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Full Moon In Aquarius – Precisely That Simple, Also That Difficult –

Born with this name and ruled by the Sun, the 12th sign of Aquarius has been the subject of much discussion. Eclipses have been linked to the sign, as has the death of a famous artist. But how do you define an Aquarian?  The answer is you can’t. The only thing that is certain about them is that they are often very individualistic, and many have been seen to merge a wide range of interests into their personality.

The Full Moon in Aquarius is a unique astrological event, occurring when the Sun and Moon occupy the same zodiac sign. This is an unusual occurrence, occurring only once every 12 months, and this month-long event will be unique in history as it is the only time when the two major astrological planets, Jupiter and Saturn, will be in the sign of Aquarius. The Full Moon in Aquarius is a time of new beginnings and the start of new activities, but it is also a time of beginnings and endings, and is a time of change. It is a time of synchronicity, of doors opening in the mind and in the heart. It is a time of letting go of the past and the old

The Full Moon in Aquarius takes place on December 30th at 16:04 UTC, and the topic of the full moon is the birth of the new Aquarius sun, and the fact that it occurs in the midst of a total eclipse. As is typical of a Total Solar Eclipse, it is a fascinating event.. Read more about double full moon in aquarius and let us know what you think.

On July 24th, 2021, there will be a Full Moon in Aquarius.

The Full Moon is at 1° Aquarius, loosely conjunct both Pluto (at 25° Capricorn) and Saturn (at 10° Aquarius).

On December 21st, 2021, at 0° Aquarius, the Full Moon will also initiate the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction.

In the backdrop of the tremendous social changes of the last year and a half, this Full Moon in Aquarius will disclose something essential about ourselves.

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However, how will the Full Moon affect us – both individually and as a society?

On a larger scale, the Full Moon in Aquarius sheds light on the Covid issue and everything that has transpired as a result.

The crisis has shown how linked we all are (interconnectedness is an Aquarius topic) and what this interconnectivity means.

Aquarius Full Moon – Interconnection 

Even though aircraft have ceased to fly, individuals have found other ways to communicate.

The internet has a strong Aquarius vibe… Even though we now have an internet overdose, the fact that we discovered Zoom and didn’t simply give up has shown something basic about humanity: we can’t truly remain offline.

Because belonging to a group is a basic human desire, we will always find a way to connect with one another.

Aquarius defines our connection with society on a personal level.

Animals that do not fit into the herd or pack are ostracized and eventually perish. The capacity of Homo Sapiens to establish social bonds allowed them to become the dominant humanoid over other Homo species. Simply stated, if you don’t fit in, you’ll perish.

Aquarius Full Moon – Identity, Super-Ego, And Ego

Returning to the astrology of the Aquarius Full Moon. The Full Moon is situated between Saturn and Pluto, acting as a bridge between the two planets. Pluto is first, followed by the Full Moon, and finally Saturn.

Our mind contains three components, according to Sigmund Freud: the ID (Instinct), the Super-Ego (Morality), and the Ego (Reality).

The ID is the basic and instinctive portion of the mind, including reproductive and aggressive impulses as well as buried memories, the Super-Ego is the moral conscience, and the ego is the realistic part of the mind that mediates between the ID and the Super-wants. Ego’s

Pluto is the Id, while Saturn is the Super Ego, according to astrology. Our Ego (our identity, who we are) is represented by the Sun and the Moon.

The structure of our mind is mirrored by the Full Moon in Aquarius on July 24th, 2021.

Our Ego serves as a bridge between the instinctive drive for species survival (ID/Pluto) and the desire to self-actualize and become the best version of ourselves (Saturn). The Ego serves as a bridge between the two, as well as a consequence of their interaction.

We are (Ego, or the Sun and the Moon) the consequence of the ID and Super Ego’s competing demands.

Our identity is shaped by the world we live in. We are who we are because we are a reflection of society’s demands and historical background.

Even while our mind is internal, this mediation process is not, since society shapes the ID and the Super Ego. We rely on other people, and in particular, we rely on input from those around us.

If we go too far, society will punish us. We are fined, dismissed, and are not invited to social events. Our companions begin to yawn if we speak too much about ourselves without finding a balance in the discussion.

That’s Aquarius’ response. This social input allows us to alter our personalities in order to “fit in” and be accepted by society.

Society’s misfits and repeat violators are ultimately imprisoned and expelled from “society.” Because belonging to a group is so hard-wired in our being that we can’t help but want it, they ultimately seek inclusion with their prisoners in jail or the facilities where they are imprisoned.

Aquarius vs. Leo: Let Your Light Shine The World’s Needed Light

Of course, we become sheep if all we do is seek society’s favor. That is why the Aquarius/Leo axis exists.

Leo is here to remind us that we are all individuals, that we are one-of-a-kind, and that our individuality counts. Our individuality contributes to the betterment of the planet, and we have come here for a very particular purpose.

Aquarius, on the other hand, reminds us that our individual skills must adhere to specific guidelines in order to “fit the bill,” “add value,” and “make sense” in society.

Leo encourages us to embrace our inner light and emerge as a leader and authoritative figure in our own way. On the other hand, Aquarius guarantees that the light we radiate is the light that the world needs.

The social feedback loop is Aquarius. We must never forget who we really are, but we must also listen to and accept criticism from others.

Warren G. Bennis said it up perfectly:

“Being a leader entails becoming your own person. It’s just that easy, yet it’s also that challenging.”

It’s as easy as that, since you can only be who you are and blossom into the most beautiful flower you’ve been given.

Also, since being yourself is a back-and-forth process of adapting to what the world requires, it’s tough.

The Aquarius Full Moon will reveal a very basic, but deep reality about who you are and the part you are meant to play in this world.

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