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February 15th Weekly Astrology Forecast 2021

In the past, you had to go out of your way to receive a sky chart.

Hey everyone! I’m back! I know it’s been a while since my last post, but I’ve been really busy working on several projects at the moment, and I’m glad to be able to share a little bit here to help everyone who’s been waiting for my return.

Everyone gets a little stressed from time to time, some people even have some serious “trauma” from time to time that can cause serious damage to a persons health. How does this result from a trauma that a person may have experienced a few months, a year or even a few years ago?. Read more about february 2021 astrology predictions and let us know what you think.

All Signs Weekly Astrology Forecast for February 15th, 2021


New beginnings are born when the finishing touches are applied.

Be a minted version of yourself in 24 carat gold.

Don’t accept anything less than the Big P.

Aries, it’s time to tie things up while also making plans for fresh beginnings. On the 18th, the Sun will land in your house of soul secrets, marking a month till your birthday. Take a look back at what you started nearly a year ago. If you haven’t completed it yet, either finish it immediately or file it away under “Learning Experiences.” And then apply what you’ve learned to something fresh.

As Ceres begins her first year on the 21st, a new you emerges. On the same day, Mercury returns to direct motion in your 11th house of the future. It’s time to concentrate on your values and the things that are important to you. If you choose to call it that, it’s the Gold Standard of your soul.

You have my support.

This week we have two squares, and squares provide us with something to ‘push’ against in order to develop. The 17th’s Saturn/Uranus square is one of the most significant of the year. For a time, it will also be in orb. What principles you connect with, and what you would never compromise on, will determine your 2021. Also, how you are seen by others. So, be aware of them and adhere to them.

On the 19th, the Venus/Mars square has a completely different vibe. It arouses emotions in one manner or another. However, with Mercury set to turn direct, now is a good time to go for what you desire. To obtain it, you must first understand what it is. This week, Aries, consider adding value to your passion. And don’t be satisfied with anything less.

In a word, increased emotions indicate that passion must be there right now in order for you to be fully engaged. Maintain your emotional convictions. And this week, you should do what you know.



Before acting, consider your options.

That track record earns you respect and awards.

Boost your ambition!

This week, Taurus, choose your fights and your route wisely. Diplomacy and prudence are the characteristics of not just bravery, but also of your current success. Above all, be conscious of how you seem to others. People in positions of power and influence, particularly supervisors in work. This isn’t the week for cruising. But give yourself a week to take a serious, deliberate approach and figure out what you want to accomplish.

On the 17th, the Saturn/Uranus square will have a significant effect. This is not only one of the most significant tensile transits of the year for all of us, but it may also offer you a status-enhancing opportunity as a result of previous efforts. As long as you are always conscious of your public/professional image and reputation.

It’s a drive, not a procrastinating mentality.

On the 19th, we have ruler Venus in your Now Age 10th squaring up to Mars, who is also in your 1st. Take a look back at what you’ve accomplished so far now that the Sun is in your 11th house from the 18th. Then channel this energy towards pursuing your goals for the future with renewed vigor.

Mercury becomes direct in your tenth house from the twenty-first. Ceres comes in your 12th on the same day. Any transaction on the table right now, whether personal or professional, may need you to make a concession. It all comes down to your capacity to accomplish that and be regarded as someone who is prepared to be flexible and integrate other people’s desires into your plans. As a consequence, your stock will only improve and rise.

In a nutshell, Taurus, know what you desire this week. Take a cooperative and polite attitude while pursuing it. Above all, you must really want it. When it comes to desire, there are no half measures.



Changes have set the year 2021 in motion.

Don’t be obstinate.

Shakedowns of the soul create space for what isn’t there.

This week, Gemini, your topic is changes that will eventually lead to liberation. First, ruler Mercury moves straight in your liberation-inspiring 9th house from the 21st. But it’s not only that. It’s also because it’s intended to push you up, up, and away from whatever is holding you back.

On the 17th, Age Saturn squares evolve-your-soul Uranus in your 12th. For everyone of us, this is one of the most significant squares of the year. It will also stay in the orb for a while. Change will either hit you like a ton of bricks or you’ll sense it coming. Alternatively, it will catch you off guard. Whatever shape it takes, you must recognize that its ultimate aim is to liberate you from anything that keeps you trapped, stagnant, or just lived out.

Shake down to let go of whatever is holding you back.

Saturn’s favorite pastime is clinging to “the way things were,” but that won’t be possible now that it’s in forward-thinking Aquarius, your 9th house. In addition, Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, is involved in this square. Which is obsessed with upsetting the current quo. The second square of the week, on the 19th, includes Venus in your 9th house and Mars in your 12th house, which may have an impact on your personal connections. If your marriage is now lacking in passion, anticipate a shake-up that will enable you to reintroduce it.

