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Full Moon in Aquarius July 2021 – and Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign

The next Full Moon in Aquarius will be on Sunday, July 15th, and it will occur at 20º Scorpio in the astrological sign of Aquarius. This is a Full Moon in the sign of Water, which is ruled by Neptune. Neptune is a planet of mysticism, intuition, dreams, and psychic awareness. As the ruler of the sign of Water, Neptune is known as the Old Man of the Sea and is considered to be a water bearer. In the occult, Neptune is regarded as the ruler of the 7th house.

July 21, 2021 – Full Moon in Aquarius July 21, 2021 – Full Moon in Aquarius Readings for Each Zodiac Sign

If you follow astrology, you’ve probably heard of a few celebrities who have been born on the cusp of a full moon. And if you’ve ever wondered, “When is a full moon in my zodiac sign?”, the answer is: July 2021. This year sees two full moons in Aquarius, and astrologers can predict the influences of both on the zodiac sign they represent.. Read more about full moon in aquarius 2021 astrology and let us know what you think.

On July 23rd, at 10:37 a.m. EDT, the Full Moon in Aquarius 2021 shines brightly in the sky. This is the first of two Full Moons in imaginative Aquarius this summer, so Aquarian topics like friends, technology, innovation, and the collective will get a lot of attention. Whatever ignites in July will be addressed in August, providing us two opportunities to clear the decks and make room for long-term change.

La Luna will conjunct Pluto in severe Capricorn before the Full Moon, an aspect linked with power struggles and leadership. The old guard may be attempting to instill fear in order to retain control of the reins. As a few bullies try to throw their weight about, tensions rise. While it may seem that these kinds are gaining popularity, the reality is that you can only slow down development. They’ll plant seeds of doubt at best, but intelligent people will recognize the truth sooner or later.

That old method will appear totally out of date once the Full Moon in Aquarius is in the house (it is). Aquarius, on the other hand, will shine a light on the areas where we need to change things up. The group has been advocating for change, and they are ready to do their bit to guarantee that everyone has a place at the table. This is the first opportunity to stand up for oppressed and disadvantaged people, to demand equality, and to strive to bring the community together. It’s possible that there may be some demonstrations for justice, or that new people will be hired to perform the job. Is it possible that one of those fresh faces is yours?

On a personal level, there’s no better time than now to look through your list of pals and eliminate anybody who doesn’t support or understand you. Birds of a feather flock together, as the saying goes. Use this craziness to cull your herd if your gaggle is making you gag. It’s preferable to have a small number of friends than a big amount of foes!

Finally, consider the function that technology plays in your life. Do you have a screen addiction? If this is the case, turn it off. Find alternative ways to keep your mind active. Are you, on the other hand, one of those who refuses to learn new technology because you believe you don’t need to…or can’t? Listen up: you may try to avoid it all you want, but technology is a big part of our life. If you refuse to acquire a new skill out of laziness or fear, you will become reliant on others. Keep up with the newest technology and you’ll never be the person stuck in line at the checkout unsure which button to press!

Here are some small Full Moon in Aquarius Tarot Readings using The Zenned Out Journey Tarot for July 2021!

Full Moon in Aquarius July 2021 - and Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign


Aries: Swords Page – Important information will be sent shortly. The rules of the game are about to alter.

The ten of Wands represents Taurus. The stakes are higher than they’ve ever been. Continue on. You’re nearly through with it.

Gemini: The Empress – Take care of those you care about. Concentrate your efforts on what you want to grow.

Make a wish! Cancer: Nine of Cups For once, the Universe is totally on your side!

The Hierophant is inverted in Leo – Take an unconventional approach to your issues. Change things up a little!

Four of Swords in Virgo – Take a break. You must save your strength for the next great thing.

Ten of Cups (Libra) – Surround yourself with people you care about. Those connections should be treasured.

Scorpio: Reversed Two of Cups – A relationship reaches a snag. Take a breather.

Queen of Swords – Sagittarius Your eyesight is very clear. Sally forth and follow your intuition.

Capricorn is the King of Wands. There is a need for bold leadership. Take charge and make your presence felt!

Three of Wands – Aquarius A window of opportunity has opened up. Your golden hour is approaching.

The Sun – Pisces Many things, including you, are flourishing. The things that are functioning well should be celebrated.



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Frequently Asked Questions

What sign is the full moon in July 2021?

The full moon in July 2021 will be a Cancer.

What does the full moon mean for Aquarius?

The full moon in Aquarius is a time of change and transformation. Its when the watery energy of the sign is at its highest point, so its a great time to let go of old habits and start fresh.

What zodiac sign is the moon tarot card?

The moon tarot card is the card of the Empress.

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