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Gemini Horoscope August 2021 | AstroDispatch – Astrology Around The Web

Astrology is a general term that describes the practice of predicting human behavior, based on the study of the position of the stars and planets. Astrology is often used as a tool for self-improvement, as well as an aid in curing certain diseases. Some astrologers also use it for predicting future events, such as the start of a new year, a new job, or a significant life decision.

Hello everyone! I’m Gemini and today, I’m going to tell you a bit about myself and the month ahead. It’s not easy to tell what the stars have in store for us this month. The August 21st to August 30th period is considered to be an “inbetween” time, where the stars are clashing with each other. The two bright star systems, known as the Summer and Winter Solstice, are now well into the month of August, and both are merging together to make a rather interesting time.

The first direct transit of Mercury in Libra since May 11, 2018 has arrived. This transit will be very short, lasting only about 24 hours, ending on August 25 at 1:13 AM EDT. This transit will impact the area of relationships, specifically love relationships, since Mercury in Libra is a planet of communication and the exchange of information.

Mercury, your ruling planet, is traveling rapidly and will be busy throughout August. Mercury is in the fire sign Leo until the 11th, and from the 11th to the 30th, Mercury is in the earth sign Virgo, its second rulership sign. There seems to be a lot going on close to home.

This month, Mercury also makes a number of planetary aspects. For whatever reason, you seem to be in the middle of things, and what you have to say has the potential to impact others. You may discover that you’re very busy.

Home & Family Plans

Virgo, the earth sign, rules August, so pay attention to what’s going on. Mars, the action planet, is in Virgo until August 16th, while Venus, the planet of relationships, is here until August 16th, and the Sun enters Virgo on August 22nd.

This is in addition to your planet Mercury, which has been in Virgo since the 11th. Virgo is the sign that governs your house and family, as well as your history and origins. It’s the star sign at the bottom of your horoscope that gives you a sense of security and roots you.

As a result, it’s a good idea to inquire as to why this aspect of your life is so hectic. You may be seeking assistance from others, assisting family members more often than usual, or making many preparations for your house, workplace, or other locations.

This is an excellent time to create lists to ensure that nothing is missed or overlooked. Virgo is a zodiac sign that symbolizes order, organization, analysis, and strategy. You can get a lot done right now, but it’s very hectic.

This is particularly prudent since this month Uranus, the planet of change, is active. On the 20th, Uranus retrogrades in Taurus, the most secret region of your horoscope. You may be rapidly altering your mind. Perhaps your head is brimming with brilliant ideas and plans.

From the 19th through the 22nd, you may find yourself returning to your past in some manner. Alternatively, destiny may bring you face to face with someone from your past.

Season of the Leo

August is traditionally Leo season, with the Sun shining brightly in its ruling sign until August 22nd. Mercury, your planet, is also here until the 11th. This is your communication sector, and this is a month when you’ll be doing a lot of talking and writing.

On the 8th, there is a New Moon in Leo, and you may need to take action on or shortly after that day. Even more reason to make a choice and stick to it if you find yourself clashing with others in the first week of August or if your plans are continually changing.

Leo is the sign that governs your domestic life, as well as your neighborhood and local community. Siblings and neighbors are also included in the Leo category. As a result, become engaged in what’s going on in your neighborhood. It’s a great opportunity to meet new people and get to know the individuals you encounter on a daily basis.

You thrive on conversation, gossip, and interactions if you’re a typical Gemini. Step beyond of your comfort zone, be nice to others, smile at strangers, and go a bit deeper.

If you’re a journalist or an interviewer, this is going to be a fantastic month. When you’re inquisitive about people or life, you have the gift of gab and the capacity to learn more.

The Full Moon on the 22nd crosses across the zodiac’s Leo/Aquarius axis. The Full Moon on July 24th had the same star sign combination as last month’s Full Moon. For you, it’s all about education and travel, as well as the broader picture of life.

Furthermore, this Full Moon attracts Jupiter in Aquarius, as well as your travel and study sector. You’ll need to be very adaptable right now, but if you truly want to go away or attend a class, this Full Moon seems to be ideal. Do yourself a favor and put your talent of gab to good use.

Vibrations of Love

Love is also a component of the planetary picture, particularly after Venus, the planet of relationships, enters Libra on the 16th.

Libra is your love sector, and it symbolizes all of life’s wonderful things. Do whatever makes you happy, and join forces with the people you care about, such as your children, a new partner, or your social group.

Libra governs a fortunate sector of your horoscope, when pleasure and amusement are at their height, and your creative juices start to flow. During the second part of August, get out and about, especially if you’re searching for love.

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Is 2021 a good year for Gemini?

2021 is a good year for Gemini.

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Gemini is a constellation, not a month.

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Geminis like to be touched on their back, between the shoulder blades.

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