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Ceres in Taurus: May – July 2021, December

Ceres, the largest object in the asteroid belt, has been in motion for a long time. She started her life in the early days of the solar system and since then, has been traveling through the void of space, in a quest to find her true mate, or her final destination.

We all have an innate desire to be loved. To feel accepted, to feel safe, and to feel understood. This desire is a part of our human nature, and we all recognize this. In the same way, there are some natures that we recognize as being very different from ourselves. We might call some of these natures as being “other”.

Ceres in Taurus: May – July 2021, December 2021 Ceres is on the move, leaving energetic Aries tomorrow and entering Taurus, the sign over which Ceres is supposed to rule. This puts Ceres in a comfortable position at home!

What is Ceres in astrology?

Ceres is technically a dwarf planet (like Pluto), but in astrology it is called an asteroid (as it was before it became a dwarf planet). Ceres is caring, supportive, nurturing and caring. I describe it as a super charged moon (maybe mixed with a little bit of Venus). You can find Ceres in your own map on astro.com (click on Additional Objects under Advanced Map Selection and select Ceres from the menu).

Ceres in Aries dates:

  • Valid from 8. May 2021
  • Published on 31. July 2021
  • Takes place on the 21st. December 2021 again in reverse order
  • It’s almost the ninth. February 2022 completed.

Total influence of Ceres in Taurus:

Ceres in Taurus gives Ceres a sense of intimacy. Some say she is the true ruler of Taurus (rather than Venus; frankly, I personally use Ceres more and more). This is a good position for Ceres. Ceres in Taurus helps us to take better care of ourselves. We can be more sensual, but we can also be more indulgent, so maybe we should work on moderation. And we can be more nurturing to others, helping them to be satisfied with their lives and to feel that they have enough. This could be a time to focus more on money, as Ceres and Taurus are both associated with money and we could be making important financial decisions, spending more, earning more or planning more. We want prosperity, now and in the near future. We may be more attached to the physical world and physical food. This may involve making sure we and others have enough physical objects (or providing things like money), and being more tactile ourselves. This is the perfect time to be cared for, massaged and pampered.

Ceres in Taurus Aspects:

10. June: Conjunction of Uranus transit in Taurus (12 degrees) + 11th house. June: Transit Saturn square in Aquarius (13 degrees) – This occurs in the second exact Saturn/Uranus square (June 14). Ceres is in this square on the side of Uranus, and we may see sudden/unexpected changes in resources, finances or values, feel sudden uncertainty or lack of what we need in a tangible, physical sense. We can benefit from developing in new ways, in groups or by focusing on our dreams and not letting a lack or limitation stop us from looking at change and the future. 13. June: Sextile with transiting Venus in Cancer – This can be a nice aspect to help us deal with the Saturn/Uranus square, we can work on being more mindful of ourselves and helping others, and we can feel better about dealing with difficult energies. 9. July: Transit sextile Neptune in Pisces – This can increase our compassion and empathy, and we can do much more to help others. Can also be useful for teaching art or water. 16. July: Trine transits Pluto in Capricorn – This can help us take control of our resources and bring about positive transformations to make them more powerful. 18. July: Sextile to transiting Sun in Cancer + square to transiting Venus in Leo – Indulgence can run very high with a square to Venus and is best tempered. With sunshine, we can focus more on what we need and work to give ourselves what we need. 27. July: Sextile to Mercury transiting Cancer – This can facilitate communication by providing ideas and plans on how to get what we need, and we can focus more on the needs of the spirit. May be useful for mental nutrition. 28. July: The square transit of Mars in Leo – Ceres in Taurus culminates in an explosion of this aspect as both planets are at 29 degrees, the anaretic degree (crisis energy point). There can be arguments over money, resources or values, and we clash more easily when it comes to our needs. We need to look out for each other, not ignore ourselves and become a steamroller, not ignore others and become selfish. A healthy outlet for frustration and anger can be helpful.

Concluding remarks

Generally, Ceres in Taurus is a good transit, but this transit brings some interesting astrological factors that could make it more energetic than usual in Taurus. Take care of yourself and get afloat. Recommended reading: Selenium white moon in astrological sign

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