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Animal Oracle Deck

An Animal Oracle is an ancient astrological tool that is used to gain information about a person or animal from the position of the stars at the time of birth. The animal that is chosen for the reading will be that of the person’s choice. The person doing the reading will then describe the characteristics of the animal. Some of the most commonly used animals for these readings are the snake, the pig, and the cat.

I have a special place in my heart for the creatures with four legs. The more paws the merrier. I like a good creature deck, and this one comes with a full set of instructions. The main card in the deck is the major arcana, which are the major signs of the zodiac. This card is your guide and shows the situation you are in with your animal friends. The minor arcana are the cards that explain the characteristics of your animal friends and their relationships.

Animal Oracle Deck is featured for free on several websites, but we decided to take the plunge and purchase the deck. The deck is $30, but you can choose to have it mailed to you, or you can have it shipped to your doorstep. [this will be used as a comparison for how much the deck would cost]

Animal Oracle Deck
Ooh… This is my first zodiac oracle game! Jamie Sawyer’s Nature Portals is a circular game of 52 cards with open portals that provide insight into the lives of animals, amphibians, insects, birds and marine life. The essence of art is to capture a moment in the life of that being and allow us, the viewers, to watch, listen and learn. word-image-2314
The cards have a diameter of 100 mm, the cardboard is 400 g/m² thick and is therefore quite stable. The purpose of the portals that take you into the animal world is literally felt in the design of the back of the card. I also appreciate that Sawyer opted for a more artistic box design rather than an overly commercial one.   word-image-2315
The game also comes with a Nature Portals magazine. You can purchase a printed copy of the magazine here on Lulu.com and the digital version here. A digital PDF of the magazine is available for free. Click on Add to basket, then on Proceed to checkout. Make sure you enter the discount code that appears to the right of the product description and you can automatically download the PDF file. word-image-2316 This is a 119-page, beautifully illustrated full-color guidebook featuring the animals depicted on each card, facts about each animal, key words associated with each animal spirit, and testimonials from Jamie Sawyer and her mother, Gail Sawyer, about spiritual experiences with these animal spirits. word-image-2317
The first thing I noticed about the animals in the nature portals was the number of unsung heroes. I have several other animal divination decks that are filled with white wolves, bears, panthers, eagles, and ravens, and although they can be found here as well, there is also a caterpillar, horseshoe crab, jellyfish, skunk, wasp, etc. word-image-2318
I also noticed that it features animals from different continents, and the land, sea and sky are also represented, so even as an animal game it is very inclusive. I like that it features different animals that are sacred or have symbolic meaning in East Asian culture: Bats, cicadas, cows, foxes, horses, hummingbirds, panda bears, praying mantises, rabbits, snakes, turtles – just to name a few. word-image-2319 Sawyer is a tattooist by trade, and his style is influenced by the American tradition – a bold use of color, a strong emphasis on symbolism, and an ever-present time-capsule atmosphere. The way she masterfully portrays the animals is so deeply evocative, and you feel them raw, as they are, unfiltered by human imagination. word-image-2320
I mean, sometimes the depictions of animals or animal spirits in oracle games can seem anthropomorphic, more magical than natural. But here, in these fragments of his life, there is a National Geographic quality that, as an artist, I know is hard to convey, and yet Sawyer has managed to do it. word-image-2321
The Latin term spiritus animalis dates back to 300 BC. Chr. and describes the human mind and emotions awakening to certain states, which may be compared to certain animals. When we immerse ourselves in this animal state, we are better able to deal with an uncertain or difficult environment. word-image-2322
Therefore, working directly with animal spirits, where we intentionally step into our irrationality (give up rationality) to allow instinct to take over, is a way to navigate through a situation we cannot rationally get out of. In ancient studies of human anatomy and physiology, certain human sensory activities were described as animal spirits. Concentrated expressions of certain personality traits have also been compared to animal spirits, such as the dog for loyalty or the deer for religious purity. word-image-2323
In behavioural economics, the term spiritus animalis or animal spirits is still used to describe the emotional state of the collective in relation to its financial decision-making behaviour. The identification of aspects of our personality with the traits (or spirit) we observe in animals is as old as human self-perception and is invariably universal. word-image-2324
Although we draw analogies between certain aspects of the human personality and what we observe in animals and consider the animal mind to be a universal human experience, the specific traits and similarities with which we endow animals vary considerably from culture to culture. word-image-2325
The example that immediately comes to mind when I talk about this is the snake. In pre-colonial Asian cultures, the snake symbolized power, great wisdom, and resourcefulness.* Ancient Egypt associated the snake with magic and goddesses associated with fertility and magic; similar associations are recorded in early Mesopotamian religions. But someone raised in Christianity will find it difficult to get rid of the associations of evil with the serpent. word-image-2326
* The Asian symbolism of snakes is indeed diverse. Snakes have also been historically associated with witchcraft and cursed magic (due to their deep association with supernatural power and influence), snakes can also have a negative connotation with the general public. word-image-2327
If you are a professional tarot reader, the animal oracle deck is very useful in your divination arsenal. Drawing a bonus card from a spiritual animal deck to conclude or summarize a tarot reading can help the seeker integrate the messages received during the reading into a coherent whole. In particular, getting them to focus on an animal mindset can activate the qualities in their personality that will allow them to succeed in their endeavours. word-image-2328
If you feel that your personal spiritual practice has reached an impasse, working with animal spirits through nature portals may be a turning point for you. Take this deck, take the attached journal and work on each animal spirit with meditations, visionary or astral travel, and/or free writing. After each card in the Nature Portal Diary, there are lined pages where you can add your own impressions and thoughts. word-image-2329 By recording your intuitive and acquired knowledge of the powers and characteristics of each animal, you not only create your own card meaning guide for this animal oracle deck but you also further your spiritual practice by enhancing various aspects of your inner self by invoking the spirit of the animal, which is a concentrated and purified form of that aspect. word-image-2330
Sawyer’s Nature Portals Oracle is such an underrated game. I think the deciding factor for consumers is whether or not they want the designated keywords or oracle spells printed directly on the animal spirit cards. They are usually popular with the general public, while Sawyer’s nature portals give a glimpse into the lives of some animals, and only that. There are no key words here, because it’s all about activating your animal spirit and instinctively sensing the message. This game teaches you to overcome your addiction to rationalism and embrace your inner spiritus animalis. You make a psychic connection with the image of the animal, and instead of the divine messages coming to you in words and thoughts, they come in the form of instinctive behaviour that mirrors the behavioural patterns of the spirit animal you have invoked.

