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A Day in the Life: Psychic Cameron

A Day in the Life: Psychic Cameron My name is Cameron and I am a psychic. This is a blog dedicated to the spiritual side of my life. It is your opportunity to read about my life, learn about my beliefs and share your thoughts.

Every day, different people around the world wake up, move around, eat, and sleep. Some of them are familiar names from history or modern culture, while others are anonymous. But they all have one thing in common: they have spent a portion of their lives living under the planet’s influence.

We believe that a better understanding of our psychics can only deepen your connection with them when you request a reading. In our new series we talk to our psychics about their daily lives, starting with one of our top psychics, Psychic Cameron. Psychic Cameron, what does a typical day off look like for you? Honestly, I don’t know if psychics have a real day off. I discovered that my mind is constantly reading. I’m very empathetic, always have been, even as a child, and I can step into an elevator and feel it immediately: What happened to this man today? Now I feel sorry for her. But part of the discipline is learning to let go and not read all the time. There’s a coffee shop nearby where I like to sit and watch the news or write something. I like old movies too. Sometimes it is very helpful to talk to friends. I’ve learned not to overdo it on my days off. I can be the person who goes on vacation and plans so much that they end up coming home more exhausted than they left! I’ve learned that sometimes the best way to spend an afternoon is to sit on the couch by the window with a nice view, eat hot soup and read a book. Because I work at night, I’m really a night owl. I’m a little late in the morning and take a nap during the day. Every day is a little different, I need variety. Do you have a specific routine on your day off to pamper yourself or maintain your gift? In the reading process, I use tools. As you know, tools need sharpening. I enjoy reading articles on our website and reading content that I know will make me a stronger reader. I am always trying to learn in order to offer my clients the best. Sometimes that means gaining new knowledge about tarot cards; I have been studying them since I was thirteen, but there is always more to learn, always new discoveries. Astrology, which underlies some of my reading, is also a subject I study from time to time. Depending on the day, I try to take nature walks. I don’t live that close to the water, but I hope to one day. Water is very important to me. I also try to make a gratitude list every day. Sometimes I give advice to clients myself and then remember to listen to my own advice. Sometimes I resist meditation, but it feels good. As an empath and medium, I often feel like I’m in a constant state of meditation because I feel open. But meditation can be an important discipline for psychics, and I know how helpful it can be. I also like to go to new age stores to look at crystals, cards, pendulums, oils and all that stuff. It helps me feel closer to the work I do. On the table where I am reading, there are two crystal balls, one of clear quartz and the other of a beautiful green glass that catches the light. I live in a big city and often visit friends who live in the country. I need both. A day in the woods is good, but I also need busy cafes. How do you relax or clear your head after being online all day? A long walk with the dog helps me relax at the end of the day. I have a black Labrador retriever and a German shepherd puppy. She’s just over a year old. If you see us walking, you might think I’m on a jet ski, because she almost pulls me off the ground – we’re just practicing. I’ve never had a labrador – why didn’t anyone tell me that! Seriously, she is a wonderful dog with lots of energy and she keeps me in the present. I find that after a few hours of reading and concentrating, any physical action can help. I also love to cook – I love things that take hours on the stove: complex sauces and soups; anything that requires chopping and stirring onions, garlic and herbs. word-image-18797 What do you like to do in your free time? I read all the time. I love bookstores and especially old books. I know it’s fashionable now to read everything on devices, and it’s made reading convenient for people who travel; carrying around a stack of books can be difficult! But I like books that are a little moldy from having been in the basement, and that creak a little when you slam them open. In the 1920s and 1930s, many books were written about psychic abilities, and I have some of them as collectibles. It is fun to read a book that is over a hundred years old, and it is very interesting to see that psychics used some of the tools that we use today. word-image-18798 How does divination affect your daily life? I think being psychic makes me more compassionate in my daily life. My clients may not realize it because I’m trying to focus on them, but I learn something from every person I talk to. I believe we are all here for a reason and we all have something to learn, even if we are having difficulties. One of the great things about being psychic is that you hear so many stories. People confide in you the most intimate details of their lives – their relationship problems, their hopes and dreams. I always talk to strangers, but they stop being strangers when you start reading. I