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Astrology Bytes Episode 141 – Astrology and Children with Briana Saussy

Astrology is the study of the stars. It’s in our stars that we learn about our past, present and future. Astrology is a very ancient science and was used by the first civilizations. Astrology is a science of energies and how they interact and affect us and everything on this planet. It helps us understand how we were born, the reason we’re here and how we’ll live our lives.

In this episode, Briana speaks about the importance of astrology as a children’s astrology, as well as the importance of astrology as a spiritual practice.


For complete astrology novices, bite-sized astrology education. The Tarot Lady (psst…I’m renowned for tarot, but I’m also an astrology nerd!) created this.

Welcome to Astrology Bytes, the astrology podcast for those who want to learn about astrology but don’t have all day to do it. Short astrology lectures in bite-size chunks.

Briana Saussy discusses astrology and children in Episode 141.

What does astrology have to say about kids? And how can we, as parents, make use of this knowledge? Briana Saussy, author of Starchild: Joyful Parenting Through Astrology, joins me for an insightful conversation on astrology and kids.

Briana’s bio:

Astrology Bytes Episode 141 - Astrology and Children with Briana SaussyBriana Saussy is a spiritual counselor, author, storyteller, teacher, and creator of the Sacred Arts Academy, where she teaches magic, divination, ceremony, and other Sacred Arts for daily life. Making Magic: Weaving the Ordinary and the Extraordinary and Star Child: Joyful Parenting Through Astrology are two of her books.

Her spouse, two kids, and a variety of furry and feathery companions reside in her hometown of San Antonio, Texas. Her website, brianasaussy.com, has additional information about her and her work.



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