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Aquarius Horoscope July 2021 | AstroDispatch – Astrology Around The Web

July 21, 2021 is the day the Aquarius zodiac sign rises and begins its cycle. The Aquarius Sun will rise on the 21st at 3:07 AM EST (12:07 UTC). The Moon, with the Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio signs, will be at the zodiac sign’s birth sign, Aquarius.

Astrology is a complex topic that spans many religious and cultural traditions. While many people use it to reinforce their existing beliefs, others use it to challenge their beliefs and think more clearly about how the world works. The fact that the stars in our heavens create the future can be used as a source of comfort or fear, depending on how it’s perceived and how it’s interpreted.

Love and passion

Temperatures rise this month as the planet of passion Mars passes through your opposite zodiac sign, Leo, until the 29th. In addition, Venus, the planet of influence, is in Leo until the 22nd.

Mars is the planet that rules the libido, Venus has to do with love, and Leo is your relationship sector. If you are looking for a relationship, this is a positive month to flex your love muscles and start looking for the person you want.

You may also discover that someone has a crush on you. Mars promises passion, but problems or quarrels are also possible. It’s a planet that can flare up impulsively.

Therefore, relationship problems may arise this month. It won’t be easy to hide your feelings when Mars asks you to take the initiative and act.

The first week of July is the hardest week of the month. This is the time when Mars and Venus collide with Saturn and Uranus, your co-rulers. These two planets are in square, indicating inner conflict.

Saturn is in your sign of Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus, governing your home and family life, your past and your lineage. The themes of old and new, past and future somehow come together.

Saturn opposes Mars and Venus on the 1st and 7th respectively; Uranus opposes Mars and Venus on the 4th and 8th respectively. Saturn can bring frustration or limitations. Perhaps you are facing a personal loss or an obstacle.

Uranus is more fickle and unpredictable. Try not to act impulsively during this time. You may be experiencing conflict between family and love. It may also be that you want to free yourself and move on from a difficult issue or personal situation.

Love and relationships

Take a break if you are in a relationship triangle or a difficult situation. Instead, see what happens later in the month when the love astrology works in your favor.

First, on the 13th, there is an amazing conjunction of Venus and Mars in Leo and in your relationship sector. This is the one time of year that the lovers of heaven unite, and it may be especially for you.

Then on the 22nd, the Sun enters Leo and with it its controlling sign. This is important for you because in astrology, the Sun represents your partner. In two days, on the 24th, there will be a glorious Full Moon in Aquarius and in your relationship sector.

All in all, be patient and persistent in July as your love stars could bring a resolution to the situation during the month. By the end of the month, relationships occupy a prominent place in your life.

Remember that Leo rules over more than just personal relationships in your horoscope. It represents all your important 1-to-1 relationships, including business partnerships and joint ventures.

Therefore, the same advice applies. Try not to lose your composure when the astrology is lively in early July. Instead, expect the unexpected and see what happens later in the month.

Jupiter Vibes

Perhaps the best news for you is the fact that the great planet Jupiter, which represents expansion, happiness and freedom, will return to your zodiac sign Aquarius on the 28th. Jupiter will remain here until the end of this year.

Think back to the first half of 2021, when Jupiter was in your zodiac sign. Jupiter on the 13th. May leaves Aquarius. Earlier sown seeds may flower and develop in the second half of the year.

Jupiter in Aquarius is a key period for liberation, seizing opportunities and opening up to possibilities. Take full advantage of Jupiter’s abundant planetary energy.

Work and health

Also this month, the Sun is in Cancer and until the 22nd in your work and health sector. The speaking planet, Mercury, is here from the 12th to the 28th.

The best date is probably the 10th, when the new moon is in Cancer, the symbol of a new beginning. This can be helpful when looking for a job or the right healthcare provider.

In addition, there is the 12. December, when Jupiter is in Pisces and therefore in your money sector, a perfect Mercury-Jupiter trine aspect. Good news can benefit you financially. Either you get an extra job or you hear about a new contract.

Other important dates for these areas of your life are the 5th and the 20th. Maybe family can be the link that helps you. Or a move to a new house or something.

Take advantage of the good times this month and go with the flow as much as possible. You’ll have to wait until late July, when Jupiter returns to your zodiac sign, but there’s plenty of reason to celebrate even before then.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is 2021 a good year for Aquarius?

Aquarius is a water sign and the year 2021 is a good year for Aquarius.

What will happen to Aquarius in 2021?

Aquarius will be in the air.

What month will Aquarius find love?

Aquarius will find love in the month of January.

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