The advent of the Sun in your tenth this week gives your aspirations a boost. It’s time to take a look back over the last 12 months to see how far you’ve come in your profession. Or maybe it’s simply your own accomplishments. Have you accomplished all you set out to do? Complete projects by putting the final touches on them. Set new objectives for the next cycle. On the 21st, Ceres will arrive in your 11th house, so be ready to make adjustments. Making a bargain or compromising leads to something greater. This week, the future is put in motion once again. Prepare yourselves, Gemini.

In a nutshell, this is how it goes: There’ll be a soul shakedown party, as Bob Marley put it. This week, Gemini, it may come in an unexpected package. But it’s meant to set you free to reach new heights in 2021!



Be proactive in your approach.

Follow your instincts and go where the wind takes you.

Goals are within grasp thanks to revolutionary developments.

This week, Cancer, you may find yourself at a fork in the road, similar to the Gemini sign next door. Unlike them, though, it’s quite probable that they are already in motion and/or that you know what shape they’ll take. There’s also a good chance they’re self-directed. You see the need for them, recognize your power, and take steps to make them a reality.

On the 17th, one of the year’s most potent tensile squares happens between Saturn in your Now Age transition sector and Uranus in its governing 11th. This may also be about being brave enough to attempt a new strategy when it comes to money, sharing, assets, income, shared financial transactions, mortgages, and yes, even your personal relationships. Taking the bull by the horns – literally in this instance since Taurus is your 11th house – and confronting something head-on. This is especially important if you’ve been putting it off. Mercury straight from the 21st in your 8th gives you a green light.

Place a fresh offer on the table.

On the 19th, there is another square. This is the period when Venus is in your eighth house and Mars is in your eleventh. This may include your money, particularly if you share it with a spouse. Alternatively, a sexual connection. As Ceres enters your tenth house on the 21st, the subject is power sharing and new agreements. A dance of attraction occurs when Venus and Mars form a square. What are the measures you must take in order to work with someone?

It may be necessary for you to take the initiative, but it will be worthwhile. As the Sun moves from the 18th to the 9th house, you’ll be thinking about the larger, more long-term objectives that are driving your money moves in the first place. Or, again, the objectives you have in common with someone else. If there’s anything you can finish right now, do it. Cancer, new beginnings are on the way.

In a nutshell, confronting a problem head-on or deliberately putting something to a close today creates the conditions for fresh beginnings. And, Cancer, it may just put you on a fresh (and easier) road to obtaining what you desire.



Let go of love

Make a soul decision.

Allow your enthusiasm to lead you to new places.

It is now feasible for you and another to have daringly diverse love, relationships, or results. This may apply to any kind of duet or double act you can think of. Yes, Leo, I’m talking about Now Age love. That stacked 7th house is brimming with possibilities for both you and someone else.

Expect a permanent and dramatic change in any important connection this week, whether it’s between you and your beau, your employer, your bestie, your business partner, or that in-your-face person you can’t stand. This does not just apply to existing connections. But there’s also the past and the future.

The circle of love is complete.

On the 17th, the year’s largest tensile angle develops between Saturn in your 7th house and Uranus in your 10th house. Is it better to stay or go? To change or not to change? To commit or not to commit? These may be the options available to you. On the 19th, Venus in its governing 7th squares Mars in your 10th. Plus, on the 18th, your ruler, the Sun, moves into your house of empowerment, rebirth, and transformation, sandwiched between these two squares. One consequence is making a different decision than you have in the past. Particularly when it comes to starting anything new.

When it comes to the past, it’s time to say goodbye to a chapter and move on to new beginnings. Holding on to the past is one example of this. Regrets, recriminations, and self-blame are the things that must now be left behind. Ceres, who enters your 9th house on the 21st – the day Mercury enters your 7th house for the first time – indicates that whatever new contract is on the table will undoubtedly liberate you and provide you with an opportunity. Your future wishes for you to magnify your love or relationship options, Leo.

In a word, Leo, the Now Age is all about community. All types of duos and double performances are available. Love may take on a new form or want to take you someplace you’ve never gone before. This week, embrace the change.



Conjure up some real-world magic.

Love receives a facelift in the form of a magnificent design.

There will be no more talking – just action!

Mercury, the ruler of the zodiac, will turn direct from the 21st this week. Regardless of the retroactive element, this cycle should have provided you with new beginnings or a path ahead with your daily, greatest life goals.

