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Eternal Seeker Oracle by Pamela Steele

The Eternal Seeker Oracle is a card reading tool that uses astrology to answer your questions. It has been designed by Pamela Steele, an astrologer and tarot reader who has spent her life studying the occult sciences.

Pamela Steele is one of my closest tarot friends, as well as an art mentor, though she may not realize it. Her independence is fiery and ferocious, as if she says, “I’ll do it myself!” If you tell her “no” and keep her at the gate, she’ll demolish the barrier entirely. She’s also made a significant contribution to the tarot community as a whole, having always been a strong champion and supporter of deck designers.


I was honored to be asked to write the Foreword for the Eternal Seeker handbook, and in order to do so, I kept an early version of the deck on my desk for weeks, working with it every day and performing daily card draws, and I found myself really relating to this deck.


The Fool appears in The Seeker card, The Magician in The Magus, The High Priestess in The Oracle, and The Empress in Divine Feminine, if you read only the card names above with the artwork. The numbering, however, differs from the tarot Key numbers. Where we would normally connect 1 with Magician, it is The Seeker in this case (calling to mind The Fool).

So, first and foremost, you must dispel any preconceived ideas about the Major Arcana. Eternal Seeker is a divination method in its own right, and it only references some of the Major Arcana tarot archetypes. The particular numerical connections in Eternal Seeker are highly deliberate and based on numerology.


This deck has a 1990s high fantasy adventure video game style. Working with this deck reminds me of King’s Quest (does anybody reading this remember the game?). That was my favorite game as a child! As a result, this is the kind of artwork and deck that reconnects me with my inner kid.

Pamela Steele is a real sorceress of gateways, as I said in my Foreword. Her work transports you to a realm filled with dragons, wizards, and enchantment. The Eternal Seeker Oracle makes you feel as though a knowledgeable lady is sitting lovingly by your side, imparting foresight. The deck evokes a strong, revered sense of tradition, reverence for the Craft’s elders, and what it means to be the everlasting seeker.


Steele began his career as a conventional artist, mostly in the fine arts. Then, as the years passed, she discovered that her hands and wrists were no longer as strong as they once were, and she had to adjust. Steele discovered digital art and quickly mastered it.

The Steele Wizard Tarot, which I own and cherish, was her debut deck, released in 2007. It had fantastical imagery that brought back memories of role-playing games for me. That deck was designed for pathworking in specifically.


Let’s go on with our tour of these cards. It’s really amazing to see The Universe as a personified world tree. That Weaver card is also one of my favorites! Finding what makes your heart sing, what motivates you to perform and dance with abandon, is the goal of Heart Song.

The handbook is very well-written, with a wealth of knowledge and insight. Steele’s description of caring for and “feeding” your deck is fantastic. The more you work with and touch a physical deck of cards, the more attuned you will grow to it, and the more accurate your readings will be.


With the addition of 11 Spirit-channeled cards for a total of 33, I appreciate how this deck encourages us to return to the Old World tarot practice of divining with just the Majors. The number 33 represents the revealing of what was previously hidden. The number 33 is associated with holy teachings, the Holy Trinity, and the Triple Goddess by occultists. The number 33 represents a trinity on Earth that reflects the trinity in Heaven.


One of my favorite cards in this deck is Truth, which you can see above. The Steele Wizard Tarot’s Truth card inspired “The Path of Awareness.” Because the numerological connection to 27 represents compassion and acceptance of one’s self, this card is numbered 27. Mannaz is the rune shown here, and it represents oneself.

Seeker of Eternity Oracle makes you feel as though you’re being embraced by your wise grandma, who offers you timeless advice. Steele is the wise elder who instructs this new generation of pagans about spirituality and divination.

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