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Astrology Bytes Episode 133 – Jupiter Through the Houses in the Natal Chart

If you’re new to astronomy, astrology, or the other ways of interpreting the stars, it can be difficult to understand their influence on your life. So what can you do to get the most from astrology? Try this: Start with the date of your birth – for this week, you’re in the last house of the first sign.

The wheel of the zodiac has been used since ancient times and is a simple way to visualize where you fit in the world. This article will explain the zodiac wheel to you, and how to use it to find out about your natal chart.

The Night Sky is one of the most beautiful things we have to see on a nightly basis, and one of the most mysterious things we see during the day. The Sun, Moon and planets all have specific effects on our lives and there are many books out there that explain exactly how. In this episode, we explore the concept of the Natal Chart, which is the birth chart transformed by the position of the Sun, Moon and planets in your birth chart.. Read more about zodiac houses meaning and let us know what you think.


For complete astrology novices, bite-sized astrology education. The Tarot Lady (psst…I’m renowned for tarot, but I’m also an astrology nerd!) created this.

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Jupiter in the Houses of the Natal Chart (Episode 133)

Jupiter is the solar system’s fifth planet and the biggest of all the planets. This huge man is linked with luck and growth in astrology.

Jupiter’s position in your birth chart indicates the areas of your life where you have been blessed and talented. It’s a place where you can grow. If Jupiter is affected, it may bring rash optimism or a lack of restraint.

1st House: Jupiter in the first house denotes an upbeat, extroverted attitude. You’re laid-back, giving to a fault, and self-assured. You are also surrounded by spiritual protection – no matter how terrible things become, you always find assistance, even if it comes at the last possible minute. You may be prone to “big speech” or “shooting your mouth off” if you are affected. 

2nd: Jupiter in the second house indicates that you have good business sense and are fortunate when it comes to acquiring money. You may receive financial assistance in your life, such as from a wealthy family. If you are affected, you may spend money fast or gamble it away recklessly. 

3rd: Jupiter in the third house fosters a proactive, upbeat mindset. You like learning and may be considering furthering your education. You love traveling and may go on many trips during your life. If you’re affected, you’re a bit of a Pollyanna on your travels.

4th: Jupiter in the 4th brings good fortune to the house and family. Jupiter is exalted in this house since it is connected with the sign of Cancer. You had a lot of help as a kid and may turn out to be a wonderful parent. You could strike it rich in real estate or live in a big, gorgeous house. The family may become a financial burden or religious zealots if they are affected. 

Jupiter in the fifth house suggests a lot of love and pleasure possibilities. You might be fertile and have a big family. You could also be a gifted artist or a motivating instructor. You must use caution while speculating whether you are affected. You may lose a lot of money if you invest in the stock market or gamble. 

6th: Jupiter in the 6th house bestows benefits via work. You may strike it rich in your profession and always be able to find work. It also indicates a desire to help others – your profession may be in healing, philanthropy, or medicine. If you have it, it may be a sign of laziness or overindulgence. 

Jupiter in the seventh house brings about harmony in relationships. You attract individuals who are helpful to you. Marriage and business relationships are generally lucky. You’re honest in your dealings and may be a good lawyer. You may become codependent or naïve about some relationships if you are affected. 

Jupiter in the eighth house denotes inheritances and money inherited from others. You might, for example, marry a rich individual. Some individuals may be fascinated by the idea of life after death because their intuition has been enhanced. If you are affected, you may run into problems with taxes or probate. 

Jupiter in the ninth house may indicate a lot of travel. You could travel the globe! Perhaps you’ll have a strong desire to learn more about higher education or spirituality. You’re a seeker who is always searching for a way to connect with something bigger than oneself. If you are affected, you may develop religious fanaticism.

10th: Jupiter in the 10th house is a sign of professional success. You have the potential to achieve greatness and may get a lot of help along the road. Opportunities present themselves to you, and you may be recognized. This is a position that many renowned individuals with successful careers hold. You may be a braggart or a hypocrite if you’re affected. This may quickly turn people against you. 

Jupiter in the 11th suggests a larger social circle with influential individuals. Friends will assist you in achieving your objectives, and you may get engaged with humanitarian organizations. If you are affected, your pals may take advantage of you, or you may take advantage of them. 

12th: Jupiter in the 12th house typically indicates that you are surrounded by protection. Whatever happens, there is unspoken support. Spending time in retreat may be beneficial to you. Spiritual studies or working behind the scenes at big institutions may also appeal to you. If you’re affected, you may feel that the world is against you and be on a never-ending pity party.

Those are some quick thoughts on Mars in the houses of the natal chart. Get a copy of Astrology for Real Life – a No BS Guide for the Astro-Curious if you want to learn more. Robert Pelletier’s Planets in Houses: Experiencing Your Environment Planets is another book I suggest.

Put on your earphones, grab your astrological chart, and get ready to dive in!


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