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Astrology Bytes Episode 138 – Navigating Your Saturn Return with Lisa Stardust

Lisa Stardust, Astrologer and Authority on Saturn Returns, is personifying a Saturn Return as it relates to womanhood, family, love and fate. She is sharing her astrological insights and tools that can assist you in navigating this crucial time of turning the corner in your life.

True to their name, Lisa Stardust is an astrologer who makes her living by giving private consultations. Lisa’s website has an astrological chart with her natal chart, and her clients can request a private consultation online. Lisa is a Certified Professional Astrologer, and is also a member of the American Federation of Astrologers.


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Created by Teresa Reed, Lady Tarot (psst…I’m known as a tarot reader, but I’m also an astrology geek!).

Welcome to Astrology Bytes, an astrology podcast for people who want to learn astrology….. but I don’t have all day! Short and detailed astrology lessons.

Episode 138 – The Return of Saturn with Lisa Stardust

The return of Saturn is one of the most important astrological transits you will ever experience. It brings new growth… and a lot of trouble. Astrologer Lisa Stardust, author of The Saturn Return Survival Guide: Navigating This Cosmic Rite of Passage, shares his wisdom on how to get through this difficult and powerful time.

About Lisa:

Lisa Stardust is a New York-based astrologer and author of The Saturn Return Survival Guide: Navigating this cosmic rite of passage by Hardie Grant Publishing and The Astrology Deck: Your Guide to the Meanings and Myths of the Cosmos from Chronicle Books will be out this fall. She is the regular astrologer for Oprah Daily, Teen Vogue, The Hoodwitch and The Today Show. Follow her @lisastsrdustastro on Instagram or visit her website for more astrological news.

Grab your card, plug in your headphones and enjoy the atmosphere!



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