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Astrology Bytes Episode 130 – Venus Through the Houses in the Natal Chart

Venus rules Aries, Taurus, Gemini & Cancer, which constitute the first four of the twelve houses in the natal chart. Venus also rules Scorpio, the next house, which is the 5th and last house of the chart.

In this episode, Kate and Rich are joined by Dr. Anna Brown to talk about the astrological aspects of Venus through the houses in the natal chart.

Welcome to the 130th episode of Astrology Bytes where we’ll be looking at what’s happening with the heavenly bodies in your birth chart today. I’m Chris Wood and this week I’ll be going through the astrological points in your birth chart.

Astrology Bytes Episode 130 – Venus Through the Houses in the Natal Chart


Astrology course for aspiring astrologers. Created by Teresa Reed, Lady Tarot (psst…I’m known as a tarot reader, but I’m also an astrology geek!). Welcome to Astrology Bytes, an astrology podcast for people who want to learn astrology….. but I don’t have all day! Short and detailed astrology lessons.

Episode 130 – Venus per house in the birth chart

Venus is the goddess of love and is associated with romance, art, beauty and the way we express ourselves in society. The position of Venus in your birth chart indicates the areas of your life or activities where you find beauty, art and pleasure.

1-й : Venus in the first house indicates a pleasant appearance and great charm. You’ve got the postman, and you’re always well-dressed.

2-й : Venus in the second house means that you can easily attract money and resources – or make a living through art. They may have a taste for beautiful things and acquire wealth. You can even marry her!

3-й : Venus in the third house gives interest in art and cultural activities. Perhaps you enjoy reading poetry or are a talented creative writer. Art specialists sometimes have this aptitude.

Sometimes Venus is in the 3rd sign of people writing beautiful love letters.

4-й : Venus in the fourth usually indicates a happy childhood and a beautiful nest. Maybe you’re attached to your home – or your mother. Interior designers or people who love architecture sometimes have this arrangement.

5-й : Venus in the fifth house means that you are looking for fun and are naturally very romantic. You love being in love, and you have no shortage of admirers. They also love art or may have creative talent themselves. If you have children, they will be beautiful and the love of your life.

6-й : Venus in the sixth house indicates romance at work – and the need for a harmonious work environment. You get along well with your colleagues – and can build much of your social life around your work.

7-й : Venus in the seventh house can mean luck in love and committed relationships. When you marry, you marry for love and only for love – and for life. They also have the ability to captivate an audience, which is good for a career in public relations.

8-й : Venus in the eighth house gives an active sex life – and the possibility of financial gain through marriage. In some cases, it may be an indication of heredity. If Venus has a negative aspect, you may be marrying for money.

9-й : Venus in the ninth house indicates a love of travel, foreign cultures, philosophy and religion. You can meet romantic partners while travelling – or at universities and churches. Art historians sometimes see this placement.

10 : Venus in the 10th. House means the audience loves you – and you love them. You can choose a career in the performing arts or something that puts you in the spotlight. Sometimes this attitude indicates social superiority.

11 : Venus in the 11th brings many friends to help you achieve your goals. Friends support you, and vice versa. Some of your friends may be musicians or artists. You might even meet romantic partners through your social life. Friends can become lovers and lovers can become friends.

12-й : Venus in the 12th. House indicates a preference for meditation, solitude and working behind the scenes. You’re not afraid to be alone – you enjoy your own company. Sometimes this arrangement can result in secret lovers. Here are some brief thoughts on Venus in the houses of the natal chart. If you want to know more, be sure to buy a copy of Astrology for Real Life – A Guide for Inquisitive Astrologers. I also recommend Planeten in Huizen: Experience the planets in your environment by Robert Pelletier. Grab your card, plug in your headphones and enjoy the atmosphere! xo TheresSubscribe on iTunes, Google Play or Stitcher – or use the great podcast player below to listen and learn. Theresa Reed: The Lady of the Tarot 2021 You can find all previous issues of Astrological Bytes here.

We are back with another episode of astrology bytes! On the show this week we have the lovely D.J. Adams, an astrologer and certified Vedic Astrologer. We chat about Venus through the houses theme, the retrograde cycle, the transiting Sun, and the Sun’s angle relative the Mars.. Read more about saturn astrology and let us know what you think.