You’ll be prompted to either start or stop them right now. This week is all about breaking down obstacles and getting things done. The time for deliberation and preparation has come to an end. Utilize all you have at your disposal right now.

Be present in the moment. Act in the present moment.

Please don’t fall into the trap of waiting for a better opportunity to act. Because that’s an excuse we make when we want to change but aren’t sure how. We usually do so because we believe we don’t deserve anything better. Instead, harness the power of the moment.

While Uranus is the planet of the future, Saturn is all about the present and making the most of what we have. In other words, practical future magic. One of the most dramatic transits of 2021 is the square between Saturn in your Now Age 6th and Uranus in your Now Age 9th. It will also stay in the orb for a while. Your desire to evolve in areas such as job, education, habits, wellness, and routine opens the door to new possibilities and freedom. To be free, you must first break through.

Being Present in Everyday Love

Appreciating and working with what you have now, rather than what you may have in the future, gives you a feeling of fulfillment and returns you to the flow of life – and love. We all know that the Now Age is all about building a life worth falling in love with. However, having someone to adore is equally important.

The second square of the week occurs the day after the Sun enters your 7th house on the 18th, shining a focus on relationship issues. This is between Venus and Mars in your 6th and 9th houses. So, there’s the love that’s always there for you. Not a once-in-a-while, impassioned splurge. Look at who or what is now providing this for you. If you don’t have someone special in your life right now, realize that making something better for yourself will pave the road for this to happen. Ceres, who is in your 8th house from the 21st, advises that if you do, you will achieve a better equilibrium.

In a word, Virgo, your greatest ever existence is all about making room for what’s lacking. But not to the point where you get so fixated on it that you lose sight of what you have right now. However, plans need to be put into action right now, not only spoken about.



What isn’t there?

Attract what you want.

You’re on a new road because of attraction and a sudden shift.

This week, Libra, you have a strong combination of children, creativity, and yes, magnetic and intense sexual and alchemical inclinations. One word of caution: if the patter of tiny feet isn’t currently part of your game plan, please take additional measures to avoid this occurring. Benefits may come to you as a result of your relationships with youngsters or simply people younger than you.

Something Freeing and Wild

You’re attempting to capture romance and desire right now. This may be the missing piece of a bigger jigsaw that spans your whole love, career, and relationship life. It’s possible that it’s larger than just one individual. Take a look at what you’re missing. And if you’re searching for someone to cover numerous holes in your life or not. The Saturn/Uranus square on the 17th is the most important transit of the week for all of us. This high tensile angle between these two – heavyweight Saturn in your home of pleasure and playfulness at war with Uranus, who desires your freedom – creates a high tensile angle between them. If you don’t receive that, unexpected adjustments or even crazy attractions may provide you with a chance.

How prepared are you to accept change, regardless of its form? It’s OK to want more without feeling bad about it, Libra. Venus, your 5th house ruler, also squares Mars, your 19th house ruler. Don’t be scared to pursue your goals. You might be captivated by a quick, scorching lightning bolt of desire.

It’s time to examine your everyday routines and determine if they help or hinder you. Do you feel energetic and successful after your daily routine? Or are you exhausted and unsure where the days have gone? Examine your chart when the Sun enters your 6th house on the 18th, and Mercury, which rules this house, turns direct in its other governing 3rd house on the 21st. Sometimes we aren’t even conscious that we’ve gotten ourselves into a rut. Until we take a look back at the events that preceded it.

On the 21st, Ceres in your long-term relationship and love zone also refers to a new dawn, day, or deal between you and someone else. For example, that previous, present, or prospective relationship. This may possibly close the gap you didn’t realize was there – until now.

In a nutshell, go through your everyday habits and routine again. Libra, do you want to support structure or become stuck in a rut? The unexpected may serve as a wake-up call, revealing what has been lacking. This week, love fills in the gaps.



Knee jerk responses should be avoided.

Invest your time and money on house upgrades.

If it’s hot, you’ll feel it!

Is it hot or not? Scorpio, there’s also a phrase about idiots rushing in. If you’re stuck in a long-term relationship, this week urges you to maintain your cool as much as possible. Uranus and Mars, your 7th house rulers, are forming sarcastic, snarky angles to planets in your 4th house. The biggest one is on the 17th, when Uranus and Saturn form a square. For a time, this will be in orb.

The greatest way to put this energy to good use is to deliberately make adjustments with your spouse or even those you live with. Anything to do with enhancing or relocating your residence. Especially when Mercury enters your 4th house on the 21st. Even though this is a solitary task, if you feel yourself becoming angry, focus your energy towards these regions. And, if you can, hold off on venting.

