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Horary Astrology: An Unusually Different Method

Horary Astrology Horoscope Basics Summarised

Horary astrology online explainedCurrent and more modern astrology focuses more on human personalities using the study of a person’s birth chart or natal chart. However, as interesting as the modern system might be, it is somewhat limited when it comes to its uses. The modern astrologers that try to read an individual’s character using their birth chart, often offer lists of attractive adjectives, but not many are able to address an issue relating to an immediate concern.

This is where the system is very different. Horary involves a practice of reading a specific Horary chart in order to answer questions, which are based on the place, when and the time that this question was asked. Horary astrology is recognized as a more traditional practice of astrology.


This astrological method is associated with a belief system that involves when a person has asked a question that is sincere, the answer will lie in the position of the stars and the planets at the time that the question was asked.
Horary follows on the traditional based astrological rules in regards to interpretation, which may be compared to fortune-telling. However, the Horary chart is not something that is “written in stone.” Rather it is said to indicate what is more likely to occur if things happen to continue in the same way, or when the person has made a specific decision. Horary also offers psychological insight as it is needed in the same way as modern astrology.

The believers of this form of astrology find that it is very practical and useful. This has to do with that you are able to ask a question on a variety of subjects such as love, health, education, money, lost objects, career choices, business opportunities and so much more. Some of the questions will be easier in order to answer when compared to others. At the same tim,e certain astrologers will be better when compared to others. Due to the fact that the horary rules may become complex, these are more difficult to learn when compared to the more modern astrological interpretations associated with birth charts.

Using Horary Astrology

Astrology has been used for centuries by people in search of a way to gain an understanding of their past as well as their future. This form of astrology uses the exact position in regards to the planets and stars when the person was born and assists the person to understand more on what will happen throughout the remainder of their life.

Reasons To Use This System

This astrology type is ideal when you have a specific question or questions that you want to be answered. Your star sign might provide you with additional information about who you are, your personality and perhaps a few things to expect over your life. However, they are usually very general and in most instances, you won’t find answers to specific questions you might have. This is when finding a horary astrologer can benefit you in the way of finding out more detailed information about your life and yourself and to answer specific questions that you may have. This approach is more unique and personal when compared to traditional astrology.

If you are unsure about a question that you should be asking, it is advisable to take the time to sit and think quietly. Now concentrate on what comes to mind first and what question is the strongest at that present moment. This is the question you should be working with first as it is usually the most important and pressing to you. When you work on understanding the question first you will be more prepared in regards to what is coming your way. Once you have received an answer to your question, you can then move onto the next question you want to be answered as well as how it will affect you. You may find it surprising what first comes to mind when you start thinking about the questions you want to know about yourself and your life.

How Does Horary Astrology Work?

Horary astrology works on a Horary astrology Chart which will be created at an exact time, location and date associated with the question. The astrologer is then able to provide the client with a no or yes answer to the particular question. For example, the question may be:

“Will I be moving homes within the following year?”

The Horary astrologers will begin by providing either a yes or a no answer. The answer is then backed up by reasoning for the answer. For example, an astrologer may detect something in the chart that will prevent the person from moving like money issues or an illness. This may back up the reason as to why the astrologer answered no to a home moving question.

Traditional methods used to analyze charts using the Horary techniques involve a set of strict rules. Some of the examples of these rules will include the following:

• The person that is asking a question also known as the querent, is typically represented by a ruler of a specific sign, which will be the 1st house-cusp that it falls on within the horoscope.

• The question that is asked must also be assigned to a house. For example, home related questions will be assigned to House 4. The astrologer then pays specific attention to that house’s planet ruler which will be the moon.

There are a variety of other rules associated with this method and they are often regarded as complex. Some of the other factors that are often taken into consideration when it comes to Horary astrology include the planetary positions along with the Arabic parts.

If you are in search of finding out more about a particular event or about yourself, it is important to think about your question carefully. It is essential not to ask more than one question at a time, as it can result in confusion or a misreading. Instead rather ask the question that is most important to you at the time. This will offer you a reading that is clearer and will make the most sense associated with what you wanted to know or what you need to change to achieve the results you are looking for.

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