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Don’t take the magic out of Tarot

Tarot cards have been around for centuries, but the magic of these cards is still being debated. Some say that the cards are just a tool to help people understand themselves better, while others believe that they hold mystical powers.

The how to read tarot cards is a guide that helps you understand the basics of Tarot.

My Tarot readings often leave people feeling inspired, elevated, and calm.

(Which I adore.)

I believe this is because I’m searching for possibilities, magic, answers, and powerful messages when I read the cards. When I finish a reading, I prefer to give the person I’m reading for a blessing, an intention for joy, knowledge, resolution, relief, or action.

The cards, I think, are strong drivers for change, action, and better happiness with your current life.

They don’t just inform you that something will occur whether you like it or not. (To be fair, if they do, they always offer you advice on how to deal with whatever Fate has thrown your way.)

The cards demonstrate what is possible when we remove the limitations we place on ourselves and what we think we are capable of. They assist us in overcoming the obstacles we create for ourselves.

This isn’t to imply that I’m a softie when it comes to the truths I see in the cards. As I grow older, I find it easier to give those difficult lessons, since they are typically the most important and transformative.

I like the cards because they portray us in all of our glory and ugliness, bravery and fear, and HUMANNESS.

They remind us that we are not insignificant beings; rather, we are the protagonists in our epic life narrative.

A Tarot reading, in my opinion, should provide what you need to know. And what we need to recognize is what we’re up against right now, what we can do, and how to create results that will be helpful in the long run.

I think the cards are magical, and that reading Tarot is a ritual, a narrative, and a spell. They show us what the future might be like and how to make it happen.

I believe that the cards should be available to everyone, but I do not believe that the magic should be taken away. They aren’t ordinary. They are not mechanical in any way. Getting a Tarot reading isn’t the same as getting your teeth cleaned or your refrigerator fixed. Embrace the magic and mystery of Tarot reading. If you don’t make yourself more reasonable and rational than you need to be, you may receive the practical messages you need plus SO MUCH MORE.

I chose The Star as my day’s card this morning.

The Star Tarot card

It was a gloomy, wet morning in my neighborhood. This is a typical Monday morning.

I was reminded that I am wonderful, that the universe is magical, and that we are supposed to enjoy this life the day before. I made that goal for myself last night before I went to sleep, to REMEMBER that I am magical (you are, too).

That wasn’t the first thing that sprang to me when I awoke today. I was thinking about how gloomy it was, how much work I needed to get done, how concerned I was about certain financial matters, how worried I was for my loved ones, and how I wanted I had a few more hours of sleep.

Then I drew The Star, and all of the magic came back.

The first thing that sprang to me when I read this card was that we should all be gentler with ourselves. We shouldn’t beat ourselves up over what we should have done or who we believe we should be, I reasoned. We are free to be ourselves. Consider what we’ve gone through. Look forward to having a good time. Expect marvels and enchantment. Make it a point to nourish our souls and connect with Source.

Beautiful things happen when you view the world in this manner.

The Star card follows some of the deck’s most difficult and disruptive cards. So it’s not all sunshine and roses. It is the process of recovering from traumatic experiences and returning to ourselves after being shaken to our core. It’s relearning how to SHINE and remembering that we’re enough exactly the way we are. Enough is enough.

As a result, the Star may both show us what we need to know and encourage us. It may assist us in processing all we’ve seen or experienced, as well as remind us that we’re still alive and lovely. It encourages us to make a wish and keep an eye out for miracles.

Don’t detract from the enchantment of your Tarot reading. Even if you read the cards as part of your daily practice, don’t make it a boring, everyday experience. If not for a peek into the secrets, why do we read Tarot? Allow them to shine for you, and allow yourself to shine as well.

The tarot cards for beginners is a deck of cards that has been designed to help those who are new to the art of reading Tarot Cards.

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