Is it better to start a fire or let it burn slowly?

The second danger when the Sun enters your 5th house from the 18th is that you get too enthusiastic about nothing. Especially when the Venus/Mars square occurs on the 19th. The emphasis is on past, present, and prospective relationships. Just take it slowly. And if you’re becoming irritated, consider if it (or they) are really worth it.

Ceres in your 6th from the 21st will help you take a more thoughtful approach to your job, daily routine, habits, and overall well-being. This is genuine “one step at a time” motivation. If it’s about love or business right now, a wait-and-see-count-to-three approach may be the best choice. There’s no need to hurry, Scorpio.

In a nutshell, Scorpio, those pent-up emotions must be let out this week. So, particularly when it comes to home issues, take action. When it comes to love, the steady burn is preferable than the flare that fizzles!



New paths emerge out of nowhere, startling and unexpected.

Say what has to be said, but don’t rush your response.

Get a new love bargain.

This week is all about work, business, communication, ideas, conversations, and plans. Also, when it comes to planning, be open-minded. Above all, think about your response before you react. So keep an eye out for that Sag foot-in-mouth habit this week. Also, keep in mind that no answer is always the best. And that taking your time to make your own offers you a leg up.

The focus of this week’s events is on your Now Age 3rd and 6th. Both Mercury and Venus were in charge. The 21st marks the end of Mercury’s retrograde in your third house. However, it remains under the shadow of the past. If a chance passes you by, remember that ruler Jupiter is on your side. Wait and don’t be alarmed. Especially if such intentions are sabotaged by the 17th-century Saturn/Uranus square. This is quite likely the year’s most tensile characteristic. It also stays in the orb for a long time. The news you get may surprise you or just not be what you anticipated.

Don’t make hasty judgments!

If this occurs, instead of reacting, try to remain a neutral spectator. Themes that emerge, as well as any new projects or directions that start, will be with you now and until 2021. As a result, being adaptable and not judging a book by its cover are important. The Venus/Mars square on the 19th is the same. This may appear as a burst of creative energy that propels something to new heights for you. Even if it doesn’t seem that way at first.

From the 18th, the Sun will be in your 4th house, focusing on your home, business, assets, living arrangements, flatmates if you have them, and family issues. It’s not just about the bricks and mortar. But there’s also a spiritual sense of kinship. Particularly if your house has just become your universe. The twenty-first century ushers in a new day, a new dawn. Ceres enters your 5th, giving a new romantic bargain. This week is the perfect time to start sowing seeds for your future. Now is the time to plant, and later is the time to blossom.

In a nutshell, ideas, work, your routine, how you get around, writing, gadgets, and your day job may all alter and move. What is your most effective strategy? Being adaptable. And, Sag, think before you respond.



New money regulations have been implemented.

Values must be balanced with love.

Change brings you closer to your objectives.

Money, assets, jewels, belongings, income, and, most importantly, your value system are all factors to consider. Capricorn, the gold standard by which you work. This week, expect to be asked to “stand by your stock.” The square between ruler Saturn in your 2nd and Uranus in your 5th, which happens on the 17th, will have a strong tensile strength for you.

This is the first ‘hit’ of what will be the year’s largest square. It will stay in orb for a long time because to the sluggish movement of both planets. As a result, anything happens beneath it will have a long-term impact on you. Uranus is a change agent. Saturn prefers the status quo. But, at the same time, it is the ruler of time. As in, it’s time for or it’s over. Saturn is also in the sign of Aquarius, which is known as the “depositor’s” governing sign.

Family Values of the Capricorn

It’s time for new money, income, and, yes, value standards. Saturn wants to play by the old rules, but the New Age Aquarius has its own set of regulations. Uranus, the planet of disobedience, is in Taurus, the sign of tradition. When you add it all up, you’re likely to see seismic changes in what you have, earn, and regard as valuable.

Venus, the governing planet of your second house, forms a similar angle to Mars, which is also in its ruling sign on the 19th. Past, current, and future lovers must share your values. And they’ll show you how much they appreciate you right now. Money speaks, but deeds speak louder than words when it comes to how you are treated, as Mercury returns to direct on the 21st.

You are unafraid to speak about your ambitions and objectives, thanks to the Sun in your third house from the 18th. To put it another way, you get what you desire – one way or another. Following the difficulties you experienced in 2020, the year 2021 ushers in improvements that will finally put this behind you. Accept that these things must take place right now. The twenty-first century should usher forth new beginnings. Ceres is in your 4th of hearth, path, and home, not only because Mercury is direct. Take charge of your values and your objectives. Capricorn, you’re on the verge of achieving your goals, and change is the only way to get there.