Read more about the spirit animal oracle guidebook pdf and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are animal oracle cards?

Animal oracle cards have been around for hundreds of years and are still used today in the form of tarot cards. Though not the only card reading system used, they do offer a unique insight into a person’s character, which makes them a popular choice for fortune-telling and predicting the future. Animal oracle cards, also known as “divination” cards, are used to gain insight into the animals linked with a person. The animal oracle deck is a set of cards that have to do with animals and the ascendant signs, also known as the planets in Vedic astrology. The Animal Oracle Deck is used to predict the effects of the various planets and other aspects of the zodiac on the animal kingdom, and the manner in which nature summons a person to action.

What is an oracle deck?

For centuries, people have used the oracle deck as a means of seeking information and guidance from the universe. If you want to become a better reader of the stars, then an oracle deck could be the best way to do it. It’s something you carry with you, so it’s always in your hands, and you can use it without looking at a book. If you like the idea of having a deck, but don’t want to spend a lot of money on it, an oracle deck is a great alternative.

Is the wild unknown animal spirit deck an oracle deck?

If you pay attention to the zodiac signs, you will notice that we are a society that likes to categorize and categorize. We believe that the zodiac is a map of our world and we have a tendency to apply it to everything. As a result, when it comes to the zodiac, we have a tendency to wonder if our life is being guided by the zodiac around us, or if we are leading our lives through the zodiac. Indeed, the best-oracled deck I’ve ever used and what I believe is THE BEST. I’ve been using it for ~5 years now and I only hope I can continue for many years more.

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