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Burmese Astrological System: The Beautiful Myanmar Approach

Myanmar Ancient Horoscope And Astrology Systems (Mahabote)

A temple in myanmarBurmese Astrology is known as Mahabote. It is not the most well-known form of astrology, but it does have some advantages compared to other, more mainstream forms. One of the advantages of this system is that you do not need to know the time that a person was born in order to make a chart for them. Mahabote relies on the planets but does not focus on a particular zodiac. The main elements that the chart focuses on is the year that someone was born, and the day of the week.

The system offers both a form of predictive astrology and the chance to explore remedial measures. In addition, it can be a horary astrology – providing answers to specific questions that a person asks.

Mahabote is called “the small vessel” by the Burmese. It can give interesting results, but it cannot be used for clear, direct comparison with Vedic or Western astrological charts. Think of this method as a summary of a person’s energies – where Vedic or Western astrology takes a more detailed look.

The Burmese Astrology Zodiac (Animal Signs)

There are animals that are associated with Burmese astrology as well, which give an idea of the personality and attributes of the person whose chart is being made.  For example, if you were born on a:

– Sunday then your sign is the Garuda, a mythical bird. You are generous and kind.
– Monday is the day represented by the tiger, and people born on that day are intelligent and intuitive but dislike being taken advantage of.
– Tuesday is represented by the lion, and lions are crusaders and natural leaders who are strong-willed and don’t like a compromise.
– Wednesday Morning is the sign of the tusked elephant, representing spontaneous and passionate people
– Wednesday Afternoon is represented by the elephant without tusks – and people who are private, and dislike taking action unless they are sure it will succeed.
– Thursday is represented by the rat – a clever, witty and intelligent animal that is opportunistic.
– Friday is the day of the guinea pig, and people born on this day tend to be artistic and creative.
– Saturday is the day of the dragon, and people who are philosophical and understanding.

These are quite general overviews compared to what you may find in Western astrology, but they offer quick and easy insights into people and their characteristics, without having to know a lot about them, or even when specifically they were born. This means that you can get a good overview of a person and what makes them tick, without having to delve too much into their personal history or ask questions that they might not be willing to answer.

The Burmese Astrology Calendar and Calculating a Chart

The traditional Burmese calendar differs from a standard calendar, so to calculate the Mahabote chart, you should take the person’s year of birth, then subtract 639 from that year if the person was born on or before April 15th, and subtract 638 from the year if they were born after April 15th.

Divide this number by seven, then look at the remainder. This will tell you the planet that appears in the first house of the chart. The planets are, in order (from zero through seven): Saturn, Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn (yes, Saturn appears twice).

The official order of the planets in Burmese Astrology is:
– Sun comes first even though it is technically not a planet
– Mercury appears second
– Saturn, oddly enough, is third
– Mars is fourth despite being closest to the earth and third from the sun
– Venus comes after mars
– The Moon is included as a planet- Jupiter is last

So, let’s assume that Venus appears in the first house of a chart – this means that in the second house there will be Moon, then Jupiter, then back to the start – Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Mars – to finish the order.

The birthday planet is the planet that corresponds to the day of the week that a person was born – so someone born on a Tuesday would have Mercury as their planet. That planet is underlined on the chart.

The seven houses have their own significance

– House 1 is the that of impermanence – planets in this tend to have a passing influence on a person’s life
– House 2 is the that of extremity and the planet that is in this tends to have an extreme amount of influence on a person and manifest themselves in extreme ways.
– House 3 is the that of fame – and influences how a person is known to others.
– House 4 is the that of wealth – this house shows what makes a person happy (so not always money, just what makes the person feel ‘well off’)
– House 5 is the one that shows the goals of the person.
– House 6 is that of sickly – this is the one which shows the problems that a person has, be that disease or other issues.
– House 7 is that of the leader and shows what motivates the person, and what talents they might have.

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