try to keep this in mind when I see people in my personal life every day – the person in front of me in line at the grocery store could be my next subscriber and I wouldn’t even know it. Each of us has a story; we all deserve compassion. Tell us an interesting story that you think readers would like to hear. I met Britney Spears once. We were in the New Age bookstore at the same time. Oddly enough, I concentrated on my shopping and didn’t even notice that the entire store was empty, except for a woman walking around very formally and a man the size of a football team’s quarterback with a walkie-talkie. I think while shopping, people weren’t allowed in, but for some reason, no one threw me out. In this store, the staff wore mostly crystals and robes, so the two people I described seemed a bit out of place. I thought so: What the hell is going on here? Then she walked up to me and we said hello and smiled at each other. I sensed she was tense, waiting for my reaction. In other times and places, I might have said: Oh my god, Britney Spears!!! but I was in the tarot section concentrating on work. I felt very zen, very relaxed, so I didn’t feel like I was dating a superstar, just another soul. We had a brief exchange of views. When I left the store, I was upset that I didn’t have my card with me. But I’ve read for other famous people. Many will be surprised – the situations take place in a different arena, but they are not that different from you or me. Most readings are about love, relationships and dreams. Have you had a very different career path in the past? I have always been attracted to professions that help people. There was a time when I thought I was going to be a therapist, and I think I would have been a very good therapist. But most therapists don’t sit down with you and tell you: What’s your astrological sign? Or did I just reverse the Mage, Empress and 10 of Wands. I can see you feeling down in your relationship and considering breaking up. But don’t worry, the Sun card in the major arcana tells me it will get better. You can run out of the room! I’m attracted to the form of psychic readings. I think I would look forward to it as a therapist. I like to think I can tell someone in twenty minutes what would take them six months elsewhere. I also enjoy coaching people and hope to give motivational speeches one day. We’ll see. Have you developed your psychic abilities in an interesting way? As I’ve said before, I’ve been reading cards, in one form or another, for almost my entire life. I had a family member who read to me, and even before I knew what they meant, I loved looking at the pictures. You can learn a lot from the archetypes described in the cards. I believe that good card reading is a skill where you bring a psychic ability to interpreting their meanings. But I found out at a party that I really am psychic. I was with a group of people on Halloween and I made a lame joke about predicting someone’s fate. I took her hand and told her the most random things that came to mind: where she had spent her last vacation, what I thought she wanted to do with her life, a positive memory of her childhood. When I saw his face when I opened my eyes, I knew I had to be right. If you want to know more about how psychic Cameron discovered his psychic abilities, read this article. Did you help the customer in a memorable way? What I love about reading the cards is that sometimes I get an answer that surprises me even as a reader. I don’t know all the ways the mind works, but I think we have logical reactions to some things, and another part of us appeals to a deeper, psychic place. word-image-18799 I had a client who was getting married, the wedding date was set, and just as they were getting ready to send out the invitations, the groom told her he didn’t want to get married after all. Here’s how. She was totally shocked and had not expected this development. The logical answer and what his friends and family told him was that he didn’t love her anymore, that he had found someone else. I knew intuitively that it was wrong. Based on his birth date, I looked at his horoscope and turned to mine because I wanted to know too: What the hell is going on here? If he had cheated or been with someone else, it would show in the gap, but I didn’t see it. What I saw was a five of one piece and an inverted emperor. I asked him if he was having financial problems and problems with his job. She confirmed that he had been laid off the month before, that he had been struggling to find a job, and that because of these problems she had to pay for everything, even his ring. When I looked at his horoscope, I saw that he was a Capricorn. Pisces or Libras might have been more acceptable, but the average Capricorn? That’s out of the question. I told him I didn’t think he was unfaithful at all – that’s not an accusation of infidelity. It was a lecture, I’m broke and can’t afford the wedding. I intuitively felt that he was very traditional, which she confirmed. I told her that if she waited until he got a new job, which was less than two months from now, he would get back on his feet and the wedding would take place – Double of Cups. I could tell by her confidence that she said yes because she knew him so well and knew it was just right. I love these readings – I can be an intermediary and help someone, and I do my best not to bring preconceived ideas. This is the best reading. 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