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Day in the Life: Psychic Logan

Psychic Logan is a psychic and tarot card reader based in the UK. He is a practicing spiritual healer and has been practicing for over 10 years. He is a qualified counselor, workshop facilitator and teacher. He guides and supports his clients in empowering ways to help them with their spiritual development. He offers a range of services from counseling to spiritual healing.

To the untrained eye, the stars may seem like a fickle and uncaring force that does not care for us at all. But astrology—the study of the stars—suggests that we are more connected to the universe than we may believe. I am Logan. I am a psychic, and I am here to show you how the stars can help us in our daily lives.

When you contact for a reading, we think that gaining a deeper knowledge of our psychics will only strengthen your bond with them. In this installment of our ongoing series, we speak with our psychics about their daily lives. California Psychics interviews Psychic Logan in today’s “Day in the Life.”

When you get up in the morning, how do you typically start your day?

I start my day by grounding, centering, and meditating. My day starts with a half-hour of meditation after I clear my energy, locate my center, and ground profoundly. This is something I practice on a daily basis, and it provides me with a solid foundation for my life and career.

Then I’m ready to welcome the day with my all-time favorite dog. He’s 12 and a half years old and quite the charmer! We go for a morning stroll, taking in the scenery and seeing the local fauna, which includes horses and deer. When I’m out in nature, I work on honing my psychic abilities by concentrating on one aspect at a time, such as auditory, visual, and physical contact. It is very beneficial to me while working with customers, and I love this practice.

What does a normal day off for you entail?

On my days off, I love visiting the mountains and little villages in the area where I reside. I like finding new artists, restaurants, and stores that are unique to the area. Long walks are my favorite pastime, particularly with my dog, who has an uncanny ability to locate wild fruit plants!

Psychic Logan | California Psychics

Have you ever provided a remarkable service to a client?

My job is my passion, and I love collaborating with Spirit and assisting others on their spiritual paths. A young guy with cancer was one of my most gratifying clients, and during our session, Spirit guided me to witness his previous experiences as a sea captain, blissfully on the deck of his ship. I’m pleased to report that this young guy is now healthy and flourishing. His affinity for water aided him throughout his therapy.

How do you unwind or clear your thoughts after a long day on the phone?

Speaking with individuals from all around the globe improves my life, and I believe that is my reason for being here. After a long day of being online, I prefer to unwind by reading, meeting up with friends, or spending some relaxing time on my front porch, listening to the sounds of nature. I’m lucky to live in such a lovely area of the country that I can go outdoors and center myself by walking barefoot on the grass. Working with people is a passion of mine, and I am thankful for the chance to assist individuals in search of solutions.

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