the Year of the Rabbit mean for you? The Year of the Rabbit signifies creativity, imagination and reinvention. It is a year that celebrates the personal journey and the creation of our future.

Astrology is for everyone, regardless of age, gender, or other factors. In the upcoming year, the signs of the zodiac will all be in different locations.

The year 2021 is a year of many opportunities for the astrological signs. This is a time when the Virgoan sign of aries as a well-established and powerful astrological force. You can easily see this since this year will be the year of aries in both the zodiac and the horoscope. In fact, there will be an average of 12 aries in each horoscope. In addition, this means that the Scorpion sign will also be making a strong appearance in the year 2021, with an average of 8 scorpions appearing annually.

2021 Yearly Astrology Forecast For All Signs

Aries 2021 Forecast

A dream come true? Take more! People prepare for their future Get ready for a bigger, bolder and higher love! It’s likely that the last two or three years have been the hardest for you, Aries. Why? Well, tough cardinal time in your 10th. Signs career, public image and reputation. Jupiter’s entry here in late 2019 could offer some solutions. But not all of them. Maybe progress was difficult, stagnant, or your options were limited. This is mainly because Saturn is square your Aries factors during his 2.5 years here. You had to stick with the whole course, no matter how difficult or limited it was. Or work with fewer resources than usual. And probably for less money.

Create a great project for your future

As we enter the year 2021, we look forward to refocusing on goals, plans and the future. You should have felt a clear sense of liberation and freedom by December 2020, when Saturn and Jupiter conjunct your 10th house. Signs on the left and in the 11. In the Age of Aquarius, which begins on 21. December 2020 and continues until the turn of the year, it is to shape your future. And the people who are part of this amazing project. Learn from your past, but don’t repeat it. And whatever you do, don’t stay in it. In the first five months of 2020 – I’m talking about the period before your birthday, which is the 20th. Including March – it’s time to look forward. And people who share your vision of where you want to go. With Saturn in your 11th house. Home, friendships are strengthened for a long time or left behind. They may be older friends or just wiser or more experienced. If your connection to a person or even a large group, cause, party, association, club, union or network is now coming to an end, be understanding. Just understand that he has made his way and let him go, thanking him for the experience.

Make a star – but do what it takes to get there!

When Jupiter enters our 11th house, I always tell people to make three wishes. And expect at least one of them to come out while Jupiter is here. Also recognize that our vision of the future and therefore our goals, plans and dreams are connected to others. Because nobody does it alone. Yes, you can blog, write a book, develop a product, or have a plan or idea, but you need visitors, editors, readers, customers, followers to bring it all to life. Jupiter in your 11th house. House can show up in person. A generous friend or acquaintance who wants to open doors for you for no apparent reason. Since Saturn is also present here, it can also bring seriousness or experience. And stay for the whole trip. Understand that your progress and success in 2021 – whether in work, career or personal goals – is connected to the people you know or interact with.

Work on the va-va-voom!

The feeling that you’re not moving forward quickly or that someone stole your mojo in 2020 is compounded by the fact that ruler Mars is going through a rare retrograde phase in your sign from September to November. When he finally moved forward again, it felt like he was making up for lost time. Or the realization that you always had your talisman, but you just didn’t feel it! In May 2021, you’ll be back in va-va-voom mode. Then remember what you learned about how to always have your mojo, because a rare and special event is coming up. After completing class 11 in just five months. Jupiter will be in the 13th sign. May 2021 in Pisces and therefore in your 12th year. Enter the characters.

Don’t stop believing

Plan ahead – and think big. Also do what you can to make this vision of the future a reality. Show others that you are serious. Saturn lands us and brings us back to Earth. This tells us that if we don’t take our dream seriously and take action to make it a reality, it will remain a dream. However, Jupiter advises to dream and think big. So dream big dreams while he’s in your 12th, and when he comes back in your 11th and straightens up, be ready to pool your resources of contacts, friends, relationships and human strength to bring him to life. Above all, believe in yourself, your vision and your ability to create a new future. If you do, others will join you. Share what you’ve learned along the way. Be open to new ways of achieving your goal. And dig deeper into what that end goal really is and what motivates you.

Total eclipse of the heart

Now that you know you have your talisman no matter what, where can it take you in 2021 when it comes to love? Hold on to this truth about your sexuality, your confidence and your ability to attract. No matter what, you will always have this. The best time for love is the season of your birth, when not only the Sun but also Venus is in your first house.

The house is. In conjunction with the new moon in your sign on the 12th. April, this marks the beginning of a powerful cycle of attraction for you. Large eclipses also occur. Two of them are in Sagittarius, ruling Jupiter 9 in your horoscope. The first is a total lunar eclipse on the 26th. May. The second one here is the total solar eclipse on the 4th. December. In between, we also have an annular solar eclipse in your 3rd solar system. House at 10. June and a partial lunar eclipse with all the changes in your money house on the 19th. November. Because eclipses are known for hiding.

Eclipses on your 9th axis. House/3. Home – expect aspects related to people abroad, distant travel, airlines, media, large animals, your university, foreign relations, the law, religion, or even hidden paths to your dreams that eventually manifest. Since Uranus is in your money zone and there will be a solar eclipse here in November, stay flexible and careful with money. And be open to new bread-making methods that can save you money in the long run. Again, this can be done by people you know or have a relationship with.

Low river, high mountain

In July, both Venus and Mars, who rules over it, are in your fabulous fifth sign. So it’s time again for romance, attraction, play and fun. Thanks to Saturn and Jupiter in your 11th house. House understands that the focus of the year is on your connections, but also on more connections. But this does not preclude love. You just need to know the best time to do it. When Jupiter’s in your 12th house.

House, this in turn could mean a return of a past love. Other major cycles of attraction and times when two children are needed are August/September/October when Mars, the Sun and Venus are in your 7th house. House. You all meet Chiron in your first year. House if they take place here. Loving fortunes and impossible and outrageous results can follow. If you’re willing to risk it – or risk love itself. With Jupiter in the 11th and 12th. House 2021 is about finding your path and the people who will follow it. It asks you to imagine a new future and develop those goals and desires.

And most importantly, to take the necessary steps to implement them. If you need help with this, hang in there – it’s coming. This year you have both a dream and a dream team, Aries! In a nutshell: Diligence and hard work are a thing of the past because in the age of 2021, it’s onward and upward! Create a future and a goal to achieve. Because if you do, others will join you on your journey. This could be the year of wish fulfilment, Aries!

Taurus forecast 2021


Become the man you were meant to be Love transforms Commit yourself seriously to what you want Continue to pay attention to what is valuable and refine that value system as we enter 2021, Taurus. Uranus in your sign is always in the long run. And that’s an important point for you – the need to be yourself and not bend to fit in. Inventing is your process. Continue to develop your soul, your image, your look, your brand, your style, your message and your look. The Age of Aquarius has arrived, and for you that means standing up, reaching a higher level, and most importantly, taking yourself seriously. To do this, you need to show that you are serious about who you are or who you want to become.

First, don’t compromise all the time. Maybe you thought something was pretty good or not so bad. Not like this. In the back of your mind, you know where the rotation needs to take place. Don’t be afraid to take initiative and let go of what is holding you back. Maybe it’s just an outdated idea of who you are and what you’re capable of. In 2020, Jupiter is in your horoscope in the 9th house.

But his ability to give you freedom, expansion and opportunity is hampered by Saturn, who is also here. However, the paths forward should begin to manifest for you in November 2020 and continue into December, when Jupiter and Saturn set a new standard for what you can achieve as you enter your 10th house. The signs have come in and the new Aquarian Age has begun.

Who do you think you are?

Career enhancement, relational status and public image will be the focus in 2021. How others see and perceive you is essential. Now more than ever. Whether it’s your boss, your friend, your partner – current or future – or the world at large, always be careful about how you present yourself. Someone to take seriously, or a lightweight to get used to? Of course, it depends on how you see and perceive yourself. Therefore, working with Uranus in your first house will be challenging. House to help identify these values and, if necessary, to refine, reinvent and revitalise this image.

What you think you are (or can be) is what you appear to be. Are you starting to feel more comfortable with change? None of us like it! But you are a sign that values the familiar, so change may be harder for you than others. Even if you know in your heart that it is necessary. This makes you believe that everything is going reasonably well and you keep going with the flow. If so, expect to be pushed to stop settling for less and move up to more. This is partly due to Uranus, but also due to your 10th house. House of the New Age. It gets brighter from February, when Venus, the ruler, moves here and affects Saturn and Jupiter. This is one of the best times in 2021 to address career issues. Doors can open wide and people in influential, powerful and authoritative positions will look at you benevolently. Believe in yourself and that you are going where you need to go. And you can watch your shares rise.

Single? Get rid of the resentment you feel for not doing your job well. But know exactly what you are looking for and above all stick to your choice. Be honest about it. But don’t waste your time on those who tell you they’re not in the market for anything real. Taking yourself seriously means taking others seriously. And that includes not deluding yourself that someone will change their mind in the future if they tell you they just want something ordinary. It’s fine if that’s what you want. But if not, take your time and your heart seriously enough not to waste it.

Wish them luck and keep up the good work. Saturn is in its major house, which pushes you to develop what you have already created. In other words, it’s all about reputation and track record. If you are on the right track, doors will open. If you need a change of direction, Jupiter is there until May to help you choose a new path. Your contacts, networks and relationships will prove to be your best asset. And if you are serious about changing careers, look for companies and people with a proven track record in the field you want to study.

This may be the best way to get in. The year 2021 will bring us one of the most unusual Jupiter cycles we’ve seen in a long time. Jupiter usually resides in this sign for 12 uninterrupted months. But not this year. It goes through Aquarius and your 10th house. Drawing before he died on the 13th. May in Pisces and your 11th. Sign the land. Yes, during your birth cycle, Taurus. Your social life and the people you know will take on new meaning, as will your goals and your vision for the future. Your friends and acquaintances will now be connected to it. I always tell people to make three wishes when Jupiter enters their 11th house. Signs of entry. And expect at least one to turn up while he’s here. So do it, especially if it’s something for the long haul. For example, relationships or career advancement.

Is this the love you were looking for?

Changes related to moving, home and family, those you live with – roommates, housemates, etc., as well as a lover, spouse, children, can occur during eclipses on the 10th. June in your 2. House and 26. May and 4. December in your 8. House to execute. Please note that you may be in the dark at this time. When you sign agreements, contracts, leases, divorce papers, loans, or other important documents that will affect you in the long run, make sure you know what you are committing to (or waiving). And whatever you do, don’t give in to the pressure.