In a nutshell, Now Age values are your future gold standard. Capricorn, lovers must also share them. Furthermore, your ideals are intertwined with your chosen career. Now is the time to get both.



Define your limits.

Break away from the constraints of the past

Make the most of your message!

For you, the Now Age is all about your own brand. Literally. Changes and daring new starts in terms of your objectives, how others see you, your message, your look, and what you put “out there.” For you, the evolutionary revolution has already started.

Look for individuals that are rubbing you the wrong way, don’t know where their limits are, or are just being difficult this week. Because they have something to share or teach you, no matter how many buttons are pushed or feathers are ruffled this week. Alternatively, you might be two sides of the same coin. If you find yourself in narkyland, instead of concentrating on your differences, seek for common ground.

For the Now Age, a new method of doing things

On the 17th, you will experience one of the most significant transits of the year. When the ancient ruler Saturn in your first house squares the modern ruler Uranus in your fourth house. You’re being challenged to demonstrate your progress right now by answering in a new and different manner. Everything, from other people’s expectations to the history, has been turned upside down. The Now Age ushers in a new global order and manner of life.

The response you select this week will influence the rest of 2021’s trajectory. For a time, this transit will be in orb. This, however, is the first and most forceful “hit.” As a result, it is the most essential. On the 19th, Venus in your 1st forms a second square to Mars. This is less dramatic, yet it may include someone not respecting your personal space. Between these two, the Sun departs from your first sign and enters your second. This is the home of your ideals. Don’t be afraid to show someone – even a family member – that your space and desires must be respected.

This may result in a win-win situation, or you may just realize that someone is only revealing a previously hidden part of oneself. When you integrate it, the dynamic shifts. Both inside and between you. Ceres, your 3rd from the 21st, may help you rebalance your life. Aquarius, you have the ability to demonstrate, not just tell, people how you react.

In a nutshell, you have a distinct feeling on the inside. As a result, make sure that as you become older, you not only appear different, but also behave and react differently. Now is the time to establish yourself as a force to be reckoned with, particularly when it comes to those who may want to exploit you.



Keeping your head up or burying it in the sand. Which one is it, exactly?

As one cycle closes, a new one begins, bringing with it an unexpected turn of events.

Pisces, have a wonderful birthday!

You either know what’s coming before it happens or you don’t. Alternatively, you might just sit there and say, “Wow.” ‘I didn’t see that!’ This isn’t to suggest it’s a negative thing. Just be aware that it may catch you off guard. After all, isn’t that what birthdays are all about? Surprises!

So, don’t go into this week’s new cycle believing that changes in plans or unexpected events are undesirable. To put it another way, don’t judge a present by its wrapping paper. It’s time to demand or actively welcome change. With the understanding that they are intended to provide you with something more significant and liberating in the year 2021. On the 18th, the Sun enters your 1st house, bringing with it a new you, a new cycle, and new possibilities. Possibly the ones you started for yourself.

It’s about you and someone else in the future.

On the 17th, Saturn will form a high tensile angle to Uranus in your crowded 12th house. For everyone of us, this is one of the most significant parts of the year. Because both planets travel at such a sluggish pace, it will remain stationary for some time. However, you should see the impact very quickly. It’s time to put a stop to one cycle and begin a new one of transformation.

A previous, current, or prospective partnership or close professional connection may be affected by the changes. You already know that the Now Age 12th house energy is full of possibilities for development and learning if you let it in. These may be related to love or a double act, since Venus is also in your 12th house and squares Mars on the 19th. This week’s news sets the tone for the year 2021. A step ahead is indicated by Mercury direct in this sign. Ceres in your second informs you that what you’re doing right now is an investment in your self-worth. Unwrap the gifts of transformation this birthday.

In a word, Pisces, you’re ready to accept something (or someone) new at the start of your birthday cycle. You may be able to predict what will happen next if you have insight. Alternatively, you may unwrap a fantastic surprise that kicks off an exciting new cycle.




As we enter the second week of February, we can look forward to a number of exciting celestial events, including a Full Moon on the 15th, a near-full Moon on the 22nd, a New Moon on the 23rd, and a lunar eclipse on the 27th.. Read more about aquarius horoscope february 14, 2021 and let us know what you think.

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Will 2021 be a good year for Aquarius?

I am not sure if 2021 will be a good year for Aquarius, but it is certainly possible.

What are the astrological predictions for 2021?

The astrological predictions for 2021 are not yet available.

What is the horoscope for February 15th?

The horoscope for February 15th is a day of the fire sign, Aries.

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