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A Lenormand Deck Showcase

One of the most unique ways to practice and learn Lenormand is through looking at the cards. Many people think that you should read the cards in a specific order to gain an understanding of the cards and their meaning, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case.

Lenormand has been around for more than 200 years, and is most known for its use in fortune-telling. But it can be used to reveal hidden messages in all sorts of objects, from tarot cards to coins, and more. Though the system was originally devised by French occultist Claude Chappelet, there are now many versions of the Lenormand deck, each with unique characteristics.

The Lenormand deck is an ancient tool that is used for telling the future in the form of a story. The cards are divided into three significators, or aspects of the cards: the Past, the Present, and the Future. The Past is represented by the King, the Past in cards is represented by a King with a crown, or the King of Coins, while the Present is the Top of the Bee, or the Bee Signing. The Future is represented by the Fan, or the Pink Fan, and the Future in cards is represented by the Pink Fan, or the Fan.

A Lenormand Deck Showcase

I present six recommendations for Lenormand decks, each with a different artistic style from the others. Four of them are independent and two are traditionally published. These are games that were sent to me, and for these collectors shows I usually only choose games that were sent to me for my collection. Let’s see how the Lenormand is depicted in six different artistic styles. The first is what I will call modern kawaii cutcore; the second is Western European medieval art; the third is Italian Renaissance-inspired; then the black and white Lenormand in a Victorian illustration by digital collage; the fabulous art of children’s books; and the fin de siècle created by digital collage from the illustrations of Pamela Coleman Smith. If you haven’t jumped on the Lenormand bandwagon yet and want to know a little more about the system, here’s a summary I wrote seven years ago (The Lenormand: Summary of the Little Lenormand, from History to Practice).


The Sparkling Lenormand by Kimberly M. Tsang


If you like cutecore, you’ll love this deck. The kawaii pop-art aesthetic reminds me of Asian stationery. Even bad news is easier to digest when brought by Sparkles Lenormandy. word-image-16991 The postcards have a matte finish with a pastel pink matte border. Try looking at these cards without smiling from ear to ear! They are so endearing and sincere. Get your copy of Sparkling Lenormand by Kim here at Fables Den. word-image-16993

Lenormand Monk’s Delight of the Tarot Moon Rabbit

word-image-16994 This is one of the decks on my list of decks used in professional Lenormand readings. The medieval aesthetic has an atmospheric effect and creates a good atmosphere. Joan Marie’s design choices are excellent. A solid black background balances the wavy edges. The writing style of the illuminated manuscript is perfect. I love the matte finish, the thick, solid card stock, and the overall production quality is luxurious and beautiful. Buy your copy of Lenormand’s Monk’s Delight here at Rabbit’s Moon. word-image-16995

Golden Venetian Turner by Eugeniusz Vinicki and Elza Hapatnukowska


If you prefer a more decadent art, adorned with glitter and gold, discover this Renaissance-inspired deck, the Golden Venetian Lenormand, which accompanies the Venetian Tarot. You can read my previous review of the Venetian tarot here, and a more detailed review of the Golden Venetian Lenormand here.

. word-image-16997

Lua Lenormand by Maree Bento


Here is another Lenormand companion to the Tarot deck, the Lua Mare Bento Tarot, which I wrote a review of here. Lenormand Lua is a black and white (grey and white, to be precise) card game inspired by Victorian illustrations and steel engravings. word-image-16999


Lenormand stories by Lisa Hunt and Arwen Lynch


For those who are homesick for Lenormand, Lisa Hunt and Arwen Lynch’s stories are like a beloved children’s picture book. The exquisite detail in Hunt’s illustrations is second to none. Shh… I think the new edition of the Fairy Tarot is in the works! Lenormand Tale is still published by U.S. Games. While you wait for the reissue of Hunt’s Fairy Tale tarot, you can get a copy of the Lenormand Hunt’s Fairy Tale, created in collaboration with Arwen Lynch Poe.


Amazing Pixie Lenormand by Edmund Zebroski


U.S. Games also introduces Pixie’s Astounding Lenormand Deck, based on Pamela Coleman Smith’s fin de siècle illustrations. The card looks like old newsprint, which I love. The colour palette has subtle saturation and values that give it an antique or vintage look. I love the organic combination of Tarot and Lenormand, where the deck creators release a Tarot deck, then a Lenormand deck in the same style as the Tarot deck. Pixie’s Astounding Lenormand is a posthumously created companion deck for the RWS Tarot, compiled from PCS works in the public domain and is an excellent introduction to Lenormand for RWS readers.

word-image-17004 word-image-17005

Message: None of these decks are sponsored, and I receive no compensation for sharing deck reviews or demos. However, these decks were given to me by their creators. Everything I say about card games is my honest opinion.


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Lenormand is a 16th-century star chart divination system that is a very popular method of fortunetelling through a playing card deck. Although the cards were originally designed to represent the 12 signs of the zodiac, modern interpretations of Lenormand are much more common. These interpretations use regular playing cards (either poker or standard 52-card decks), but each card is divided into two halves. The top half represents a person, place, or thing, while the bottom half of the card represents a situation.

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