If you feel that way, it’s a signal to slow down and seek independent professional advice if necessary. Obstacles to new love must be removed now that Saturn has entered your tenth sign. Jupiter’s brief incursion into your sector 11. The sign not only sheds light on your social life (which hopefully is not blocked), but also shows you that love can be found when you communicate, share and circulate. So be open to it appearing in unexpected places. Shortly after arriving in your 11th, Jupiter will move in the opposite direction (call it a preview!) and on the 28th, Jupiter will move in the opposite direction. July to return to your 10th. He’ll be out until the 29th. December. So consider the second half of 2021 as a time when you need to make important decisions and strengthen existing structures.

Love and business ventures and decisions flourish with the 23rd. September, when Venus enters its 7th house. Signs of entry. You’ve had the sun here since the 23rd. October, March 30. October, which adds passion, warmth and confidence, and a very important new moon on the 4th.

November, Uranus in your 1st house. The faces of the house. Between that and the eclipsed full moon in your sign on the 19th. In November, you might make a decision about the future of a particular relationship or job. Whether you are willing to act on it or tell others about it is another matter. You can stay until the solar eclipse on the 4th. December is waiting in your house for sex, money and exchange.

December also brings us another Venus retrograde, and it is at this time that you may be ready to reveal these plans. A return to an old love, a decision to break up with someone you were comfortable with, or a decision to change a long-term commitment to reflect your values and who you are are are also likely. No matter how many times you put things off, you have no choice but to take steps now to make long-term changes. You may even feel that forces beyond your control have taken over and are pushing you down a predetermined path. In December, Venus is in conjunction with Pluto not once, but twice. This will first happen on the 11th, when Venus is still direct, but slowing down. The second time is on the 25th, when it is retrograde. Between this time and the retrograde of Venus in late January 2022, before she meets Pluto in March, you can expect lasting changes in your relationship status, close working relationships or career. Singles can become couples. The colonists can go to the next step. Others may be involved in important, long-term business or professional relationships.

Or you can leave the path that has become a dead end and start a new one. If any of these scenarios involve a long-term vision of how you see yourself in the future, take it seriously, because Jupiter is the 29th. December again in your 11. Signs of entry. Wish for love or what you love in 2021, Taurus. 2021 to the point : Wish love. Or how you see yourself in love, in partnership, or doing what you love. And take it seriously, Taurus. You’re in the show this year. So don’t look like someone who is willing to settle for less than you are worth.

Gemini forecast 2021


Increase the happiness factor in 2021 Love is bigger than life Discover a vast and wild world of possibilities While 2020 may have brought limitations or even difficult situations regarding who was in control of your money or life, you, Gemini, should develop a new understanding in 2021 of how capable and strong you can be when it comes to change. You are now leaving behind the problems that may have been haunting you since 2017. Living in the age of the present will open up new possibilities. And even more good news: 2021 is just a foretaste or the first step towards something even bigger, better and more beautiful in 2022!

Life under the Falling Star

With Jupiter in your 9th sign and Uranus in your 12th sign, you are a Gemini in search of deep meaning, new beliefs and truth that resonates in your soul. You are a character who likes to play with new ideas. So don’t be surprised if people talk about psychic abilities, mediumship, philosophy, religion, different belief systems, ways of seeing the world, tarot, astrology and numerology. If you are open to the answers, you will get them. Gurus, teachers, shamans, speakers, priests, prophets, angels – one or more of them may cross your path and awaken a desire to explore and learn more. Your personal beliefs and your way of seeing, being and believing can change. And perhaps by the people you meet and work with during this cycle. Right now you are on a journey, and depending on what is happening in the collective, it could be a literal journey or a learning experience away from home. In any case, the ideas and/or people you meet will open your eyes to new possibilities and broaden your horizons. It’s not just the wandering, exploring star you live under this year, Gemini.

But it’s also karmic. The North Lunar Node remains in your sign and takes you back 19 years in time. Or beyond, depending on your age. This can bring us back to personal issues and, more importantly, relationships. If you got married 19 years ago, the karma of your marriage comes back somehow. Remember: If you’re in a long-term relationship this year, start a new cycle! When will that past knock on the door, if it does? You should know that this happens when Mercury goes the other way. The dates you need to remember to have and keep track of the retention rules at all times are as follows: 30. January – 21. February – Mercury retrograde in your 9th house. House. 29. May – 22. June – Mercury retrograde in your 1st house. House – expect major regressions and a return to the past. And finally, 27. September to 18. October in your 5. As always, your retro shadow period, which includes the period of three weeks before and three weeks after the full retro cycle.

Total eclipse of the heart

The retrograde period in May and June will be particularly profound and influential. This is not only your birthday, but also the time of major eclipses that will affect you and your closest personal relationships. I don’t need to remind you that if your ruler is retrograde in your 1st or 5th house. The house is still standing, this is NOT the time to start or seek a new romantic relationship. Just like the season of the solar eclipse that passes through the axis of your 1/7. Houses – whether or not in conjunction with Mercury retrograde. But even more so if he is!

What do we know about eclipses? We’re in the dark. During a total solar eclipse, there is a total blackout in an important area of our lives. While 2021 promises better results in finding love or existing partnerships, you should avoid Mercury retrocycles and eclipses to have the best chance at a happy life. On the 26th. In May, there is a total lunar eclipse in your opposite sign, Sagittarius, and in your 7th house. In the middle of Mercury retrograde in your first house. House. So you may feel emotionally distant, confused about the person’s intentions or think they are hiding something. New lovers may be shrouded in mystery and may not be who they seem. If the old one comes back, wait before starting over.

Have they really changed or are they just saying what they think you want to hear? Don’t be afraid to ask questions and follow up. The problem with this eclipse cycle is that it can make you question your own judgment and feelings. Deep down, you may not be entirely happy with what you’re hearing, but you don’t want to damage the relationship by demanding answers, or you may feel like it’s not your place to ask. If so, ignore it and ask anyway. If you are still not satisfied, here is your answer.

The truth is felt, not told

The second solar eclipse in your 1. The house is on the 10th. June at the new moon. Mercury is also still retrograde here. It’s an annular solar eclipse. This gives the ring of fire effect seen in many photos of the eclipse. So see it as something that has a kernel of truth. Again, this could be you and the person you have a close relationship with. Or were, or could have been. So, yes, it could be your partner, your roommate or your spouse. It could also be your boss, your business partner, your colleague, your friend or even the person you don’t like. This may contradict what you are being told now. Be careful and, again, if it’s a new or budding relationship, take it slow and stay in touch with what you’ve learned. Between now and the next solar eclipse in your 7th house. House of 4. December – expect that some, if not all, truths will be revealed if you are willing to seek them.

Happy medium

With Jupiter in your 9th house. Period, happiness, expansion and possibilities will come to you through those you know and communicate with. This year, however, we get a very unusual Jupiter cycle. Instead of spending 12 consecutive months in the same sign, as is usually the case, Jupiter traverses its ruling house at breakneck speed, entering the sign on the 13th. May in your tenth house. If the new can be discarded in eclipses and retro-cycles, it is certainly not the case in rebirths. None of them are rewarded for their past efforts. Yes, reward is also a retro word because it starts with an important re! Jupiter is here in your 10th house. Very happy house. Because it’s his former dominant sign, Pisces. It will awaken in you ambitious dreams and visions of who you can become and what you can achieve. This is your 2022 preview, which is now underway. Imagine sitting in a movie theater watching a trailer for an upcoming film.

But you are the star, the writer and the director of this film. Expect Jupiter to raise your status while you’re here. Or open doors to do so. But remember: this is a taste of things to come. Jupiter will be in the sky until the 28th. In July, he returns to Aquarius and thus to your 9th house. This time it will be until the 29th. December. Lost loves and forgotten joys, as well as missed opportunities, can trigger dramatic comebacks and rebounds in September/October when Venus is in the 7th house in your horoscope. House and the Sun and your retro ruler in the 5th house. When the sun goes down on the 22nd. November in your 7. The day is dawning. Mercury is very direct and warm. Both characters meet here on the 29th. November, making this one of the best weeks of the year for new beginnings in partnership and love. Until the total eclipse of the sun on the 4th. December, when all you have to do is look at what you don’t see in the relationships around you. At this stage, wear your bandage. Remember, it doesn’t have to be someone else making fun of you. Sometimes we don’t want to see the truth, so we ignore it. The full moon in your 1st. House on 19. But December can make them stand out and you won’t be able to look away!

But what does Cupid look like, or even a chance in 2021? Think big. Think big. Think of the lovers of the following objects: Travel, Aircraft, Local Transportation, Education, Science, Law, Media, Pets, Research, Religion, Foreigners, Sports, Outdoor Recreation. There may also be career opportunities in these areas. You will also find love and happiness outside of your usual social or professional environment – and/or within your comfort zone! When Jupiter makes his brief visit to your tenth sign, he will not only raise these aspirations, but your criteria for choosing a partner could include someone you can literally look up to and who has the same outlook on life as you do. Meeting a potential partner through your work, career or broader professional network is one of the loving ways Jupiter can open you up during your time here. They are definitely attracted to people who have succeeded on some level. Especially if you’re still looking in 2022.

2021 Rock – but wait till you see 2022!

Jupiter likes to stay in its 9th house. Home to. Remember, if you want to learn how his presence can increase the luck and opportunity factor for you, you must do your best to make Jupiter’s energy work for you. Jupiter is nothing between Santa and a pantomime fairy who looks like Stephen Fry in a fight! Yes, it can give us solutions and wish us luck. But only if we do our best to make it happen first. Willpower alone is not enough. Open your mind to what you think is possible for you. Then take the risk of making your vision a reality. Jupiter says: You’ll never know until you try. And it is in the trial and error that lies not only Jupiter’s ability to put the right people or solutions in our path, but also what makes you want to try again next year or try harder! Because Jupiter loves your 10. House even more than your 9th. House. This too is due to the fact that this is the dominant sign of Jupiter. So expect a fabulous 18 months of Jupiter magic. And in 2022, get ready to make that wish come true. In fact, by then, it could be a reality!

Cancer forecast for 2021

word-image-2200 Love is freedom Assertiveness enables you to get the results you want. What you do every day has a domino effect. As the new Aquarian Age arrives, you will feel a marked change in your relationships. This is because Jupiter and Saturn move from your 7th to your 8th. Pluto remains the only outer planet in your 7th house at this time. and the new year will begin with a near new moon on the 13th. Early January. It promises a transformation with a touch of chemistry! Yes, relationship change can and does happen. But that heavy feeling around them has now been lifted for 2021.

