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Aries Horoscope July 2021 | AstroDispatch – Astrology Around The Web

You are a visionary, a fighter, an explorer. Your zodiac sign is Aries and you are a fire sign. You have a lot of energy and you are confident in who you are. You will be adventurous and take on many challenges. You are also very optimistic and that can sometimes be a curse.

You probably know astrology doesn’t work just because it’s fun, but you might not know that it doesn’t work at all. There is no scientific proof that astrology has any validity  or works at all.  Why?  Well, experts used to believe that the Earth was the center of the universe and that the planets revolved around it.  Then the Earth was discovered to not be the center of the universe, and the planets didn’t actually revolve around anything.  But that did not stop thousands of people from believing that the Sun, the Moon, the Stars and the Planets were all equally important.  We now know that they are all equally important.

Aries is the zodiac sign of fiery emotions, quick decision making, and impulsive behavior. Aries people are known to be spontaneous and active, and tend to live their lives within the moment. There is a sense of urgency, and an obsession with being right, which can lead to making rash decisions and a lack of patience, especially in regards to those in authority.

Mars, your governing planet, is speeding up this month in Leo, your fellow fire sign. Mars will be present till the 29th of this month.

Mars in Leo is brave, lively, and determined to find the bright side of life. Keeping a good outlook on life can help you get through July.

Indeed, this may be the most effective treatment or cure for any recent sorrow or disappointment. Leo controls your horoscope’s most fun sector, which is associated with pleasure, childlike naivete, and faith in your luck.

The beginning of the month, when Mars initiates the Saturn-Uranus square aspect, may be the most challenging. Mars opposes Saturn on the 1st, which may seem like a barrier, an impediment, or a failure to achieve what you desire.

You may have a disagreement with a buddy or find yourself on the outside of groupthink or a similar situation since Saturn is in Aquarius, your friendship and group sector. If this is the case, try not to get too irritated.

Also, on the 4th, when Mars squares Uranus in Taurus and your own money sector, don’t go crazy financially. It’s not a good day to be rash or reckless. If you jump in feet first, Mars/Uranus conflicts may cause accidents. It is recommended that you use caution.

On the 29th, though, when Mars in Leo aligns with Jupiter in Aquarius, you may find the gods on your side. Yes, it’s an opposition, and you might go overboard with it, but it’s an energizing planetary alignment.

Spend time with your children and take up on their joyful energy. Plan a huge excursion, get some great entertainment together, and be spontaneous and driven to have as much fun as possible.

New Love

Because Venus, the planet of love, is also in Leo until the 22nd, the Leo energy remains strong throughout the month. This portends fresh love, passion, and a willingness to meet new people and see where life takes you.

There’s also a spectacular conjunction of Venus and Mars, the lovers of the sky, on the 13th. This isn’t something that happens very frequently, and the fact that it happens to fall in your romantic area might be ideal. Joining a dating app, going on a date, and living life to the fullest are all excellent dates.

On the 24th, the Full Moon may be romantically intriguing. Because it falls over your horoscope’s social axis, this weekend is ideal for a celebration or party.

The Leo mood continues throughout August, as the Sun shines brightly in Leo from August 22nd to August 28th, and Mercury, the planet of communication, enters Leo on August 28th. If you can change your attitude to one of appreciation and enjoy the little joys in life, this month will be a lot simpler.

If you’re unemployed, for example, make the most of your free time, even if money is tight. If your job is dragging you down, the same principle applies: make the most of your free time.

Cancer Treatment

Allow your emotions to flow, be aware of your sentiments, and provide kindness to others when appropriate. On the 10th, the New Moon in loving Cancer and your home and family sector has this as its subject.

Mercury, the planet of communication, will be here from the 11th to the 28th, while the Sun will be in Cancer until the 22nd. This month, the more time you spend with loved ones, the happier you’ll be.

Virgo Energies

By the end of the month, the tempo has changed. On the 22nd, the planet of relationships Venus enters industrious Virgo, followed by your planet Mars on the 29th.

Your job and health sectors are ruled by Virgo, making this an excellent time to get back into a healthy routine and pay careful attention to your lifestyle. It’s time to start thinking about work rather than recreation.

Jupiter is in the sign of Aquarius.

Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system, is likewise moving as the month draws to a close. On the 28th, Jupiter enters social Aquarius, where it will stay until the end of the year.

You may reconnect with an organization, club, or society that had a significant role in your life earlier this year. When Jupiter returns to your friendship sector, make friends and hang around with influential people, and you won’t go far wrong.

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