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You know that feeling when you were recounting your day and you thought that the person you were talking to wouldn’t understand? You get that feeling when your friends are talking about their breakups and you’re trying to lend a helping hand. You have that feeling when you’re talking to your friends about a breakup and they’re just not listening. You have that feeling when you’re having a conversation with a relative and you realize that they’ve been diagnosed with a disease.

Broken hearted? Shattered? Shatteredly broken? Have you ever felt so sad and empty that you wanted to die? Have you ever felt so broken that you wanted to cry, but no tears came? Have you ever felt so empty that you wanted to scream, but no voice came out? Have you ever felt so broken that you wished you were dead?

One of the most common issues surrounding heartbreak is the emotional pain and stress that comes with it. When the one you love has left you behind, you’ll feel like you’re being choked, and it will consume you. There will be no energy to go out and socialize with friends, or to do anything else. You may be left with a feeling of being trapped.


When a relationship starts, no one expects it to end, and it may be the most painful and sad event of one’s life. This article may assist you in your recovery from a shattered heart.

I’ve put up a brief meditation that can help you heal your wounded heart.

Place yourself in the present now; to really stop the past from rising up, abstain from reengaging with pleasant or even destructive memories from previous relationships; if confronted with recollections of the past, just repeat to yourself “no longer here; no longer here.” with each passing memory. Over and over, repeat this phrase. When you start to have unpleasant or painful memories of your breakup or loss come back to you. Simply recite your mantra one more. It’s critical to let go; remove things, mementos, and practice letting go of each recurring memory or desire from the past on a regular basis. It’s critical to get in the habit of dissolving and eliminating each memory as it arises.

This meditation exercise will assist you in bringing out greater self-love and self-appreciation, which will ultimately assist you in regaining your concentration and emotional foundation. After a breakup, one may become a shattered and broken soul, therefore it’s critical to give oneself time, compassion, and space to heal. Remember that there is no such thing as a permanent heartbreak, and you will be able to heal and regain your sense of self.

Allow your heart time before moving on; allow space to heal and don’t hesitate to fill life within more enjoyable memories to keep the mind and heart sharp and pure. Once you practice replace the negative with enjoyment. Soon your heart will be fully remedied.

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How to Heal a Broken Heart – Psychictxt “Learning to love yourself is the most important thing that you can do. Take the time to really learn about yourself and be happy with what you have. Once you have done this, take action and make your world a better place. The world can be a better place. You can be a better person. Think about the things that you enjoy and make them a part of your life. Anything is possible.”. Read more about heal broken heart quotes and let us know what you think.

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