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Astrology Bytes Episode 136 – Saturn Through the Houses in the Natal Chart

In today’s podcast, I discuss the transit of Saturn through the 12th house, and what this shows us about the current planetary natal chart. This transit will be making a direct aspect with Jupiter at the midpoint of the house cusp in Leo, on October 29, 2017. I also discuss the transit through the other houses that occur in the year, and what this shows us about the current transit.

Saturn is a very important planet in a natal chart because its position determines the type of person we are. It has its own distinctive qualities, and this is the main reason why we get told from time to time that Saturn’s position in a natal chart is very important. In this episode of “Astrology Bytes” we will look at how Saturn works and how to use it to evaluate ourselves.


Astrology course for aspiring astrologers. Created by Teresa Reed, Lady Tarot (psst…I’m known as a tarot reader, but I’m also an astrology geek!). Welcome to Astrology Bytes, an astrology podcast for people who want to learn astrology….. but I don’t have all day! Short and detailed astrology lessons.

Episode 136 – Saturn by house in the birth chart

Saturn is a ringed planet. In astrology, it is associated with lessons and limitations. Saturn’s position in your natal chart reveals areas of your life where you may be challenged and need to take responsibility. If you build on that, you can develop a discipline and grow. 1-й : Saturn in the first house indicates a disciplined and serious personality. You may seem distant or unfriendly. They are hardworking, logical and not afraid to take on more responsibility. If you are inferior, you may be selfish and materialistic – or overly concerned with your status. 2 : Saturn in the second house means you will work hard for money and be ambitious to acquire wealth. You have a keen business sense and know how to manage your resources sparingly. When you’re in love, you can be too preoccupied with material things – or you can be preoccupied with money and not be able to enjoy it. 3-й : Saturn in the third house creates mental discipline and a subtle, practical mind. You can work in publishing or teaching. If you have this disposition, you need to be careful about contracting. If you have this disease, you may have difficult relationships with your siblings – or you may be retarded. 4-й : Saturn in the fourth sign means you can be responsible for your family. For example, you can take care of your parents. This is a convenient location for those with home-based businesses, construction or real estate. If you suffer from this, you may be the black sheep of your family – or have trouble letting go. 5-й : Saturn in the fifth house indicates parenting and love problems. Maybe you’re too serious about the kids, or you need to take charge in a relationship. This location is convenient for artists, investors or art professionals. If this sign is affected, romantic opportunities may be rare or you may encounter creative blockages. A smitten Saturn in the fifth sign can also indicate a strained relationship with children. 6-й : Saturn in the sixth house brings an excellent work ethic and a serious attitude towards health. You may be a health freak or a workaholic. It’s a great place for a career in healthcare, science or engineering. If you suffer from this, you may face problems with your employers. 7 : Saturn in the seventh house creates a serious attitude towards relationships. You enter into each partnership with the desire to make it last. You have a strong sense of justice and would make an excellent lawyer. If you are defeated, you may suffer losses in your relationships or lawsuits. 8-й : Saturn in the eighth house indicates responsibilities related to joint finances, inheritance or taxes. For example, you may manage assets or be the primary breadwinner. You may be denied an inheritance if you become ill, have to pay high taxes, or suffer losses due to child support payments. 9-й : Saturn in the ninth house can signify a serious interest in science, religion or philosophy. You can choose to pursue a career in any of these fields or become an expert. You may also be interested in publishing or international law. If you suffer from this, you can become narrow-minded or hypocritical. 10-й : Saturn in the 10th. House means that your ambition will lead you to success and status. You can be a politician or a public figure. In a way, you were born to lead. If you are defeated, you may encounter many obstacles on your way. If you abuse your power, your disgrace will be swift and cruel. 11 : Saturn in the 11th. This sign can mean that you are serious about your friendships. You can even care for your friends in some way. If you are in pain, your friends can use you – or vice versa. 12-й : Saturn in the 12th. House indicates that you can spend time in solitude. For example, you can choose to live in an ashram or work behind the scenes in a large institution such as a hospital. If you suffer from this, you may struggle with loneliness or have secret enemies that cause problems at the most inopportune times. These are some thoughts on Mars in the houses of the natal chart. If you want to know more, buy a copy of Astrology for Real Life – A No BS Guide for the Astro-Curious Astrologer. I also recommend Planeten in Huizen: Experience the planets in your area by Robert Pelletier. Grab your card, plug in your headphones and enjoy the atmosphere! xo TheresSubscribe on iTunes, Google Play or Stitcher – or use the great podcast player below to listen and learn. Theresa Reed: The Lady of the Tarot 2021 You can find all previous issues of Astrological Bytes here.

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