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Full Moon in Pisces – Let Love Lead the Way –

The Full Moon in Pisces is an event that only happens every 2.5 years, and it’s always a time of great change. It’s the perfect time to start new projects, make changes in your life, or even take risks.

The full moon in pisces is a full moon that occurs when the moon is in the constellation Pisces. This full moon will have a different effect on each zodiac sign. Read more in detail here: full moon effect on pisces.

There will be a Full Moon in Pisces on September 20th, 2021.

“Whether we think we live in a friendly or hostile world is the most significant choice we make.”

Full Moons in Pisces usually bring up existential issues to consider. Is there something enigmatic, fascinating, and eager for answers about the zodiac’s last sign?

Pisces is the 12th zodiac sign. It has seen and done everything. Some people believe Pisces is doomed, although this isn’t completely accurate. Pisces does, in fact, comprehend the workings of destiny better than any other sign. Pisces understands when it’s time to give up.

Pisces, on the other hand, understands that we are all connected to the sea, and that a butterfly fluttering its wings in the Amazon may trigger a tornado in Texas days, years, or decades later.

Pisces, like every other sign, takes action and tries to not just do things correctly (Virgo), but also to do the “right thing.”

Pisces takes action and then steps back, allowing the Universe to intervene and mold its creation.

If you toss a message in a bottle in the middle of the ocean, you never know where it will wind up. You know it’ll get to the beach eventually… Which coast, though? What are the chances? You just threw the bottle away. Then throw it in the water.

The Full Moon in Pisces, in the middle of the diligent Virgo season of “I can do it all by myself,” reminds us of the missing piece of the puzzle.

The Aspects of the Full Moon in Pisces

At 28 degrees Pisces, the Full Moon is conjunct Neptune, the planet of unconditional love, and opposite Mars, the planet of activity.

The Full Moon in Pisces, like any other Full Moon, seeks to bring the complementary forces of the two signs on the axis together: the Moon/Neptune in Pisces “let’s submit,” and the Sun in Virgo “let’s get things done.”

“Should I go with the flow, in a lovely Piscean manner, or should I concentrate on what I can control and get.things.done?” the Sun is conjunct Mars, adding to the dilemma.

The solution is never simple, particularly when the Full Moon in Pisces is present. The Full Moon is always in the sign that corresponds to the current astrological season. The Full Moon can only be in Pisces since we are in Virgo season.

Order (Virgo) vs. Chaos (Leo) (Pisces).

We can only understand Virgo’s essence if we also accept its opposite, Pisces.

Let Love Lead The Way With The Full Moon In Pisces

I just saw the movie “Noah,” which is based on the biblical story of Noah and the ark.

Noah comes to the conclusion that he has been selected by God to rescue the world. He begins construction on a massive ark, in which he collects a pair of each kind of animal at the moment… But no people, aside from his immediate relatives. Noah sees people’s harsh and shameless conduct and thinks that God intends to wipe humanity from the face of the earth.

When the biblical deluge comes, the ark begins to float, while everyone else perishes in the waves. On the boat, Noah, his wife, two sons, and an adopted barren girl (Ila) are the only passengers. Noah has made the decision that no human beings will ever be born. The human race should go extinct as a result of this.

The barren girl miraculously becomes pregnant with one of Noah’s sons. Noah chooses to murder the kid if it is a female (who might perhaps give birth to additional offspring in the future).

Ila gives birth to two baby daughters, not just one. Noah rushes to murder the newborn girls, certain that God wants the human race to perish, but he returns to his senses at the last possible moment. The baby girls are still alive. Humanity has been granted a second chance.

When the ark arrives on land months later, Ila asks Noah why he saved her children’s lives, and he responds, “I couldn’t do it.” Love was the only thing I could see.”

Despite this, Noah feels terrible for failing God. “Perhaps God intended you to determine whether the human race deserved another chance,” Ila says to Noah.

In the context of the Full Moon in Pisces energy, her response is quite intriguing. Philosophers have written whole libraries on knowing when to submit and when to twist destiny.

The Moon and Neptune in Pisces urge us to do “God’s/will,” Universe’s but the Sun and Mars on the opposite side of the zodiac belt remind us that we are all part of this creation, and our daily actions influence the future.

The path to choose may not always be obvious, yet the Universe never fails to give us secret messages in a bottle. When in doubt, follow your instincts and let love guide you.

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The full moon in pisces 2021 meaning is the full moon in Pisces. This month, the full moon falls on February 21 at 4:29 am PST.

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