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Aries Horoscope August 2021 | AstroDispatch – Astrology Around The Web

The meaning of the stars is something that, like weather, we all have an opinion on. Some astrologers will tell you that you’re a Unicorn, or that you’re a Dragon. Others will tell you you’re a Pisces, or that you’re a Leo. Astrology is a huge subject, and provides a number of perspectives on it, but amongst all that, you’ll find that each sign has a wide range of views about their own interpretation of the zodiac.

Aries harmonizes with Arians. Aries is the sign of the ram and the mighty ram’s horn. Aries is the last of the zodiac signs to be born in the year. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac that is not a fire sign.

This month, on August 5, our zodiac sign will be Aries. For those born under the sign of Aries, this month will bring you challenges, helping you to grow and develop. It will be a good month for new beginnings, and you will be able to take some positive decisions.

All month, your governing planet Mars is in the earth sign Virgo, which necessitates a strong work ethic and a ‘head down, bum up’ mentality.

August is the perfect time to change up your routine, include some good habits into your lifestyle, and concentrate on getting things done.

Order & Efficiency

Because Virgo is the sign of order, this is a great month for organizing, arranging, and giving your life shape and structure. If you’re a list creator, go to work. Make a new spreadsheet if you enjoy using them to track your progress.

This is an excellent moment to evaluate and strategize to ensure you’re receiving the outcomes you want. As a fire sign, you excel at taking risks and trying new things. You’re not always as good at seeing things through to the end or determining what works and what doesn’t.

Also, if your star sign is accurate, you thrive when you are physically active, and this is an ideal month to improve your fitness and improve your health.

It’s an excellent time to start training for a physical challenge or add regular exercise to your daily regimen. Consider your eating habits as well as whether or not you want to try anything new.

Teamwork & Partnership

This month, it’s also a good idea to discover friends and form alliances with others. Venus, the planet of relationships, is in Virgo until the 16th, while Mercury, the planet of communication, is here from the 11th to the 30th.

It will be more pleasant to work with others than to do it alone. You’re a naturally independent person, yet cooperation is not only more enjoyable but also more effective.

The Sun’s move into Virgo on the 22nd confirms that this is a month to pay close attention to your work & routine, your lifestyle & health.

Money Flows

Money may be another reason why employment is front and center this month. Uranus, the planet of surprises, is now in Taurus, which corresponds to your own financial sector.

Uranus connects with key planets in Virgo on the 3rd, 20th & 22nd. This includes your ruling planet Mars on the last date. Trust your luck on or around these key dates.

Another argument for the importance of employment is that it provides a financial benefit. On the other hand, there’s a motif of helping others.

Fun with a Fire Sign

The Sun is shining brightly in your fellow fire sign until August 22nd, which is typically Leo season. Mercury, the planet of communication, will be here until the 11th, and there will be a beautiful New Moon in Leo on the 8th.

New Moons represent new beginnings, an opportunity to start over and start over again. They’re perfect for establishing goals, being proactive in your life, and pushing ahead. This New Moon may signal the birth of a child, the beginning of a beautiful love affair, a reward, a present, or a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

A fortunate region of your horoscope is ruled by Leo, as well as romance, children and pregnancy, entertainment, creative endeavors, and social gatherings.

However, there is a caveat since the New Moon collides with Uranus, the planet of change and surprises. Plus, on the 20th, Uranus goes retrograde in Taurus, which may coincide with some financial ups and downs.

When it comes to money, evaluate your options and rethink what security means to you. Be financially prepared for the unexpected, but also realize that you may win big.

Uranus is a planet that is seldom stable and consistent. Instead, it’s a world with a roller-coaster motif, and you’d be smart to be adaptive and flexible when it comes to money.

Aquarius Full Moon

On July 22nd, there will be a second Full Moon in Aquarius, with themes that are similar to those of the Full Moon on July 24th.

This Full Moon is a great time to have a party, meet up with old or new acquaintances, and bond with kids. Jupiter, the big planet, is also in Aquarius, a sign that represents a huge gathering or a joyful event.

There’s more than one indication that this might be a romantic month for you since your partner planet Venus is in Libra by this time and your relationship sector – it moves here on the 16th.

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