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Blowing Up Patterns and Unhelpful Stories

The world is full of stories that are not helpful. It’s time to blow them up.

Unhelpful thinking styles, also known as unhelpful stories, are common in astrology. They can be identified by the way an individual’s thoughts and behaviors seem to always be focused on self-improvement or self-protection.

Hello, my name is Lori Lytle, and I’m the Inner Goddess Tarot.

My spouse and I just relocated to a new residence. We had been in the same little East York house in Toronto for approximately 12 years. Then, all of a sudden, we’d had enough.

We had a great time there. It was a pleasant place to be. We didn’t plan to remain there indefinitely when we purchased it. We estimated a few years, maybe five. It was a lovely house, but it was in in need of updating and restoration, and it was on a pretty busy street when we purchased it. The need for renovation and the noise on the street grew dramatically from year to year.

We had planned to make modifications to the home over the years and had contemplated relocating elsewhere in the city. Life took its course. Family issues arose. Covid took place. We didn’t move.

Then the home across the street went up in flames.

The Tower

This served as a wake-up call for me.

We weren’t planning on relocating when that home blew up, to be honest. My husband had just painted our porch to freshen it up, and he had also worked on the outside of the home with such love, sweat, and care that it makes my heart swell just thinking about it.

But I believe that when that home blew up, it put everything in motion. After the event, I saw it as a message from the universe that it was time to make some adjustments and move out of there.

Isn’t that how it goes most of the time? We become trapped in habits and behaviors, and we construct tales about ourselves that we tell ourselves on a daily basis, and we become oblivious to them. The cosmos gives us tiny nudges, but if we ignore them, they will increase the intensity until we pay attention, or our environment will explode up around us to grab our attention.

In my situation, I wasn’t completely conscious of how much our city life was draining me. That was the narrative I told myself: I’ve always been a city guy. I couldn’t see myself living in a natural setting. I couldn’t fathom being in a peaceful place. I couldn’t fathom claiming to be from anyplace other than Toronto. Despite this, I felt exhausted, worried, and trapped.


When we first began talking about relocating, I had no idea how it would go or what it would look like. As a result, I inquired of my playing cards. I kept getting signals that relocating would be tough, stressful, and emotional, but that we could do it and that we’d be happy we did at the end.

The cards also showed me MYSELF, and how I was doing myself no favors by going around with so much stress and anxiety instead of making some tough but beautiful life choices.

So, the Tarot may be like that home blowing up, but without the property damage, danger, or disturbance.

The cards will offer you perspective on yourself if you’re open to it, can take a deep breath, and are patient and gentle with yourself. You’ll be able to identify where you’re succeeding in life and where you’re restricting, undermining, or even harming yourself.

The cards show you YOURSELF, what you’re up against both inside and outside, and remind you of how much you’re capable of. They demonstrate that your present narrative does not have to be the end of the story if you do not want it to be.

A check-in along the lines of, “What do I need to see or know about myself right now?” is one of my favorite questions to ask the cards for myself and my clients.

And, “What is influencing my current behavior and decisions?”

The notion is that you are looking at your current situation with mindfulness and compassion. In a reading, the cards serve as a glass through which you may see yourself clearly, free of the tales and patterns that obstruct your vision. The cards do not pass judgment; they just reveal you how things are.

Then you may grin and ask the cards, “OK, where do I proceed from here?” equipped with that clarity.

Full moon over field

Sunset over field in Beamsville


(A few sights from my new town and house.)


The thought patterns psychology is a blog that discusses the topic of astrology. It discusses how to blow up patterns and unhelpful stories.

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