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Bright Future Tarot (Keywords Edition) by Saskia Lee

The Weekly Hotness is back, and this week Saskia Lee shows you how to use Tarot cards to discover your brighter future.

Bright Future Tarot is a new kind of Tarot deck designed to help you navigate the maze of life. The artwork is fresh, the cards are bright, and the structure of the book is just what you need right now. You need to stay on track. The cards show you how. You get a full reading when you order this deck. But it’s better to order now.

Today at the age of 18, I am writing my first blog. I am not a professional writer, but I hope to become one. My interests are many and I want to share them with the world. I also work as a Tarot reader. I am currently studying Astrology and I hope to teach it soon. If you want to know more about me, or if you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comment section.

Sure, the illustrations are beautiful, but I wasn’t prepared to like this game. Although it is designed for the more rational, psychologically oriented reader, this deck is also intended for those who are open to exploring their own spirituality.

The Bright Future Tarot is a deck designed and colored by psychic artist Saskia Lee. I was inspired to write this game by a message from the Spirit of my father, Lee writes. And in a world where so much is digital, I wanted to create something unique that was easy to share. Using acrylic paint and my father’s old brushes, I paint and colour each card by hand in my studio near London.

That’s exactly what she did. This post will be a critique of the keyword edition. The standard version is the version without keywords. You can choose your option when shopping at Lee’s Etsy shop.

Lee notes that the cards are printed and manufactured in the UK by a London-based company that has won awards for its carbon-neutral production methods. In addition, the quality is luxurious – 400 g/m² with a satin and matt surface.

Click on the images in this article to see a close-up.

Key 21: The map of the universe is incredible. I like that he mentions kundalini awakening, the flower of life and the four constellations. In the previous image you saw that key 8 here is justice, with the keywords karma/legal system, and key 11 is strength, courage/self-control.

Lee’s illustrations combine classic tarot symbolism, pagan and mystical symbolism with contemporary scenes. Therefore, the art will appeal to those who want a card game that fits the times. This approach to Tarot illustration, where the lines of direct sympathy are stronger and clearer, makes sense given that Lee herself is psychic and, as she said, reads the Tarot using her intuition and feeling the energy of the cards.

To enhance this direct sympathy, if this is your approach to tarot reading, it is important to have illustrations and images that relate to your life experience. And that’s exactly what the Tarot of the Shining Future is trying to do. The contemporary scenes depicted, the people, their characters and their worlds have a recognizable meaning. The boldly striped Queen of Swords, with a black and white checkered sword, paired with the single keyword of independence, so easily conveys her message to you during your tarot reading.

These scenes are projections and refractions of pop culture. You look at a work of art and it evokes a certain feeling. Then you look for key words, go back to the images, and it all comes together, gets loaded into your mind as a coherent truthful message, and serves as a topic for discussion in psychotherapy.

The Ten of Swords, that’s who. I don’t think I’ve seen such a creative use of the ten swords in a long time. I’m intrigued by the nuances of how the reader distinguishes the Three of Swords from the Ten of Swords, and I note here the key words of the Three of Swords – conflict/angst – versus the key words of the Ten of Swords – termination/grief. By the way, the secondary keyword associated with the eight of swords intrigues me quite a bit – buried wounds.

When it comes to keyword tarot decks, one often hears experienced readers disparage, reject or simply express their distaste for them. Я ? I like the options. =) I like having a set of decks without keywords to choose from, plus a set of decks with keywords. Tarot deck with keywords are not a training deck, and even if they were, so what? What’s wrong with using a set of training wheels?

If the keyword deck is too prescriptive for you, there is also the standard edition of the Bright Future tarot.

What if I disagree with some of the key words on the cards? We often hear that people dislike the keywords assigned. I tried to force myself not to filter everything through my personal and subjective framework of right and wrong, good and bad. Instead, I try to enter into the world of that artist or creator, examine it for what it is, and harmonize with it where I am.

When I approach a deck of cards this way, I don’t question whether I agree with the keywords. The game itself is always sensible. If I’m reading with that set at the time, I’m an observer.

Lee’s artistic style is expressive and succeeds in conveying personality and emotion. Take, for example, the Seven of Cups. I can’t see the mermaid’s face, but I can feel how she feels. I can sense who she is, even from this simple snapshot, and also from behind.

Similarly, on other cards, some or all of the facial features may be hidden, yet convey a strong and accurate sense of personality and emotion. See, for example, the Five of Cups below. Atmosphere is the key word. The same can be said of Lee’s work – she is a master at creating atmosphere.

I didn’t expect to fall in love with this game. I love the way they work as prompts for Jungian keyword association exercises. When you draw a card, even in a multi-card reading, pay attention to the question or problem you want this card to answer, read the key words, and observe your immediate emotional and physical reactions. I’ve discovered that when my immediate emotional reaction is to not like what I’ve received, it’s not because the message is bad; it’s because the message is forcing me to face something I don’t yet want to face.

Lee’s work is absolutely incredible and universal for doing psychological projection exercises. They facilitate the connection with mental sympathy. I mean, yes, these cards are very easy to read. I love the way you can look at the scene on the card and relate it to a similar situation in your life. In these scenes you see the real world as you know it, as you experience it.

Right now my favorite way to use the Bright Future Tarot is to lay the cards down individually to record what I call my mental temperature and pressure to assess the current state of my chi (life force). It’s a bit like a nurse taking your temperature and blood pressure.

I sink into silence, shuffling my cards, concentrating on my breathing and planning to take my temperature and mental pressure. That’s what I tell myself as I drag myself along. Then, when I feel ready, I pull the card. This card gives me an indication of the current state of my chi, or personal energy. What am I putting out into the world now? This is how I read this map.

If you like a more psychological approach to tarot reading, this is an excellent work deck for the modern professional reader. It attracts customers. It is easy to read and communicate with customers. Another trend gaining popularity as an offshoot of traditional card reading is spiritual or integrative life coaching, and many of these coaches use tarot cards or oracles. The Tarot of the Radiant Future would fit perfectly in this context.

I love that Lee created a companion manual for working with the deck. Even without experience in Tarot reading, you can work with the key words in the cards and your own emotional responses to the images to encourage reflection and a deeper understanding of the situation you are struggling with. With a background in Tarot, Lee interprets the traditional meanings of the cards in a creative, fresh and modern way. You will enjoy the Tarot of Bright Futures.

You can order the keyword-based edition of the Bright Future Tarot, as featured in this review, or check out the standard version without the keywords here.

FTC Notes: In accordance with Title 16 of the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations, Part 255, Guidelines for the Use of Endorsements and Reviews in Advertising, I have received this deck from the creator for prospective review. Everything I’ve said here honestly and accurately reflects my opinion of the game.


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Saskia Lee is a tarot card reader (inspired by the tarot enthusiast), and did the first major tarot-based tarot trend in the blogosphere by introducing the Keywords Tarot, which is a set of tarot cards that tells readings based on keywords. In other words, rather than just interpret the cards’ symbolic images, you can also use keywords to construct a reading for a given situation, as shown below:. Read more about the sun card tarot and let us know what you think.

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