With any luck, you now know where you stand in terms of your current love status. If you are still unsure about the future of any of your relationships, you should expect things to end between now and your anniversary cycle. Somehow. Just understand that there is no middle ground on this issue. You are in it – or out of it, consciously or unconsciously. The situation can be complicated because Saturn is in opposition to your Cancer factors from 2018. Yes, for some of you, Saturn can take your relationship to the next level. Others may see a new serious love emerge and realize it’s the right one. Settlers could face serious problems with their homes, incomes, families, or living conditions, which affected their romantic relationships. If you come out of this cycle unscathed, you will enter a new cycle of fused unity.

Uncovering the hidden truths about well-being

There are major eclipses on your 6/12 house axis this year. Wellness – mental, physical, spiritual – should be your priority in this cycle. How your daily thoughts and choices affect you, the people you surround yourself with, the habits you’ve created – expect revelations about how it all affects you. And in ways you may not have realized. With Jupiter and Saturn in your 8th house. In the home you will also have to deal with sharing, with what is shared with you, your money, your possessions, your mortgages, your loans, your salaries, your benefits. And also the distribution of power. Or how strong you feel. The place where you have surrendered your power and energy is the hidden message of the eclipses. Remember – anything to do with our 12. Home is often something we don’t see. So you may not have been able to make the connection. But since eclipses hide and blind, you can start here.

Power take-back checklist 2020:

Stick to the people/relationships/ituations that you know deep down inside are bad for you, even toxic. But you hold onto it for fear of change or what others will think. Living with a routine that has become a chore. Life lacks spontaneity and the important factor of joy, which is necessary for the proper functioning of the immune system. But you don’t want to rock the boat or upset the status quo, even if it drags you down. Please stand in front of the people. Meeting the expectations of others or even their ideas of who you should be or what you should do with your life. They can be friends, relatives or partners. And then you wonder why you feel tired and depressed or why your relationship isn’t meeting your needs. Although you are an empathetic and caring sign, you can also be a sign with a grudge and a desire for revenge! Yes, this is a somewhat dubious fact about your zodiac sign. When it comes to revenge, you can outdo Scorpio. But there’s an old saying: Before you begin your revenge, you will first dig two graves.

Are you looking for revenge on someone who hurt you? Or wait until the karmic rabbit calls them and they get their reward? I don’t think about whether they deserve it or not. It’s just that you don’t have to do anything in this case. And all the energy you put in, you exhaust. Plus, it means they still have power over you. The ability to have that effect on you. To steal your time, your thoughts, your life force. You don’t have to forgive anyone. But you can choose to let it go and move on. Especially when the worst thing you can do to someone who has wronged you is to be healthy and happy. So take back your power and focus your resources there. In this cycle of eclipses, the true face of humanity will be revealed. Their dates are as follows: 26. May – Full Super Moon in your 6th. House – Full moon eclipse. 10. June – New Moon in your 12th house. Month – Annular solar eclipse. 4. December – New Moon in your 6th house. House – total solar eclipse. The 19th. In November, you have a partial lunar eclipse in your eleventh house. It may involve a particular friendship or even a group of friends. Expect upheavals in your social environment! And be prepared, like the shadows, to see them in a new light. Make your own well-being a priority, because the current era is an opportunity to feel powerful by being the catalyst for change in your own life.

Vision of what you want to create

The important thing now is to stick to the dream. And know who is ready to support you. If you are held back, understand that the Age of Now, in conjunction with the eclipse cycle, will simply enable you to overcome this. Either you see things differently, or you get to the point where you don’t react to them in the same way, if at all. You can be more forgiving and loving than any other sign, Cancer. So love yourself enough to free yourself from all this when you feel you have fallen into these traps. And forgive yourself at the same time, if necessary.

Welcome to Vault

You feel best when you can shine in your own atmosphere. Be the centrepiece of the home, family, or even your own little world you’ve created. Now that Saturn has stopped opposing your planets in Cancer, you can expect doors to open for you or for you to shine in your own environment again. Jupiter in your 8th with Saturn promises that the visions you have long kept to yourself will manifest. Perhaps through access to more resources. You will also become fearless in confronting the fears that have held you back. For example, it is possible to play the safety card. A little faith will help in this cycle. Especially when it comes to what you think you can do, have or experience. Hold on to that vision. Jupiter opens to the 13th. Can open the doors to the vaults of self-improvement and access to more. At this point, an unusual event occurs from Jupiter. Indeed, instead of spending the year in one sign, as is usually the case, Jupiter now leaves your 8th sign and enters his 9th sign. You are now on a journey of the soul and spirit.

Prepare for a close encounter

This phenomenon will be even more pronounced in 2022. Jupiter is the ruler of your 9th house. House, and also the former ruler of Pisces before the discovery of Neptune. Next year he will meet Neptune here, making this one of the most important transits for you. The doors to new worlds of experience and perspective will open as never before. I can tell you that if you want proof of the existence of life in other worlds, or even other planes of existence, this can provide it! For now, however, Jupiter is only dipping his toe into the waters of your ninth house. House, as it was on the 28th. July in your 8th. The house is coming back. But during this short stay, expect happiness, solutions and opportunities to come your way. In other words, a taste of what Jupiter has in store for you next year! So think big and act with confidence. Especially during your birthing cycle, when you’re feeling particularly optimistic.

Happy Solstice!

Besides Jupiter giving you absolute generosity on your birthday, you also have Venus in your first house. The Sun, Venus and Mercury are in triangle with Jupiter in your 9th house. House, which provides additional birthday bonuses and increases the attraction factor. Love and partnership are also part of these close encounters. Connections that expand your world or your ideas of what you can experience with another soul. The best time for love, or to explore any dynamic between you and a friend – and that includes work and deep friendships – is at the beginning of the year, when Venus crosses her seventh sign in January. In June, Venus enters your 1st and brings Jupiter into play in your 9th. In September, when Venus enters your romantic zone, then in November to early December, when she returns to the 7th.

Love is the catalyst and change

Don’t look for new loves during this time, though. Venus is slowly retrograde in her main house. So think of the same words as Mercury retrograde, but in relation to relationships – reconciliation, reunion, rebirth, return. The Winter Solstice may cause you to look back on past loves to prepare for a love that will free you and open up new possibilities. Look at how love has changed you in the past, especially around Christmas when Venus meets Pluto here. When we share our person, our love and our life with someone else, we and they are changed at some level in the process. You are the loving person you are today because of that experience, however it ended. Again: If you are holding on to resentment and hard feelings about your relationship, look at it from that perspective and let it go. The year 2021 comes two days earlier than expected for you, as Jupiter enters the 9th house. It is time to see how much stronger you have become during his journey in your 8. Now you need to see what you can accomplish if you stay focused and are not afraid of change. So enter the new year with renewed confidence – and a willingness to discover new things, cancer. In a nutshell: Dream big and act with new self-determination and decisiveness in Cancer in 2021. Explore the new resources available to you. You will discover that – when it comes to the changes you want to make – you are more powerful than you think!

Leo 2021 forecast


Have a good dose of love for 2021, Leo. The hard work of the last few years is really over now, as the heavy Capricorn line in your 6th house is about to change. The House is dissolved – for good. In December 2020, Saturn and Jupiter will leave this sector of your horoscope and enter your 7th house. It’s been about 29 years since Saturn moved here for an extended stay. And 12 years since Jupiter last visited this house. If you are old enough, think back to those days and what went on in the partnership business. Are you married, moving in, engaged? Or did you, say, B. intentionally dissolve the marriage? Have you met the person you are with now? This house rules long-term relationships of all kinds. Close working relationships and business partnerships. Long-term friendships. Employees, business partners, even an enemy or adversary. This is your counterpart, and there doesn’t have to be a romantic connection with this person.

Put the ring

Still, this is one of the best times to generate a serious love interest with long-term potential. Saturn’s rings literally symbolize this. And Jupiter always wants to multiply our experiences. In this case, probably with a lot of love. But you have to be serious about what you want. Somehow. And also not to entertain potential suitors who are not so serious. If you’re a settled Leo, many of you may see your connection reach a new level or benefit from your partner’s generosity or success. Together you can achieve much more in this cycle than each of you can individually. As long as you’re committed to each other. Jupiter offers solutions to problems, but also opportunities if you are looking for love. But remember, Saturn rules time. Jupiter cannot restore what has already been experienced, but he wants us to experience freedom. So, for some, it may mean stopping something and starting over.

If so, you will find it easier than at other times. Mercury will be retrograde in February, going back and forth across Jupiter and also hitting your governor. This will help you identify any problems and tell you what to do next. It can also lead to the return of a former partner. When this happens, remember that you will succeed this time or they will disappear from your life forever. Be honest about what you expect this time and don’t be afraid to set boundaries. This is one of the best times of the year for love and attraction because Venus, who rules this house, is also present. The new moon is here on the 11th. February marks one of the most important new beginnings in terms of the partnerships you will experience in the coming years. See key data at the end of the forecast. In addition, as the year progresses, your weekly and monthly forecasts will include more and more detail.

A deep immersion in love

As you already know, if you’ve read Jupiter’s prediction for 2021, Jupiter will pass through this house and then land in your house of sex, money and empowerment in May. He stays here for two months and then goes into your seventh year in July. House, where he will remain until December. During this time, you may face intimate or even money problems and solve them with the help of your partner or other close relationships. It’s a little thick. If there are barriers between you and a real connection, you should be able to identify them now. Don’t be afraid to study them. Neptune continues his long stay in this house, but Jupiter will not meet him this time. However, Neptune helps you to penetrate deeply into the hidden areas of your psyche. And with Jupiter, you will be able to make intuitive connections when it comes to recognizing what stands between you and the freedom of love. From the 11th to the 14th. March is a particularly good month for this inner work, for it is the time when your ruler and Venus meet Neptune. The higher possibilities of love can now be realized.

The heating is on!

You’re a sign that responds to passion and warmth, Leo. Feel the fire and work your way into the last quarter of March, when the Sun and Venus are in your 9th house. House, the house of Jupiter. Great passions, great love and great progress can be made. Take a risk during this cycle – a calculated risk in love or in what you love. Luck favours the bold, Leo. Mars in your 1st. Home from the 11th floor June encourages you to be warm and confident and take the first step – or start. You’re not afraid to say what’s on your mind – with a sizzling flirtation factor.

