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How Can Astrology Help To Improve Your Career?

Astrology is the study of the positions of the stars and planets in relation to the Earth and the other heavenly bodies that affect the lives of people. Astrology is an ancient practice of predicting events and occurrences in the lives of people based on the positions of the stars and planets. It is believed that the positions of the stars and planets are affected by the interaction of the five elements; fire, air, water, earth and ether.

This is a good question that many of you are asking. While some of you may have found some success by following astrological careers such as celebrities and politicians, the truth is, there are subtle differences in all of us and no two people are exactly the same.

Astrology is one of the most ancient and most modern sciences and is used for thousands of years by human beings. It is a system of knowledge that is based on the movements of celestial bodies and their influence on the human beings. Astrology is useful in many areas such as career, finance, relationships, marriage, love and many other issues. Astrology is a science that can be studied and proven. There are many astrologers and astrologers are people who are specialized in astrology studies. Astrology is accurate and scientific but people are not fully aware about astrology. Astrology is useful in many areas such as career, love, finances, marriage and many other things.

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Astrology as a career tool

As you approach the end of your professional training, this thought will not leave you: When will I find a job? What are my job prospects? Will I succeed in my career? The questions are endless. While seeking advice from a counsellor, Indians also rely on astrology to find answers to questions related to career choices, professional growth and development, changing job prospects, etc. Astrology helps us to choose the ideal profession that matches the position of our planets at the time of our birth.

Many astrologers offer consultations in the area of career astrology, which is one of the main requests along with marriage astrology. An ideal profession not only contributes to a person’s intellectual development but is also a means of improving emotional and financial well-being. Vedic astrology has helped millions of Indians to make the best career choice that will make them rich and prosperous. The lockouts announced in recent days around the world have significantly worsened the outlook for business and employment. This has led to people turning to astrology in search of remedies to improve their career prospects. If you want to know how astrology can help you improve your career prospects, read on.

Vedic Astrology and Career Predictions


Vedic astrology helps people make the right career choices that improve the quality of their lives and also promote social success and recognition. Vedic astrology defines different houses or bhavas that are indicators of one’s career and financial growth. Astrologers analyze a person’s natal chart or kundli to find out what the placement of the celestial bodies says about a person’s financial and professional prospects, respect and recognition in your profession, etc. After a thorough study of the houses and planets, an astrologer can make career recommendations that will help a person lead a successful and prosperous life. The following houses or bhavas are considered in the Kundli to help a person determine his or her career prospects.

  • The second one. The house represents finances and the influx of wealth into one’s life. It indicates the sources from which a person can earn an income in a particular occupation or career path.
  • The 6th. The house is also synonymous with work and profession. It determines the kind of work someone can do.
  • The seventh. The house represents the partnership and shows the prospects of partnership and the possible gains if one intends to continue a partnership activity.
  • On the 10th. The house is the most important significator of the quarry and is also called the house of the quarry. This house refers to the type and status of work a person can get. It also determines how an individual’s karma translates into action.
  • The elf. The house represents the source of benefits that a person can acquire.

In addition to the houses mentioned above, there are several planets that denote different professions. Their influence on the 10th, 2nd and 11th centuries. House encourages a person to choose a career.

  • Mercury: The planet Mercury influences mathematicians, scientists, accountants, bankers, travel agents, poets, lawyers, printers, publishers, orators, ambassadors, scribes, astrologers, travellers, secretaries, translators, etc.
  • Venus: The planet Venus influences artists, fashion designers, florists, perfumers, architects, musicians, actors, etc.
  • Sun:  The Sun affects the civil service, commanders, bankers, nobles, medical or health professions, engineers, defence services, rulers, jewellers, etc.
  • Moon: The moon influences agriculture, navigation, navy, water office, perfumers, etc.
  • March: Mars affects professionals in the military, police, surgeons, engineers, etc.
  • Saturn: Saturn represents occupations that require hard work, such as farmers, miners, bricklayers, sweepers, porters, tanners, realtors, dry cleaners, plumbers, shoemakers, garbage collectors, potters, coal merchants, prison guards, superintendents, etc.
  • Rahu: Rahu influences technology, politics, research, the stock market, aviation, speculation, etc.
  • Ketu: Ketu influences professions related to spirituality, such as yoga, reiki, spiritual gurus, firefighters, archaeologists, etc.
  • Jupiter: Jupiter influences professions such as lawyers, teachers, priests, ministers, judges, administrators, those who work in finance, treasury, courts, temples, judiciary, mathematicians, economists, doctors, grammarians, etc.

The role of the 10th House in career prediction

On the 10th. The house in Kundli is known as Karmasthana/Kirtisthana or Rajyasthana and is the house of action and profession. An analysis of the 10. The house in the horoscope and the placement of the planets in that house, especially the placement of Saturn, can help predict one’s job and career prospects.

According to Vedic astrology, Saturn plays an important role in predicting one’s career or professional life and success. The position of the 10. The ruler in each house of one’s Kundli indicates the professions in which he can engage and in which he will find success. You can get a more thorough analysis of your career and business prospects by checking the 10th position. Analyze the ruler in your birth chart.

Saturn’s role in career predictions

Saturn, or Shani as he is also known, is known for his evil influence. The position of Saturn in a professional horoscope, especially in the 10th house. House, can be crucial to a person’s career development. Therefore, it is very important to read and analyze your professional horoscope carefully, so that the evolution of your career is smooth and successful. If Saturn is in a favourable house, it can indicate successful and favourable career prospects and changes. To reduce the unfavourable influence of Shani, the astrologer may suggest various corrective measures to remove the unfavourable influence and promote a successful career.

Online career horoscope and career analysis

The recent phase has been quite difficult, as many companies and industries have been affected by the closure, with repercussions on the labour market. Digitalization came to our aid during this test period. We can now benefit from astrological services in the comfort of our homes. Many companies, such as Clickastro, offer online astrology services that have allowed many people to access their professional and business horoscopes online by providing only basic birth information such as time, place and date of birth. You can get your career horoscope in seconds. You can use the positions of the planets in your natal chart to get an idea of your ideal career options and take steps to correct unfavourable influences. These services are free and can be used at any time in the comfort of your home. Premium services are also offered at nominal prices. They provide you with an in-depth analysis of your personality and status, career and business prospects, favourable periods in your career, prospects for income and wealth, etc.

Astrology is the ancient art of predicting the future and making important decisions based on that prediction. There are no two astrologies, the same way there are no two types of people. The different astrologies are not just a means of predicting the future. Astrology can help you understand the past, as well. Astrology can help you avoid possible problems and pitfalls in your life, and show you how to plan for and prepare for possible dangers.

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