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Astrology of this Week: July 12 – July 17

The planets in our solar system are connected to each other and our lives on Earth, and they also play an important role in the astrological predictions we make. With the help of the sun, moon, and stars, we can try to understand our character traits, future and love life, business, health, and more.

As per usual, the sky is the limit when looking at the stars this week. The constellation of Cancer has four bright stars in it that give it an especially large appearance in the night sky. The brightest in Cancer is the magnitude 2.9 Rigel. Next is the magnitude 2.3 Betelgeuse, while the third is the magnitude 2.2 Aldebaran. Finally there’s the magnitude 2.0 Bellatrix.




9. July 2021

18:16 PDT.

New Moon : Planting seeds, calling, activating, launching projects. Activate something that will ideally lead you to more. INTENTION is essential at this stage. Even if the results are not immediate, the intention is there. You may not have all the answers or a roadmap, but you need to express your intention.

This is the attention : What do your feelings tell you? Are you irritable? Are you lazy? What do you need? Are you tired? Are you asleep? How do you collect your emotions and use them in your work?

Special Note:

7/11 : Mercury enters Cancer

13.7. Conjunction of Venus and Mars. Love meets action. Actions based on love and values. Acting for beauty and money. Enthusiasm crosses borders. (see above)


Crescent phase

13. July 2021

1:40 PM PDT.

Focus on : What do you learn about your routine? What do you learn about the details? What do you learn about managing your health? What do you learn about the pursuit of excellence?



7/15 : Chiron retrograde 12 Aries 56

7/15 : Sun trine Neptune. Faith and spirit send us little clues that can guide and support us.


First quarter Moon

17. July 2021



Focus on : What actions are you taking to achieve balance? What are your actions that support this relationship? What are your actions that contribute to the negotiation? What actions do you have to compromise on?

Special note

7/17 : The sun is opposite Pluto. Emotions and family for outings and community service. The confrontation between the senses and practical evolution.

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