First, what you say comes across as passionate and direct. It is also particularly suitable for business, writing, studying and the internet. The Gemini/Sagittarius axis continues to experience eclipses. So, your 11th and 5th. House. The North Lunar Node also remains in Gemini. So South is in Sagittarius. Friends, loved ones, children, youth or even holidays and creativity are blind spots for you right now. The 26th. 10th of May. June and especially the total solar eclipse in your 5th. House of 4. There are times in December when you need to tread carefully. Especially when you meet new people on these dates. If so, take the time to get to know them. And if you have intuitive feelings, follow them.


From June, Mars passes through your sign, followed by Venus. When Jupiter’s in the sky from the 28th. July returns to your 7th, your ruler and other planets face Saturn and then Jupiter in your 1st. This gives you a birthday cycle like you haven’t experienced in a long time. The new moon in your 1st. House of 8. August will be particularly powerful when it comes to making good intentions for the coming cycle. You have to be full of desire to get serious about doing something important for your future. The key here is that you have to really, really want it in order to harness the energy of this new beginning. October will bring you another cycle of attraction: Venus is in your 5th and Mars and your ruler are in your 3rd.

They all form lines and sextiles to Jupiter, which is on the 18th. October goes right back. In December, your monarch is in his 5th year. House and there will also be the aforementioned solar eclipse. This can have a profound effect on your self-image and raise questions about children. Since your rule is covered, you may need to be careful with yourself. You may feel less confident or even vulnerable during this time. But it won’t last long. Once the eclipse is over, you can see it again in all its glory. Earlier this year you had a glimpse of Jupiter in your 8th house. House. So when he returns on the 29th, get ready for powerful changes in the areas of empowerment, money, sexual confidence and fearlessness. As we approach 2022, remember that Venus will be in the sky from the 19th. December in your 6. The house is in disrepair. It does not matter in which house of our horoscope Venus is pointing in the opposite direction.

As with Mercury retro, there are rules to follow. The important thing to remember is that this is not the time to look for love if you are looking for something serious. This is also the time to take care of your body and make well-being your priority. You can address the issues that arose during the eclipse. It’s time to be at your best as the new year approaches, Leo. There are so many opportunities waiting for you in 22.

Virgo 2021 Forecast


Get the job done in 2021, Virgo. And do it with love. That, in a few words, is your recipe for success. You start the year with a 6, where everything is pure and unadulterated and shines with simplicity. This is the age of the present, and you have Saturn and Jupiter here. You are, of course, the 6th sign of the zodiac. In a manner of speaking: You can do it, to say the least. I hope you’ve also read Jupiter’s prediction for 2021 for your zodiac sign. So you know this cycle is about creating your best life that you will live every day. It all starts with taking care of your body and your well-being. Second, the environment in which you live or work. And so on. Small adjustments lead to big changes. You also have a chance to improve this situation in February, when Mercury goes retrograde and Jupiter transits retrograde. Think of it as an extra dose of benefits. Provided, of course, that you are ready to work!

Work and property!

Order, structure, schedules, systems and routines, and time management become more important to you now. This is due to the presence of Saturn. If you tap into your innate Virgo organizational talent, you will work with Saturn to your advantage. If you’re looking for an orbit or want to change orbits, these two planets here – with an emphasis on Jupiter – should bring you at least one orbital opportunity during this cycle. Also, remember that your network plays an important role in whatever you are looking for or trying to do.

So start by asking who you know or have had contact with in the past. This is especially true during Mercury retrograde. Key dates are listed at the end of this forecast. If you are a seated Virgo, your chosen one can enter a great cycle of success. You may receive a promotion, job offer or pay raise between 21 and 23 and potentially make significant changes in your career. If you have a business or partnership, you and your partner may be on the verge of growth and success. The team’s efforts are highlighted. For singles and those looking for dynamic duos and couples of any kind, Jupiter in your 7th house offers a great opportunity for you. Home from mid-May to July, one of the best times of year to have serious prospects in love. It’s also a good time for moving, housework and family matters.

Come home to a greater love

Of course, this is just a taste of what Jupiter has in store for you in 2022. But the good news is that this isn’t the only cycle that brings love home. In February, the Sun and Venus are in your 7th house. House ruled by Venus. In March, Mercury, Venus and the Sun meet Neptune here. It is a higher love, but also a connection to previous loves – such as past lives. And also what you like to do. Take advantage of this moment to show yourself in your best light. And then, whether your status is single or established, do your best to live it now.

When we feel it, when we begin to live it, we attract it. Or an even better alternative. Uranus in your 9th wants your freedom. And he also says not to get too attached to a goal or an outcome. Always put that in or something better. Indeed, no matter how far your imagination extends, Uranus can push the boundaries of potential and possibility in 2021. During and before your birthday cycle, a new beginning can emerge from the old. We will have changeable weather again around this time. Go back to what you focused on at the beginning of the year and take care of wellness and the little things. And understand that these are small things, but they are important. The little things are important and should not be taken lightly. Especially when it affects you and others at the time. The changing weather is caused by the North Lunar Node in Gemini, the South Lunar Node in Sagittarius, and of course Neptune in Pisces. Eclipses occur in Gemini and Sagittarius, your 4th and 10th houses.

House axis for home, family, status, security, public reputation and success. Remember – eclipses give us blind spots. If these are changeable eclipses, they can cause tensions with your natal Virgo planets. Therefore, you might think: Haven’t we addressed this problem before? While others dwell on the past or refuse to forget it. Or they may be stubborn, surly or emotionally blackmailing. You may need to keep your cool and not get involved in psychodramas in the family or conflicts at work. Avoid making important decisions during eclipses – the dates are listed at the end of these forecasts. And understand that sometimes a retreat is the best thing you can do.

An effortless appeal!

Doing the work means doing yourself when Mars enters your 1st house. Signs of entry. No one will miss the sexy confidence you exude in July. At the end of this month, Venus and Mars are in your first house. House. You get the best of both with local Leos. It marks the cycle of attraction – only you shouldn’t spend it confusing wishful thinking with reality. This means you need to know what you want, but also be realistic.

The air around you should crackle and sizzle with potency. Especially at the beginning of this cycle, when Venus is in your 1st opposite Jupiter in the 7th sign of Venus. When you are connected to the vibrations and leading with your speech, people and opportunities will simply come to you. It’s like you magnetized it. Call it a pre-party to celebrate your birthday. This is a special time for you, and if your ruler Mercury is in the sky from the 11th house, you will be in a good position. August in your 1. comes in and the Sun follows on the 22nd. As the Sun, your ruler, and other planets move through your sign, they are in opposition to Neptune in your 7th house. Draw and trine Pluto in your 5th and Uranus in your 9th. It can also lead to an unexpected fling with someone completely different from the potential lovers you’re normally attracted to. But don’t let them discourage you. You may be more compatible than you think! It’s a cycle that challenges you to try. So here we are. Ask yourself, what have you got to lose? And the answer is to settle for what was before. This now applies to all areas of your life. Experiment, try it, and see what you get. As the sun and other planets enter your second home in September.

The game is in flux, don’t think events will slow down. You can make serious progress in business and money or deepen your relationships, as the planets are in trine with Jupiter and Saturn in your 6th house. Don’t stop there. However, keep in mind that Mercury will be in the sky from the 27th. September in a sideways motion. Not only that, but we currently have a total of six retrograde planets. This is a time to pause, review the progress made so far and refine plans. Take time to celebrate your victories or even just your mental progress this year. You’ve already earned it. You may also have opportunities or possibilities at this time, as Mercury is in trine with Jupiter more than once. You’ve been on a roll since August, but the only sour grapes in your Chardonnay might be the discovery that not everyone is as happy for you as you would be for them. Be prepared for someone else’s reaction to disappoint you now.

This can then lead to a divorce. But this is not to cast a shadow on an end-of-year cycle in which you should shine. As the year draws to a close, your thoughts may automatically turn to home, family, housework and your emotional needs. During a total solar eclipse in your 4th year. House of 4. December, you have to trust your intuition more than what others tell you. Especially if it is square with one of your planets in Virgo. One of our astrologers can explain it. In general, major decisions and real estate transactions should be avoided during this period if possible. You are in total darkness and only your inner wisdom and what you know is right guide you.

The year ends with the rising of Jupiter on the 29th. December returns to your partnership area. The day Mercury completes his retrograde in your 5th house. The house begins. In addition, Venus will be in the sky from the 19th. December in your 5. House down. I don’t need to tell you that a dating app wouldn’t be the best tactic at this point. If you look at 2021 from this point, you can see periods where your time in the staging area helped you attract and get the results you wanted. This means there is no need to rush, as one year ends and another begins.

Estimated annual balance 2021


Freedom, beauty, truth, love. You’ve been waiting for this cycle for years, Libra. You no longer feel like you’re doing your best, but the result is frustration and anger. Your love sector is experiencing a revolution thanks to the current era. Finally, you will be able to make a positive change and get back into the rhythm of your day.

Do you believe that happiness, good times, joy, fun and self-expression are valid spiritual experiences? Think of it this way: If things are going well, we have something to give and we don’t work for free. Desiring what our heart desires is not selfish at all. In fact, it’s the opposite. Happiness is the ultimate perpetual motion machine powering the universe. Happy people have open hearts. People feel comfortable in their presence.

They raise the vibration of others, who in turn feel happy. Then they will spread their happiness and so on. Create more good vibes and good timing. Especially if Jupiter is in Aquarius, which rules over your friends, groups and team.

Happy, happy people everywhere!

Good times, happiness, love and other opportunities will come your way through your knowledge and spreading your joy, Libra. For some of you, it may be something you do, a hobby, a passion or a talent. In 2021, you can make important new contacts with people who share your optimistic vision of the future. Or who can even support or encourage you in any way.

If you’re a single Libra, a romantic relationship could start with a light flirtation with someone you meet through contacts or common interests. But then you discover that they are much more serious than you thought! Understand that things should be free and fun in the moment. Of course, you have Saturn and Jupiter in this house this year. But this Saturn is not as restrictive as it has been in the past. Saturn is a very mature planet. It means knowing what you want and trusting the process. Knowing that sometimes we need to set our final intention, then let go and see where we stand. Saturn gives you the maturity to know when to pull your hands back and there’s no point in forcing things. And if you have to do that all the time, that’s usually a red flag.

Shine like a diamond

Over the past few years, you may have doubted yourself. Did someone just throw the invisible cloak of Harry Potter all over you? Can’t those Muggles see what you’ve got? Or did someone steal your mind in late 2017 and you’ve been looking for it ever since? The feeling of being ignored, unappreciated or sent to the loser’s table ends when Jupiter unties the red string and invites you back to the VIP section. You feel special again. Not only that, but trust in your talents and sexuality.

