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February Monthly Astrology 2021 | Michele Knight

Are you interested in learning more about your own and others’ astrological sign in February 2021?

Madonna has revealed that she will be releasing her 13th studio album during February 2021. The singer has stated that the album will be released simultaneously with the launch of her first ever VR film. Her album will be released on the 5th day of the month, February 2021. She will release a batch of singles leading up to the release of the album. Her new album and VR film will be released on the same day, February 2021. The album will be released simultaneously in India, UK, US and Australia.

February Monthly Astrology 2021 | Michele Knight

Today’s tarot card for Michele


Transformation The old has to leave, and the new has to come in. It may indicate apprehension about change, yet change is beneficial! These changes are essential for us to have a complete existence; otherwise, nothing would happen in our lives if we avoided all change. The abruptness of the card is often the only way for individuals to adapt, […]

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February Monthly Astrology 2021 | Michele Knight

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