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Full Moon in Capricorn – Time Is On My Side –

This Full Moon in Capricorn is a time to draw energy and power from the deeper layers of your being, and also to ask for help from your higher self to manifest tasks. Capricorn is a fixed sign (it never changes!) and this Full Moon is ruled by the planet Saturn, a slow and steady planet. With Saturn, you are asked to be patient and to wait for a reward, but be warned: that reward might be delayed.

The first time I did a reading for a client I was very nervous. It was a reading for his fiancée that he wanted to surprise her with. I told him what I saw in the chart and then he told me the surprise she had planned to give him. As soon as he said it I knew it was exactly what I saw!

The full moon in the constellation Capricorn has brought a lot of new things, such as a new year and a new phase of the moon, this month. Let us see what this new moon means and how it affects us.. Read more about full moon in capricorn 2020 meaning and let us know what you think.The 24th. In June 2021, we get a full moon in Capricorn.

It is a beautiful full moon that will give us a renewed sense of confidence and optimism. Faith, optimism and the full moon in… Capricorn?

If you pay attention to lunar cycles, you may have noticed that Capricorn’s previous full moons were not the brightest.

But unlike last year’s Capricorn full moons, which were influenced by Saturn and Pluto, the upcoming Capricorn full moon is influenced by Jupiter, making it much more optimistic than usual.

The full moon in Capricorn on the 24th. June 2021 is one of the most positive and constructive full moons of the year! The time has come…

Full Moon in Capricorn and Solstice in Cancer

We can’t talk about this Full Moon without talking about the Solstice in Cancer. The Full Moon in Capricorn occurs only 3 days after the Solstice in Cancer, so it carries a very strong manifestation energy.

The cardinal signs 0° (0° Aries, 0° Cancer, 0° Libra, and 0° Capricorn) are the most important degrees of the zodiac because they coincide with the moment when the Sun changes direction in the sky. These 4 cardinal points give us a cardinal cross and 4 directions.

The four cardinal points – east, north, west, south – form a square and symbolize matter or the physical world as we know it. Without matter, without three-dimensional reality, we would have no physical form – we would be two-dimensional energy beings without bodies.

We are what we are thanks to the 4 cardinal points, thanks to the 2 equinoxes and the 2 solstices.

The two equinoxes give us east and west, sunrise and sunset, right and left, beginning and end.

The March equinox marks the beginning of Aries and the beginning of a new astrological year. The September equinox marks the beginning of the Libra season, and we are halfway through the solar cycle. In the birth chart, the East gives us the Ascendant or rising sign, and the West gives us the Descendant sign.

Full Moon in Capricorn – Timing

The June solstice is the beginning of the Cancer season and the December solstice is the beginning of the Capricorn season. Two solstices give us two other directions, north and south, up and down.

If the two equinoxes give us right and left, or the dimension of space, then the two solstices give us the dimension of time.

Everything that happens between the time we are born and the time we die is created in the Cancer/April time frame. Cancer (IC in the birth chart) is where we come from. Capricorn (Midheaven in the birth chart) is where we are.

If the Aries/AC and Libra/DC axes answer the question Who am I, then the Cancer/IC and Capricorn/MC axes answer the question What should I do with my life?

And here we come back to the full moon in Capricorn. When we have a Cancer and Capricorn solstice, when we have a Cancer or Capricorn lunation, we are at the crossroads. This is the time of year when we need to find an answer to the question: What am I supposed to do with my life?

The full moon in Capricorn on the 24th. June 2021 asks us to reconcile the polarities of Cancer and Capricorn.

Capricorn/MS is the north, the summit, the place where we are fully visible and fully revealed. The cancer/IC is at the bottom of the card, completely hidden. Cancer/IC is a common occurrence. Capricorn/MS – Foreign. Cancer/IC is our comfort zone. Capricorn/MS is our discomfort zone.

Full Moon in Capricorn – Cancer vs Capricorn

I am who I am – take it or leave it, says our cancer comfort zone. Fake it till you make it – says our ideal, socially educated Capricorn.

Our genes and our cultural footprint (cancer/IC) are only half of who we are. The person we want to be (Capricorn/MS) is the other half, and this ideal, created personality guides our actions and gradually forms our personality every day.

There is a delicate balance between these two concepts.

We focus too much on the cancer/IC and we never grow. We blame our early upbringing for our lack of success and direction in life. We feel vulnerable and think we can’t do it alone.

If you focus too much on Capricorn/MS, you’ll be like a mouse on a treadmill. We walk and walk and walk, not knowing where we are going. We feel aimless, and even when we succeed according to the world’s standards, we feel inferior and empty.

This is because we have forgotten who we are and where we came from (cancer). Our identity, our early education and our culture of origin are not accepted or acknowledged.

The reason cultural sites, buildings or places of worship are destroyed, especially in wars, is that it is done intentionally to kill the cultural identity of a nation. A person, a nation, who does not know who she is, will never know where she is going, and she is easily manipulated.

The Full Moon in Capricorn is a reconciliation between our past and the treasures we carry with us and the possibilities of the future.

We must never forget where we came from (cancer), but just as a bird eventually leaves the nest, we must eventually choose our own path.

Full Moon in Capricorn – Time is on my side

The Full Moon is on 3° Capricorn and sextile Jupiter on 2° Pisces.

It is a beautiful full moon that literally has no tense aspect to it. Sextile to Jupiter reminds us to keep the faith and never lose sight of the big picture. No matter how hard life gets, there is always a better tomorrow.

The Sabian symbol for the full moon in Capricorn: A group of people equipping a large canoe at the beginning of a water trip. The deeper meaning of the Sabian symbol is that before you start something new, something big, you should take enough time to prepare.

In the age of smartphones and 5G, we jump from one thing to another because we’re afraid we won’t have enough time. But Rome wasn’t built in a day. No masterpiece has ever been created without a significant investment in time, energy, preparation and quality assurance.

Remember, Cancer and Capricorn give us a time dimension. But instead of getting caught up in the fear of missing out on something, the Full Moon in Capricorn invites us to think about what we really want to accomplish.

When we are perfectly clear, when we know where we want to go, time becomes our friend and not our enemy. What if it takes a lifetime to reach your goal?

The Saturn-Uranus square has caused a systemic upheaval in our lives. As you may know, the Saturn-Uranus square is active until 2021. In 2021, it’s not just one area of our lives that needs our attention….. we will be faced with a complete overhaul.

But from time to time, beautiful conjunctions like the Full Moon in Capricorn remind us that our hard work has not been in vain.

2021 is not just about going to the supermarket. 2021 is not a year like any other. 2021 is the beginning of a long journey across the water.

So we have to be ready. We must be prepared. And when the big canoe finally reaches its destination, we’ll know it was all worth it.

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How do you load…The Full Moon is a powerful event in the astrological calendar. It is the closest full moon to the current position of the Earth in its orbit around the sun. The Full Moon occurs at the same time as the Sun’s perigee—its closest point to Earth -, and coincides with the New Moon. It is a time of heightened spiritual energy and a powerful trigger for us to make changes and take action.. Read more about full moon in capricorn 2021 meaning and let us know what you think.

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