Saturn’s rings of truth indicate that your mojo is never lost. It’s just that the difficulties of the last few years have interrupted the flow between you and your ability to believe in yourself. So you swore never to lose contact with him again. Recognition, praise and moving on will do the rest of the recovery work for you. Especially in February, when Venus is in your 5th house. It is in the 2nd house and meets Jupiter and Saturn here. This will give you the opportunity to shine both personally and professionally. To be seen, and most importantly, to be recognized and rewarded. We all need positive encouragement. You will be determined to get them and make the best impression on people. Be ready, Libra.

Draw the triangles

They don’t limit themselves to the beginning of the year to stand out, attract and create opportunities for themselves. With the Sun and Venus in its 7th house. House, all kinds of partnership issues will be relevant in March. You also turn to Saturn and Jupiter in your 5th house. House when they come through here. Think all kinds of double acts and duets, including work acts. Jupiter changes on the 13th. May you go from your 5 to your 6. Basically, this means the sun and the other planets, if they are the dominant 9. If you reach the 3rd degree of Jupiter in your horoscope, you will not form a trine with it. But when it comes to money, work and career, the period around the Summer Solstice gives you the chance to make real progress, as the Sun will form a trine with Jupiter shortly after it arrives in your tenth sign. If possible, schedule all important calls, meetings and plans during this time. As a result, your birthday season and the time leading up to it are setting you up for a hot year this year. Currently, Jupiter has been in the sky since the 28th. July in your 5. Marks is back. From now until the end of December, focus on your goals and your ability to attract them. Or people who can form a dream performance team. Consider connections, social media, your brand, your look, your presence, your image, your look and your message as the ingredients for the ultimate control room. Above all, show yourself, make yourself known, communicate and make connections by all means possible.

Do you feel happy?

Your Libra natal factors are also crossed this year by Jupiter and, depending on their position in your horoscope, by Saturn. Also, in your birthday cycle you have Mercury retrograde in your sign, which will affect Jupiter more than once. If your Libra Sun or other natal factors are under attack, you will receive even bigger bonuses from Jupiter. One of our astrologers can give you the basic information. Keep in mind that you now have a special luck factor. It all starts in August, when Venus enters your sign.

This year also brings eclipses on your axis on 3/9. House and a partial eclipse in your 8th house. Just as the North Node in your 9th is affected by planets in your 9th in May and June, planets in your 1st from August and then planets in your 3rd in November/December. Many of these transits take place near these eclipses. The buttons take us back in time. While the eclipses are hiding. Fate and destiny, what you set in motion 19 years ago, and karma are mysterious forces that we often do not fully understand until events occur. If you’re traveling or going somewhere during the May-June eclipse cycle, wait for more information and make plans from B to Z. Avoid being in your 8th house during an eclipsed Full Moon. House at 17. November to make important financial decisions or jump to conclusions. And most importantly: Don’t come out of a place of fear. Don’t limit yourself to emotional responses.

This eclipse asks you to connect with your inner strength and values. And feel free to do so. It may be necessary to set boundaries, for example by pointing out to someone that they are lying, or even to themselves. Maybe you should draw a line through this area.

Finding the love of your life

The last eclipse of the 21st takes place on the 4th. December in your 3. Signs for communication, trade and traffic take place. Think of it as a retro Mercury on steroids. Don’t take everything you hear for granted, check the facts, read again, watch out for innuendo, and don’t sign any important documents or make any major purchases during this time unless it’s unavoidable. Something can be misrepresented, whether it’s a job description or a warranty. Eclipses are not good or bad. They just are. It’s more about what wasn’t said than what you hear now.

Venus in your 4th house. The panel is slowing down and turning 19. December makes a rare retrograde move. Domestic and family matters may demand your attention now, but after a year of romance and attraction, you may want to put off finding a new love for a while. Jupiter will be on the 29th. December back in your 6. Enter the characters. This is a powerful house, so don’t underestimate the benefits Jupiter can bring you when he’s here. Consider it the perfect energy drink and watch your mood soar throughout the day. Jupiter wants you to live your best life every day. Not just on certain days or holidays. It starts with your work (paid or unpaid), your studies, your habits and routines. Even small changes make a big difference.

Jupiter emphasizes the little things, so you’ll see how important they are. Expect your energy to increase now, and you will feel that there is nothing you cannot achieve. However, this should not lead to exhaustion. As on the 21st, Jupiter will pass through this house on the 22nd and land in your area of significant partnership. At this point, you should already know who or what you can attract. Be prepared to demand attention and praise, Libra.

Scorpio prediction for the year 2021


Hello from the other side, Scorpio. At least in 2018 you can feel like Adele’s anthem whose signals are struggling to emerge from the supermassive black hole of your communication zone. It’s the heavyweights’ fault here. Saturn, Jupiter, and yes, the sovereign Pluto. Jupiter may have offered you some solutions – but not all. In this day and age, you may find it difficult to assert yourself, sell yourself or your ideas. Studying can seem like hard work. Businesses, jobs or commercial projects are blocked. Or people deliberately misunderstood you or ignored everything you had to say.

You may have noticed that your ideas were rejected and that you had to repeat them over and over again. Then there are breakdowns, interruptions, cancellations, misunderstandings, problems with siblings, neighbors or travel. You come out feeling like you went through a prolonged Mercury retrograde on steroids. Saturn and Jupiter move out of your third house in late December. Signs have appeared. We leave the rule of Pluto as the only slow moving planet. Consider then, that the power of the Word now works to your advantage. Nothing will stop you from using it to your advantage. Gone are the days when you felt your words were not heard and your ideas were rejected or not accepted.

Explain your intentions

Of course some people won’t want to hear what you have to say. But you know now that if people don’t listen to you, they won’t take you seriously. You will be open about your intentions, so don’t be afraid to ask others what their intentions are. In January, you can start the year the way you want it to go in that regard. In fact, the confluence of Mercury in its 3rd house can be very powerful.

Degree with your ruler on January 5 and then on January 30. December can be considered a continuation. You start and end the year with a current topic or important conversation that empowers you and sets the tone for the year. Go on. Venus in your 3rd. The sign meets Pluto and offers the ultimate excitement for singles and loners. If you flirt with someone now, expect it to quickly move on to XXX. Just make sure you’re ready to put your money where your mouth is. Especially when it comes to professions and jobs. Get up! They’re a sure sign. Think of it in part as the eternally unshakable sign that cannot be shaken, of which Shakespeare spoke. This is one of your best qualities that others value in you. You have to be very careful this year, though. It’s about staying true to your values and being willing to adapt without giving in. We are in the age of the now with Jupiter and Saturn in your 4th and Aquarius, a fixed sign, as you are.

For example, Uranus is in your partnership sector and Taurus, another fixed sign. In July and August, this solid energy will intensify as the Sun and other planets enter Leo, making it your tenth sign of status, prestige and career. The clever phoenixes will have an advantage here too. You will find that all of these factors will be square or opposite your Scorpio factors. What does this mean to you? Focus on organization, discipline and creating something for yourself in the long run. But don’t adapt to it, or to what it entails. Jupiter and Saturn in your 4th house. Epoch must now open the door to new ways of life and security – physical, material and emotional. Some of you may be moving, moving up the property ladder, renovating your current home or, even if you are renting, discovering that you are in a better position in terms of occupancy and/or affordability. Invest in anything that will improve your overall lifestyle. But understand that there is no shortcut when dealing with squares or opposites. There is no quick fix or a get-rich-quick scheme.

You have to do the work or get the work done. If you show that you are serious, you will be rewarded with the cooperation of Jupiter and Saturn. The best time for home and work is in late January and February, when the Sun and Venus cross your 4th house. The signs are in the works. Mercury will also be retrograde here in February. This means it will hit Jupiter a total of three times during its presence. If you miss something, they can re-stock it or replace it with something better before the end of the first week in March.

channel inspired love

March can be a time of confusion in love: The Sun and Venus meet in your 5th house. Sign on Neptune, which for married people means a magical time for romance or to rekindle a spark. Children can be important now. And if you work in a creative field or have creative passions, expect that what you create will be imbued with a new kind of resonance and inspiration. You have an unusually long cycle this year, focusing on past, present and potential relationships. This is especially true if you are looking for a romantic partner or a colleague.

Venus appears from the 14th. April in their astrological sign and the 7th. House. A new moon in this house appears on the 11th. May – just two days before Jupiter enters your romance zone. It can mark an important new beginning in terms of love, your children or parenthood. Make sure you stay flexible in July, as I mentioned earlier. Above all, do not get involved in fights or conflicts with superiors or authority figures. If you do, you won’t win. It’s time to protect your image and reputation. Be seen as someone who keeps his word, but can find a compromise position if necessary. Perhaps you are giving the final push to a business, project or professional plan. Remember what I said about making a special effort during this time. You have determination, confidence and energy to spare, as former ruler Mars is here with the Sun. You can make incredible strides in your career, business plan or promotion.


But don’t insist on a my way or highway approach. Whether in the professional or private sphere. Otherwise, you will face conflicts in your personal life. And instead of getting a key to that door, you find it firmly shut. This year you have the opportunity to use the time of this fixed sign to achieve your true purpose and sense of self. Someone who knows what they want and where they want to go is very sexy. From the middle of the year, you can own it, Scorpio. This year we have a series of eclipses on your money and currency axis – in your 2nd and 8th years.

House. And also one in your 7th in November, right in the middle of your birthday cycle. Your two silver houses are under the influence of eclipses in the 2nd and 8th houses. Like the impact of what you earn, have or share on your self-worth or how you see yourself. You may now need to look beyond the obvious or changes in income or finances – the data is at the end of this forecast to reveal the truth about how you think about money. It is often difficult for us to talk about it. Or admit it yourself. Remember, eclipses result in a blind spot. So avoid making financial decisions and spending during this time. The solar eclipse in your 7th. House at 17. In November there is a partial lunar eclipse. So you only have one piece of the puzzle that involves you and someone else. You’ll see how it goes between the eclipse and Venus retrograde in your 3rd house. House of 19. December looks like this. There he will meet your ruler Pluto on the 11th. Then go the other way and find him on the 25th. When it advances again in January, it will collide with Pluto again.

So expect the full picture to appear sometime this term. Be especially careful if you don’t want to hurt your feet after the holidays. The year 2022 is already from the 29th. December is favorable for love, when Jupiter returns to Pisces and therefore to your fifth sign. It’s just that this house is for babies and children too. Mercury has made a full orbit around the Sun and will meet Pluto again on the 30th. You started the year with an interview. You’ll end up with him too. Is this the same discussion or a new discussion? I hope that whatever the topic, you are in a better position with the time that 2022 brings.

