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Human beings have strived to understand what makes them tick and how they behave, trying to find an explanation for our existence on earth. Today, we have a number of books and articles that were written to help people make sense of the human mind, and to understand the universe. The debate of free will and fate is a topic that has been discussed for many years, and there is still no definite answer as to which one comes first.

Free Will Vs. Fate. These are two different concepts, right? Free will is the idea that we can have the choice of whether we want to do something, or to do it or not, while Fate is just a set of rules. This is the understanding the vast majority of people have when it comes to free will, but not all that many people realize this is not the case for Fate.

I was born on February 3rd and was blessed with the ability to read minds and communicate with spirits. On that same day, I was given a special gift that I share with you that can only be found in the most wise and powerful of beings. I have the ability to picture your life in pictures, because I live it in my head, and I need you to do the same.

Fate vs. Free Will

While it is possible to pick up on and understand how a sequence of events will play out and when this will occur, what happens when the timing does not follow the same path as a reading has shown? I’ll explain the difference between free will and destiny, and how the two energies may interact to change our results or prepare us for the inevitable.

      The belief in fate, or destiny, is a collective term that places future events in the hands of Gods, the universe, or any other entity that predetermines the sequence of events in everyone’s lives. It is a basic tenet of religion and spirituality worldwide, and is a collective term that puts future events in the hands of Gods, the universe, or any other entity that predetermines the sequence of events in everyone’s lives. Fate cannot be changed, averted, or avoided. Fate is what it is, and the Tarot’s Wheel of Fortune card is an excellent depiction of fate and inexorable forces in action. This is the cosmic wave that you must ride to the finish since a moving train cannot be stopped.

     In contrast to the concept of destiny, the belief in free will enables people to influence their fate or change the course of events by personal choice. “When will he or she reach out to me?” or “When will I find my soulmate?” are two common questions I hear on the site. While the majority of the time, obtaining a timetable is feasible, the timeframe itself may occasionally have an impact on the result. This may go either way, as shown by the following example: If a client inquires about when they will meet the right person for them, and I sense that this meeting will occur within the next month, and the client expects fate to take the lead and introduce this person into their lives without taking the necessary steps to fulfill their destiny (such as sitting at home waiting for this person to enter their lives instead of going out and being social or actively setting the stage),

     This is a philosophical debate that might go on indefinitely, but it’s essential to remember that time is a fluid notion that’s always changing, and the results of my readings are interpreting the path your issue will go if things continue in the present trajectory. This gives you the ability to prevent some preventable events from occurring, and as a result, your reaction to an outcome may sometimes have a ripple effect that alters the trajectory of your circumstance.

     Have I yet to perplexed you? I definitely hope so, since I’m about to explain how the tarot interprets Fate vs. Free Will, and how I utilize it to predict the result of a scenario for my customers. Or, at the very least, a simple guide to deciding whether a scenario is fated, or totally out of your control, and therefore something you should brace yourself for and mentally prepare for, or something you can alter or change the course of events by your choices or deliberate actions. The major arcana in the tarot represents destiny, or cosmic forces that cannot be ignored or changed, and a reading with a majority of major arcana cards will reveal that fate is in direct charge of the events or scenario as they develop, and forces beyond your control are at work. A reading with mostly minor arcana cards is primarily about day-to-day occurrences that may be influenced or changed by your choices or attitude toward the result. An even distribution of major and minor arcana cards in a reading indicates that, while there are factors beyond your control in this matter, your actions can help soften the blow (in the case of negative or chaotic outcomes), and sometimes even knowing what is coming can encourage you to take precautions in order to feel some control in an uncontrollable situation. In the majority of readings, timelines may be approximated, but whether the intended result is reached may be up to you. I think this is a wonderful method to encourage good developments, prevent avoidable situations from developing or causing a domino effect, or, in the case of a fate-influenced reading, an opportunity to prepare for the inevitable and have a feeling of preparedness for significant dynamics ahead.

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