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Aquarius Full Moon (#1) July 23 at 7:36pm PDT

Aquarius Full Moon (#1) July 23 at 7:36pm PDT

I have been writing a lot about full-moon effects on astrology, and so I thought it would be nice to write a post about the effects of an Aquarius Full Moon on July 23.

The full moon occurs at the time of New Moon, and this one is the first of three in a series of full moons that will occur during the 12th year of the Taurus-Aquarius cycle. This is the first of two new moons that will occur during the two months of the month, so it is called the New Moon, and it will occur about 6:36pm PDT on July 23rd, 2017.. Read more about what month is an aquarius and let us know what you think.



Phase of the Full Moon –  


26 Aquarius 1 


23rd of July, 2021


7:36 p.m. (PDT) 





Two full moons in the same sign will occur in quick succession. The first full moon is at 1 degree Aquarius, while the second full moon is at 29 degrees Aquarius on August 22. While this isn’t unusual (the previous double full moon was in Aries in 2019), it does point to a recurring theme: How can we embrace our individuality? What distinguishes you while simultaneously uniting you with others? How can you make the most of your individuality, or even your “weirdness”? What method do you use to distribute it? More importantly, how do you use your own voice to assist others? What methods do you use to communicate with others?  



Aquarius is the last air sign, thus this three-day period is more cerebral than emotional. We take a more scientific approach to everything we do. These Aquarius full moons are excellent for getting feedback and innovative ideas if you have a major problem for which you can’t seem to find a solution. Solutions that are both practical and innovative, and make you wonder, “Why didn’t I think of that sooner?” Aquarius full moons, in particular, may benefit from collective thinking. enlisting the help of others and devising a solution    



Due to planetary aspects, the energy of the two Aquarius full moons differs slightly: the first has a conjunction with Pluto, while the second has a conjunction with Jupiter. We eat our veggies this first full moon, then dessert the following full moon. However, both urge us to discover our distinct (Aquarius) and highly personal (Sun in Leo) voices and bring them to anybody, any circumstance, or any group in need of assistance, breakthroughs, or answers. 



The full moon on July 23 features an out of sign Moon conjunction to Pluto in late Capricorn in the chart. Pluto constantly asks us to let go of things that aren’t benefiting us, no matter how much we believe we need to keep them. Pluto in Capricorn is characterized by fear clothed in ego in order to maintain the status quo. On this full moon, it’s especially important to show up for people in a reasonable and practical way. However, dipping into Capricorn’s dark side will not seem right. What are we trying to achieve? Are we turning up because it’s in everyone’s best interests? Is it just a means of gaining an edge in the future? Is it a twisted kind of insecurity designed to make us feel better than others? Is it a chance to do good and then go on, allowing the kindness to assist and perhaps encourage others to do the same?    



If you notice feelings of need, jealously, or envy over the three days, this is a good indicator that you need to examine your inner compass. The Leo Sun opposing Pluto/Moon may make us realize that whatever unpleasant stuff comes out, it’s there for us to process, let go of, and heal. For example, if you have a feeling that “no one is ever there for me, I have to do everything on my own,” write it down. Okay. Perhaps it is true, but utilize this full moon to question, “Who is in your circle?” Is it time to broaden your horizons? Do you convince yourself that you won’t be able to reach out? Or are you unable to broaden your horizons? What tribe do you belong to? Some individuals may have inherited the belief that tribe is the only thing that matters. Family may be wonderful, but it can also be difficult since there are so many laws to follow. It may also be lacking in distinctiveness since family thought may be homogenized. Aquarius is a sign that defies convention and seeks out new experiences. Two full moons in Aquarius aren’t happening by chance; we’re being challenged to broaden our horizons on some level. This moon (and the next one) are excellent times to take a stand for community, or at the very least to take use of its advantages. Maybe you’re missing out on a civic resource that’s there in front of you, but you haven’t searched for it. Perhaps you should question others in your neighborhood or networks, and someone will provide you with a key to something that will be very beneficial.    




The fact that these back-to-back Aquarius full moons are not alone in ringing the Aquarius bell is also worth mentioning. Saturn is now at 10 degrees Aquarius and will stay there until March 2023, so we are almost halfway through the trip. Saturn is the planet of duty, so if Aquarius is in your horoscope, you’ll be feeling particularly burdened or taking on additional obligations. If you don’t know what chart you have, you can create one for free HERE. It’s interesting that the month Saturn, the planet of hard labor and generally solitary travels, entered Aquarius, Covid 19, brought the majority of the globe into their homes, separated from others and reliant on technology (Aquarius) or community for assistance and connection. The full moon may bring news articles on Covid and the need of continuing to assist others.  



Then there’s Jupiter, who spent the first half of 2021 in Aquarius before moving into Pisces in May. It will return to Aquarius on July 28. We have two full moons in Aquarius in that atmosphere of two main planets in Aquarius. Do you believe the Universe is paying attention to us? In Aquarius, there is so much tinkering happening on that it is drawing us all into it. It is not only elected officials or defined ‘leaders’ in communities who are talking to one another, brainstorming, stepping up, and giving support; it is all of us talking to one another, brainstorming, stepping up, and offering support. See what you may learn about yourself and how you can share your talents with others during this Full Moon. We’ll speak about your individuality again in two weeks during the Leo New Moon, but in the meanwhile, start to experience it today.  


Frequently Asked Questions

What does Moon in Aquarius mean?

Aquarius is the eleventh sign in the zodiac, and it is associated with people who are highly intellectual. It also means that someone born under this sign is likely to be a bit eccentric.

What is Aquarius moon attracted to?

The Aquarius moon is attracted to people who are open-minded, and those that have a lot of curiosity.

Why are Aquarius moons so attractive?

The Aquarius moon is a very attractive moon because it has a lot of water on its surface.

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