Sagittarius prediction for the year 2021


It’s always a big event for you when Jupiter changes signs. Your manager will set up the house for you in a particular living area when this happens. It displaces problems and replaces them with brilliant new solutions and opportunities. When it comes to your money, the lean times should be over. Jupiter and Saturn in the 3rd house. The period of your current era suggests that you are back in business – and not only. As you already know if you’ve read the Jupiter forecast for 2021, we have a very unusual Jupiter cycle this year. For instead of spending 12 months in one sign, as he usually does, Jupiter will visit two.

It starts the new year by giving you the power of ideas to move forward. In May he enters Pisces and thus your 4th house. Signs for home, lifestyle and family. We say Jupiter is lucky here because it was the dominant planet in Pisces before Neptune was discovered. However, he only stays there for two months and moves to the third year in July. Go back home. You can check your birth chart for planets in the early degrees of Sagittarius or in one of the other changing signs – Pisces, Gemini and Virgo. If you have one, expect Jupiter’s ability to bring you opportunities, solutions and good fortune to increase. One of our astrologers can give you more information on this subject.

Show and tell

The year’s key tastemakers for the Age of Now will be business, learning, communication, commerce, writing, publishing, media, internet and travel. First, you need to do something with your ideas now. Presentations, speeches and teaching can also play a role for you. Some astrologers believe that photography does not belong to the 3rd house. House should be included, but I disagree. It’s not just that a picture says more than a thousand words. Your 3rd is ruled by Mercury, which is associated with Mercury. Before the advent of digital photography, silver was used to capture images on film.

That way, your Instagram feed or your visual message and branding are also in the line of fire. It’s a matter of communication. You begin the year with Saturn and Jupiter in your 3rd house. House. And Mercury, who rules this house, goes retrograde here in late January. Mercury will hit Jupiter not once, but three times. First, if he’s here in early January. Then again when it goes retrograde in February, and one last time when it becomes direct again. Third time’s the charm, Sag? Something like that. So review and refine your ideas. Beta test, but not until March, when Mercury will be back in force. In this cycle, you are both an embassy and a messenger. So be careful how you communicate. Keep this in mind when using agents, representatives and brokers who are also covered by your third party.

The company is run. You need to make sure they understand your ideas or what you are trying to sell or achieve. If you’re not 100% sure, it’s best to act for yourself to avoid diluting your message. This is especially true for this year’s eclipses, most of which are on the axis of your 1st/7th eclipse. The houses are taking place. Having someone else speak for you in these moments may not be the best decision. Count 2-3 days on either side of the eclipse to be sure. The dates are listed at the end of this forecast. In addition to the eclipse in your 6th. In the 2nd house, which occurs in November, eclipses could well affect you and your past, current or potential partner. This is also due to the continued presence of the North Node in your 7th house. House. Remember, eclipses hide. A total solar eclipse is a total cover. What is hidden at that moment can be neither good nor bad. Remember, however, that at this point you are in the dark.

If you are in your 7th house during the Mercury retrograde/North Node conjunction. House in May and especially during a solar eclipse here on the 10th. Take your time when returning June and don’t rush to return them right away. Yes, there is potential for reconciliation and new beginnings. But it’s very good when someone says they’ve changed. You’ll have to prove it. So if you want to give someone a second chance, do it. However, don’t hesitate to insist on going back to the beginning and dating again as if you had just met. And please don’t sugarcoat the reasons for your breakup. Unless you want history to repeat itself.

This is due to the first of two eclipses in your sign. A total lunar eclipse will occur on the 26th. Can take place. The second takes place on the 4th. December at the time of the new moon in your 1st house. House. It will be a total solar eclipse. At this point, you are in total ignorance. On the 10th. The month of June will take place in your 7th. House will have an annular solar eclipse. This solar eclipse creates a ring of fire effect. I see it as a truth ring. But you still don’t have the full picture – yet. Therefore, when it comes to a long-term relationship and emotions run high during eclipses, it is better to wait to draw conclusions or make serious decisions. Ultimately, this eclipse cycle will likely shed light on how you define or see yourself. And how you see yourself in relation to your relationship. It can be a growth process. When we see ourselves differently, we also see our relationships in a new light. Again, like all eclipse factors, this is neither good nor bad. Being here is part of our process!

Practical experience

The best times for love and attraction? Or any kind of self-promotion, because after all, that’s what dating is all about. Mars in your 7th from Mars in the 4th can cause a temperature rise between you and a new person. And this happens the day before Mercury makes its final transit through Jupiter in your 3rd house. Made the sign. It’s ideal for business or just to bring passion into a conversation. Flirting can be hot. Or burn the ideas. Selling yourself shouldn’t be a problem. And all sorts of partnership opportunities apply until late May, when Mercury goes retrograde again – this time in your 7th house.

By this time Jupiter has reached your 4th, which he enters on the 13th. May happen. Your home, your safety and your emotional well-being are now the focus. Jupiter opens doors, and for some Sagittarians that may be the door to a new home or the door to an office. If it increases your sense of security, these are the kinds of benefits you can count on with Jupiter here. Just be aware that Jupiter, along with Neptune, can make you oversensitive. Yes, it can also improve your intuition. But the downside is that you pick up so many feelings, moods and vibes from the people around you that you become overwhelmed. At this point, you may find it necessary to take a step back. And you may notice it even more next year when Jupiter returns to this house for a longer visit.

Internal Affairs

You also have Neptune permanently in the 4th house. House. Warns you to respect the boundaries. It could be a family member, someone you live with, a tenant, a landlord, or anything else that feels intrusive or transgressive. This can even apply to yourself, as Neptune is here asking you to be organized or even set boundaries. Especially if, like many of us, you now spend more time at home. Be careful what you eat, drink, ingest and escape in all its forms. This can range from denial to contemplation. On the other hand, it can inspire you to psychic or creative activities and open the door to a more spiritual lifestyle. It all depends on how you use it. Of course, if you start a structure this year, you’ll find that the financial constraints you’ve faced fade. However, avoid making major financial decisions during a partial lunar eclipse in your other house of money – the 8th. November – to get together.

The best time to reach your goal!

Jupiter will be on the 28th. July in your 3. and return to it until the 29th. December. Late June and July are very busy with Venus and Mars in your 9th house. House suitable for holidays and travel. And maybe even have an affair with someone who has overseas connections or properties that are different from the Sag you love! This year, Venus will enter your first house much earlier. Signs only occur in your birthday cycle.

Planting 7. October. It’s the perfect time to update your look, but also to socialize and network. During this time you should set new goals for yourself, as Jupiter will be in your horoscope from the 18th. October in your 3. Once the sun is in your 1. House, you will be in the mood to do something lasting in this birth cycle. You or they are close to your heart Sag. Venus, alongside Juno, strives for more than romance. It’s a survival game. Remember that the solar eclipse in your sign on the 4th contains the seeds of a new beginning. But you can’t see it yet. Venus is slowing down for one of her rare retrogrades. This point will be discussed in his Table 2 of 19. December. Don’t just put everything to do with love on hold for now, but understand that this applies to money matters as well. We talked about this last November. If possible, avoid waste during the holidays. You are naturally a generous zodiac sign, but wonder if you feel the need to show your love through the money you spend on others? Is there another way to say it? Sometimes it’s the thought that counts.

The year ends on the 29th. December, when King Jupiter is in your 4th house. The house is. This year will be an opportunity to focus on lifestyle, home and family. Expecting an expansion. Perhaps in the literal sense of the word, for example. For example, if you move to a bigger house. Or your family can grow. Jupiter will hold the key to a new way of life for you in 2022. In 2021, you will set the course.

Capricorn 2021 Prediction


You should have a sense of lightness in 2021, Capricorns. It was as if a weight had fallen off him. In your birth cycle and in the new year, Pluto is the only planet that moves slowly through your sign. The new moon on the 13th marks an important new beginning for you. It appears at one degree from Pluto, indicating a major point of transformation. Maybe you just feel liberated. What has been holding you back or holding you back may no longer be a problem. The problem may go away or stop affecting you if you change your attitude. Very often we don’t really solve problems. They just don’t have any power over us anymore. Either way, you start January feeling free and optimistic.

Define your values

Capricorns, consider the coming Aquarian Age as the foundation of your future. With Saturn and Jupiter together in your 2nd house. period, expect one of the highlights of the year to be your finances. And in conjunction with Uranus in your 5th house. House, about your values. What you will or will not sell because of this. Your self-esteem. What you will and will not do in the name of love.

Know your worth. This last point is the most important for you this year. This is where you set your price, or your value system if you will. Saturn will help you do this. Think about the rings around you and what you represent. Saturn, as you know, rules over limitations and Pluto, which is in your 1st, rules over control. Don’t think restrictions have to be negative. We can create them voluntarily. Maybe even for himself. One aspect of this can be setting limits on spending if you decide to buy only what you need rather than giving in to desires. And understand the difference. They have too high an opinion of themselves to worry about debt.

So you take it upon yourself to prevent this. Jupiter in your 2nd house. However, House promises that at some point this year you will have more of these malleable things, that your income may increase or that you will be the recipient of generosity and gifts. In addition to a higher salary or a better-paid job, others can supplement their income by working part-time. It’s time to explore and not be afraid to try. Yeah, do your research first. But if it shows that things add up, go ahead. A good time to start is in January when Mercury is in your second house.

The house is. Here he meets the ruler Saturn and then Jupiter. It will go retrograde and meet Jupiter two more times. This is a good time to budget, spend and make business plans. Review costs. Consult your accountant if necessary. Venus comes through the 1st. February in his main house. And with Mercury moving back and forth over Jupiter from March, this will be one of the best times of the year to boost your self-esteem and revalue your talents and abilities to your advantage. Innovation and a different perspective on your skills can be part of your process. Some of you will even find a new way to make a living. Choose a new direction that feels more real to you. If you feel like a square peg in a round hole, or if you’re stuck in a role that doesn’t suit you but that you took on out of a sense of duty and responsibility, 2021 could be the year that sets you free.

In love and not in love

Love is another big experience for you this year. Uranus in your 5th house. House indicates that you need more variety and freedom in your relationships to be yourself. If your current partner doesn’t give you the opportunity to grow and doesn’t love you for who you are, you’ll attract someone who does. If you are one of the many Capricorns who have had relationship problems in recent years, 2021 will give you a fresh start. Either through a new partner, or you and your current partner enter a new cycle that is stronger and more collaborative than before.

