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First Look at the Arrival of the Decks

The first look at the arrival of the Decks, a new astrology app that uses blockchain technology to make predictions more accurate and reliable.

The spirit keeper’s tarot vitruvian edition is a deck that was created by the artist, Kate Darian-Smith. It was released on October 6th, 2018.

A white vehicle drove up next to our home this morning. Our decks are on their way!


The order was for “curb side delivery,” which meant the trucks were only required to drop those boxes down “curb side” on those wooden pallets (which we presumably had to pay for). They were, however, so kind that they carried each pallet into our garage for us!


Now comes the difficult task of unloading those pallets and bringing those things inside. It’s time to start putting the assembly line together. =)


In 2018, I posted a video of the first time I unboxed my Spirit Keeper’s Tarot First Edition. I thought it would be interesting to give my initial impressions on the Revelation Edition.

Do you know what’s sort of amusing? I don’t have a video of my “middle kid” Vitruvian Edition being unboxed for the first time. “I totally connect with your second deck!” my sister C., our family’s middle child, would say right now.


I’m very impressed with how nicely the seamless wallpaper, or backdrop, of the box was detailed.


And, in case you’re wondering, the SKT Revelation is still available for purchase. For more information, go here. However, if you buy now, be aware that you will not get your item until late December 2021.


You’ll be surrounded by a soft and subdued color palette. It turned out a little lighter than the samples we got. Despite this, the delicate coloring seems to go with the entire “spirit keeper” idea.


These photos haven’t been filtered in any way. This is how the card pictures appear in natural sunlight as-is.


The brightness of the colors was unexpected, but it turned out to better serve the function of the deck. The artwork has an ethereal, lovely, and ghostly quality because to the softer palette. It’s almost otherworldly, as if the specters you’re seeing are apparitions from beyond the veil. Dreamscapes are shown in the pictures.


The Revelation decks will arrive with a Certificate of Authenticity, numbered and hand-signed by me, much like the black and white First Edition and the sepia-toned Vitruvian.


The wild times have begun.

As an example:

As if Loading…


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