Keep in mind that this will either be a year where you will attract a partner without much effort. Otherwise, you’re looking for love in all the wrong places. So keep that in mind. There may be unexpected, exciting and unusual opportunities for partnerships. This can lead to love at first sight when you least expect it! Or an unexpected and heartbreaking fling leads to much more. The only time you should take the time is in November, when the 19th. November a partial lunar eclipse in your 5. House. If you’ve recently met someone new, don’t rush into it. Others may need special attention for their children during this time. The other eclipses of the year will be on the axis of your 6th/12th eclipse. house. More information on this in the near future.

You begin the year with Venus in your first house. House, which is in trine with Uranus. One thing you need to do now and with the new age planets in your 2nd home. Remember that your personal image and the way you see yourself will have a major impact on your career development and earning potential. Don’t just think about investing in clothes, think about investing in your future through your appearance, your behavior, your style and your image. This could pay off. Especially if you’re looking for a new position. Take care of yourself, Capricorn. Also, dress like you’re the keeper of the hearth when it comes to love.

Join the creative revolution

In May, your creativity and attractiveness will be at their peak. All thanks to Venus in your 5th house. House. Children, infants, millennials, young adults and teens may play a larger role than usual. If you have teenagers in the house, they may challenge you or test your limits this year. And you will find that you need to find new ways to communicate with them.

You will see that the old authoritarian models do not work. Also, take a step back and ask yourself if they reflect a need for rebellion in you? Creative activities or hobbies can be a great outlet, not only for the kids, but also for you. Writing, painting, photography, journalism, acting, teaching, presenting, influencing, and the internet will get you there. It may also affect your livelihood. You have Neptune, the planet of inspiration, in the 3rd house. House. This opens the door to fantasy and imagination. Telling stories, developing ideas and directing the muse. Jupiter will also briefly enter this house in May.

He’ll only be here for two months, then the 28th. July again in your 2. But take this as a taste of what you can expect in 2022 in terms of business, travel and an idea of how far an idea can take you. In June and July, Venus, the Sun and Mercury are in your 7th house. House, which makes it an ideal time for duets of all kinds. Even those who work. Remember what I’ve been saying all year, that it should be easy to attract love without having to chase it.

Investigation of the relationship between body, mind and spirit

As I mentioned earlier, most of this year’s eclipses take place on the 6/12 house axis in your horoscope. The first is a total lunar eclipse in your 12th month. The house at 26. May. Emotionally, it’s a blind spot for you. Think of the hermit card in the tarot. In fact, meditating on this card in the moment can reveal what is hidden. The hermit holds a lamp, which is the only light in the darkness. The lamp represents intuition and wisdom. So listen to your feelings and follow your intuition now. The next solar eclipse is on the 10th. June in your 6. House. It is the dynamics of body, mind and spirit. It’s about the consequences of what you do every day.

What you eat, drink, exercise (or not), work (paid or unpaid) and how this affects your general well-being. This is an annular solar eclipse, leading to a ring of fire. So you have a glimmer of truth. But that’s not all. Venus appears on the 5th. November in your 1. The sign comes in, but slows down to meet a rare retrograde in your sign starting on the 19th. December. At this point, love goes into standby or reverse mode. Venus’ arrival takes place a few days before the solar eclipse in your 5th (19th), so you will have to take it easy on matters of the heart. We did it on the 4th. December a final solar eclipse in your 12th year. Year.

It is a total eclipse of mystery, spirituality and hidden truths in your home. So consider yourself completely in the dark or a blind spot for you. What is hidden today may not be revealed until 2022. Just remember that if the Sun is on the 21st, you will be in the 21st. December comes in your sign, should take stock of a year in which there have been significant improvements in income, money, values and love over previous years. Jupiter will be on the 29th. December returns to your third sign, promising opportunities for expansion, travel and learning in 2022. What you say or communicate will prove to be your ticket to success. 2021 is the year you begin the process of funding your future.

Aquarius 2021 Prediction


Welcome to the first year of a new era, Aquarius. Yes, you are the star child of the dawn of a new age. However, the sun will not be seen until the 19th. January, give your star sign. But one would think that the 2021 launch would be a mere formality. After all, it’s the age that has your name on it. So you may be thinking that your birthday starts in the new year. And the celebration continues throughout the year. Sometimes life can be like a roller coaster. It’s impossible to get out of it. But by the end of the year, you should be able to exclaim in amazement: Wow, what a trip! You begin the year with Mercury in your 1st on the 8th. of January, and it meets Saturn and Jupiter here on the 10th and 11th.

This is the time when personal dreams and ambitions begin. Remember that Mercury is retrograde in your sign at the end of the month. Venus arrives on the 1st. February in your 1. and also meet Saturn and Jupiter. In addition, Mercury will meet Jupiter twice more during its retrograde motion. Reprints from the past can be presented. Either in the form of goals that bring you back to life, or in the form of the return of missed opportunities or even people. Remember, nothing is final until March. But also consider this period as a long-term phase of testing and experimentation. Here you can try everything from new images to experimental dreams. To see if they are right for you without risking anything or making a commitment. This is your job in the present. They are the ultimate work of art!

Take a year – and the opportunity!

Above all, have fun and don’t take anything (including yourself) too seriously in this day and age. If you have found it difficult to achieve your goals or make changes in recent years, you may be surprised at how easy it is now to do so. And also how brave you feel when it comes down to it. You’ll also feel the time is right, so seize the year early. It’s been a long time since you’ve had so much growth potential around you, so make the most of it. Uranus in your 4th house. House asks you to be master of your life and your path.

He also advises against attaching to the plans. And that real security comes from within. From self-confidence to knowing what’s good for you. The year 2021 wants to liberate you and open the door to new experiences. All the more reason to make plans, but be prepared to adjust them, or even give them up, if something better or more interesting comes along. Saturn in your 1st house. House allows you to make the gods of change work for you. Just apply self-discipline. It has nothing to do with not wanting to change. Jupiter in your 1st. The house gives you solutions and possibilities. Luck is now on your side if you are willing to take a chance. When it comes to something as important as love, Jupiter in our first house. is very often better suited to attract a potential partner than Jupiter in our 7th house. But whether it’s a romantic relationship, a professional bond or a friendship, accept it, Jupiter will give you a variety of people who will expand your worldview and bring possibilities into your life.

bond effect

This is the year to join, expand your network and get involved with causes, groups, movements, parties, groups, organizations, clubs, meetings and organizations as your situation allows. You’ll find that the more you communicate, the more good things will happen to you this year. Who you know or participate in will become more important than what you know. What 2021 and the era of the present will show you is the importance of connections. And all that happens is consistency in action. First of all, understand that Saturn is in your first house. Signing up means taking yourself seriously.

Take responsibility for your personality. Be proud. Don’t try to imitate others. Be yourself. And show the world that you’re not only serious about who you are, but also about your goals, your interests, and everything that makes up the unique whole that you are. Because it all starts with you. If you are not proud of who you are, how can you expect others to be proud of you? This will be with Jupiter in the 2nd house. House and finally, Saturn will become even more important to you in two years. Take pride in being different, versatile, an innovator, a visionary and an innovator.

There’s no place like home. Uranus in your 4th house. The home can bring sudden and unexpected changes to your home, your habits or your family group. Never forget that Uranus’ goal for you is always your freedom, no matter what things look like on the surface. Some of you may be dealing with unexpected moves or even job changes this year. When this happens, consider that at some level you may have just outgrown it. Decisions on property issues are favorable in April and May. And again in November. However, avoid the period around the lunar eclipse on the 19th. November in the fourth judgment. Moon for all transactions involving property or family matters.

Love and prospects

When the Sun and other planets are in your 5th house in May-June. House, they will naturally trine Saturn in your 1st house. That way you can tell if something is permanent or not when it comes to romance. Or bring rewards for working on your craft or for a potential long-term love. Parenting, children, or even the relationship in which you may become a parent or foster parent can also be part of it. Jupiter leaves your sign and enters it on the 13th. May in your 2. Neptune, of course, is in this house for the long haul. Jupiter will not reach Neptune this time as it will only spend two months here before moving to your 1st house. This is your preview for 2022, and in this short time there may be opportunities to improve your financial situation.

This is especially good for those who make their living through creativity, psychic work, research, healing, non-profits, charities, helping others, writing, or investigating something hidden and mysterious, like the nature of the universe! But whatever work you are doing, or if you are looking for work during this Jupiter window, you should see that Jupiter gives you the opportunity to increase your income to some extent. In addition to the eclipse in your 4th. In November, there will be 2021 eclipses on your 5/11 house axis. House. So, lovers, friends, children, creativity, hobbies, vacations, networking and goals. The first will take place on the 26th. May is marked by the eclipse of a supermoon in your 11th house. House. So the problems of Aquarius are dealt with here. It can be a single friend or a whole group. At this point, you’re emotionally in the dark. The second will be at the time of the new moon in your 5th house. House at 10. June. This is an annular solar eclipse. This creates the ring-fire effect around the sun that you see in many eclipse pictures. So you had a flash of insight, a glimpse of truth. But that’s not all. Right now Mars and then Venus are entering your 7th and are opposite Saturn in your 1st.

This is going to be a crucial time for partnerships and love, one way or another. The last solar eclipse of the year is on the 4th. December in your 11. House. For you, the new moon here is always an important time to set new goals and get your future back on track. But this time, you will be in total darkness because it is a total solar eclipse. Stay in touch with your intuition during this time.

When new people come into your life, give them enough time to develop friendships. Or conversely, this eclipse may be hiding a new way to achieve an important dream or goal. But you don’t know that yet. Travel, media, education, law, foreign relations, airlines, all kinds of foreign affairs, sports, outdoor recreation, happiness and, most importantly, true love await you from September to October. At this time, Jupiter will enter your first house. House, and as first Venus, then the other planets and the Sun pass through your 9th House.

When they enter the 2nd house, they form a trine with Saturn and Jupiter of Jupiter’s ruling house. So it’s the perfect time to pursue a goal or a dream or to embark on a learning adventure – real or metaphorical. You can talk about travel, even travel to parts of your country you haven’t seen yet. You can start a business abroad, try out a job you’ve always dreamed of, start an education, or enter into a relationship that opens your eyes to new possibilities. This is the time when the rewards of sustained effort can manifest and doors can magically open. In December, Venus will be in your 12th house. Signs of hidden truths, spirituality and the past have appeared. Here, it will slow down to begin on Dec. 19 to make a rare retrograde move. Take it, it’s been a while love. And if you’re single now, wait to find someone new until Venus becomes direct again in early 2022.

You will meet on the 29th. of December to say goodbye to Jupiter for the next 12 years as he finally leaves your sign and enters your 2nd. This year, Jupiter’s cycle was unusual in that instead of being in the same sign for the entire 12 months, it only stayed there for 10 months. The same will happen in 22. Go through your money zone, enter your 3rd zone for a short time. Writing, communication and internet zone, then back to your 2nd zone for a longer stay. Rear area. You got a taste of it in 21. Be prepared to use this to your advantage. Saturn will continue its stay in your 1st during the 22nd. year. Again: It’s about you and who you are in the current era. So be a walking advertisement. Individuality is the foundation of the new cycle of success you are creating. The same goes for the strength of your connection, Aquarius.

Pisces 2021 Forecast


This is a rare year where your old and new ruler are both in your sign of Pisces at the same time. Yes, Jupiter will pay you a brief two-month visit between May and July this year. Prepare yourself, because this is your opening line for 2022, and it could very well be one of the best parts of 2021 for you. We begin the year with a spiritual age that is in its 12th year. House. This is the year when coincidences, synchronicities, magic and journeys to the depths of life will occur. Their past becomes more visible. It’s like getting to the bottom of things. They’ll want answers. About everything from the meaning of life to why you made certain choices. If you are truly open to the truth, embrace it and you will eventually get it.

Your map and compass

Jupiter in your 12th house. House gives you the map. Saturn acts as your compass. The year 2021 will be a leap into the unknown. Refer to the time of the great Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, here on the 21st. December 2020 will take place. It contains a clue to the area you will be exploring in the coming year. Jupiter is associated with higher learning, and your 12th is known to have something to do with secrets and hidden truths. Saturn rules karma, wisdom and structure. And also to stay on track!

So what better way to start the year than to explore a topic that intrigues you and can give you the answers you’re looking for? You also begin 2021 with Mercury in the 12th house. House. Mercury also rules study, learning, teaching, communication, ideas, writing and the internet. In Aquarius, Mercury is open and curious. You are eager for information that opens your mind. Some of the topics you can learn about are tarot, psychic development, psychology, mythology, physics, the multiverse, espionage, creative writing, healing, the oceans, humanitarian and charity work, origins, reincarnation, and astrology.

Quest Physique Art

In her book Eat, Pray, Love, Elizabeth Gilbert talks about the physics of the quest, which fits perfectly with the New Age planets of the 12th century. House and the journey you will take in 2021. Eventually, I came to believe in what I call the physics of research. A force in nature that is subject to laws as real as those of gravity.

The basic rule for quest physics is as follows: If you are brave enough to leave behind everything familiar and comforting, which can be anything from your home to bitter old grudges, and go on a journey in search of the truth, whether external or internal, and if you are truly willing to see it all, If you accept everything that happens to you along the way as a clue, and if you accept everyone you meet along the way as a teacher, and if, above all, you’re willing to face and forgive some very difficult realities about yourself, then the truth will not be hidden from you. For some, your learning will be at your own pace. Others can enrol in an online course. One that can be completed in a year, for example. Or even take the plunge to qualify for the long haul.

Your curiosity, your search for answers, is also fueled by the need to create and make discoveries. Your answers will come. Probably sooner than you think. Mercury will be in your 12th house at the end of January. House retrograde, then comes and goes while Jupiter is here. You may see opportunities and people from the past resurface during this time. The usual demotion rules apply, of course.

The truth will set you free

Saturn in your 12th house. The period of the current era is your reality check. It sets boundaries, keeps you grounded and anchored to the earth. He is telling you here that there is no point in resorting to denial or avoidance. Saturn makes you face the reality of situations. Once and for all. So, at some point, you can expect the end. Either you see things as they are, or people reveal their true colors and motivations. You won’t be able to ignore it anymore. Or apologize for them, or for you, for that matter.

But don’t worry. Even if you are a typical Pisces who hates confrontation, you will come out of any situation with a new sense of strength and power. Get involved in activities, connect with other like-minded people, even if it’s just online meetings or Zoom. Consider that you have the equivalent of two birthday cycles this year. The first is when the sun goes down on the 18th. February comes in your first sign. The second one? This will happen when Jupiter is on the 13th. May come in your sign. You are Botticelli’s Venus emerging from the foam. Jason Momoas Aquaman. Mysterious. Tempting. It’s deep. How will you work with these two powerful cycles of attraction? The focus is on your image, your face, your look, your style, your brand and your message – both verbal and visual. What you attract in that moment is a reflection of that. So be prepared to adjust if necessary – and move up!

Jupiter returns toon 12 Tag

Uranus is still in the 3rd house. Sign of commerce and communication, and all planets passing through the 12th house. The characters move and form a square towards her. Uranus is associated with freedom. It is usually the bold and surprising discoveries that lift the fog of unreality. What did I say about the truth setting you free? Consider this year’s discoveries not just as part of the search for physics, but as a healing journey that is unfolding on a much deeper level. The 19th. In November, you will have a solar eclipse in your 3rd month. The signs have – a partial lunar eclipse. Don’t take everything you hear for granted. Especially with your 12 years. House assigned to you this year. Think of this eclipse as Mercury retrograde on steroids. Avoid signing important documents, wait for the contrary and wait for the facts.

Check your table

Check your horoscope for Pisces factors, as well as those of the other changeable signs – Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius. In addition to the Full Moon eclipse in November, this year brings us a cycle of eclipses in Gemini and Sagittarius that may square with your Pisces factors. If you are not sure, one of our astrologers can explain it to you. The North Lunar Node is still in Gemini, which adds to the sense of doom hanging over your year. Let’s go back to the year 2002/3. Look for repeating themes. The eclipse cycle will affect your 4th and 10th. House axis out. Home, family, living conditions, security, status and career. Remember that the moon is your 4th house. House Rules. On the 10th. June is the time of the new moon in your 4th house. House will have an annular solar eclipse. It is this type of eclipse that creates the classic ring fire effect seen in many eclipse photographs.

So we’re saying there’s some truth to it, but you don’t have the full picture yet. The other two eclipses will be in your 10th. House. The first is during the full supermoon of the 26th. May. The second is during the new super moon on the 4th. December. Both eclipses are total eclipses, so keep in mind that you are now completely blind or in the dark. At this point, you have to use your intuition. And most importantly: Protect your professional and/or public reputation. Never get involved in arguments or conflicts with people in influential or authoritarian positions.

Love in the past, present and future

The best time to attract a new partner is when Jupiter is in your 1st house, from May to late July. The sign says. As you focus on your twelfth year and the past, someone from that time may resurface for some of you. If so, take it easy. Have they changed? What about you? You need to ask these questions if you don’t want a repeat of the past. Be open to asking questions about their intentions and expressing their expectations. If they’re serious, they won’t have a problem with it. If they push you away or dodge your questions, that tells you all you need to know.

Part of your journey this year is to ask yourself what you really need in a partner. If we don’t know, we can’t make good decisions. It’s really that simple. By understanding yourself better, you will be able to recognize the right person when they come along. So consider the time you spend exploring your inner self an investment in your love future, even if the perfect candidate doesn’t present itself. With some fish, you can start as a friend, but turn into something much more important. In fact, new love opportunities are now more likely to arise from friendships.

Your attractiveness, especially between May and July, may attract someone who is your opposite in many ways. Practical, organized, it holds up well. But you will be happy to know that they, like you, have a deeply spiritual side. And as the relationship heats up, there’s a deliciously sensual side to it too! So love this year requires you to be patient. Especially in July and August when Mars is in your 7th house. The house is. This can make you more impulsive, and you may find yourself rushing into an unexpected attraction, only to have it disappear just as quickly! The year requires you to be willing to wait and see who shows up or what develops. And most importantly: Don’t throw your heart away and look for love in the wrong places!

Part of your research may be to determine if you are getting too carried away without really knowing the person. The problem with your zodiac sign in love is that you immediately see someone’s potential because of your empathic abilities. So you do everything. Disappointment, frustration and sadness come when you realize that they have not reached the stage where they can realize the full potential that you saw in them. If this has been your pattern of behavior, Pisces, 2021 will allow you to change it – for good. And keep your heart intact in the process.

The year ends with a rare retrograde movement of Venus in your 11th house. The house works. This is an opportunity to take stock of what you have accomplished and to review and restate your goals for the coming year. Avoid actively seeking love while the planet that rules your personal life is in retrograde! The same goes for money. I know it’s the season of giving, but keep an eye on your budget and avoid big spending. There are so many ways to show someone you love them without breaking the bank! Jupiter returns on the 29th. December in your 1. Characters in the back. Now that the two rulers are back in the house. 2022 will be the year you stand out, shine and sparkle. You will now leave behind the wreckage of the past and the depths of your soul. And get into a cycle where you are the center of attention. Get ready to be the main attraction, fish!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 2021 a good year in astrology?

It is always exciting to see a new year begin, and the astrological year 2021 promises to be exciting as well. A new year comes with a new chance to start fresh, to connect with new people, and to see what life has in store for you. You can also gain insight into your personality and past experiences through astrological readings. The year 2021 is the last year of the current zodiac cycle. We are now in the last phase of the Pisces Zodiac, which means that in 2021, we will be transitioning into the Aquarius Zodiac. The majority of astrologers believe that once the Pisces Zodiac cycle ends, it is unlikely that any more of them will occur in our lifetime. This is because the planet Uranus will enter Aquarius in 2021, which is known as the Uranus Grand Cross. This will bring about some dramatic changes in the astrological landscape, including the absence of any more new planets at the beginning of the zodiac cycle in the years that follow.

What are the astrological predictions for 2021?

Most of us try to be optimistic about the future. As we grow older, we tend to look at older people and compare ourselves to them. We’re usually startled when we realize the older people we see are the same age as us, not 20 years older or 40 years older. We wonder where they keep pulling the years out of to be so young compared to us. The year 2021 is almost upon us, and with it comes a brand new astrological calendar. Starting on the first day of the year, the Zodiac signs will disappear one by one, leaving the new zodiac signs to take their place. While there is a lot of debate as to what the new zodiac signs will be, most astrologers agree that they will be the same as had they continued on throughout the current year. The next few months are going to be particularly exciting, as the current zodiac constellations will be replaced as the signs depart.

Which zodiac sign will be the luckiest in 2021?

You have heard all about zodiac signs, but have you figured out which ones will be the luckiest in 2021? Since the year 2,000, the sign that is most likely to have the best fortunes is Aries, followed by Pisces, Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer. This is a big year for astrology fans. Based on some of the events and astrological influences that took place in the year that’s history, you can have a pretty good idea of what the year ahead may have in store. Many of the events that took place in 2010 will continue to impact the world for the next 12 months, based on the signs of the zodiac. If you were born in any of the following signs, you have some major goals ahead of you.