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How Modern Astrologers Just Make Stuff Up

Modern Astrologers have a lot of fun with the stars and their predictions. They use a variety of methods to predict things, from numerology to psychology. Some astrologers even make up predictions that will never come true, like the end of the world.

The astrology vs science debate is a topic that has been discussed for centuries. Modern astrologers make up their own ideas of what the stars are doing, and some believe it’s not even real.

How Modern Astrologers Make Up Their Own Facts

What’s more, contemporary astrologers just make things up… Everyone simply goes along with their imaginations as if they were astrological facts.

The majority of current planetary connections are based on the planet’s mythical namesake… which are randomly selected. This technique of identifying a planet’s astrological connections (and their impact on you) is near-universal.

It also has a basic problem. The names of the planets shouldn’t matter, but it’s one of the many ways astrologers make things up as they go.

The names are picked at random.

A new planet or asteroid is given a name every time it is found. Occasionally, at random.

New planetary bodies are given names of deities or mythical characters from such mythology to go along with the Greco-Roman theme already in place in classical astrology.

Based on this legend, astrologers determine that body’s astrological effect on you.

To put it another way, astrologers make things up as they go.

When the asteroid Ceres was identified in 1801, astrologers believed that mythology would define its impact in a chart.

Ceres was a Roman goddess of grain. As a result, Ceres the Asteroid was linked to maternity, caring, and feeding.


Ceres’ prominent placement in one’s horoscope, according to contemporary western astrologers, indicates a desire to feed others.

Ceres is enormous. It accounts for about a third of the total mass of the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. It was initially classed as a dwarf planet, but in the 1950s, it was demoted to an asteroid.

Ceres, I think, has an astrological effect on humans and should be included in every astrological chart. However, I disagree with its mythical namesake determining its impact!


Because there’s no reason for it to be linked with a name that was given to it at random!

If the asteroid had been called Genghis Khan instead, the implications would be totally different! It’s most likely to be thought of as a planet of conquering and vast genetic multiplication.

Ceres would be a planet of serial killers if it had been called Jack the Ripper.

Before and After the Greek Invasion

Astrology is at least 5,500 years old, with just 2,000 years of connection with Greek mythology. It’s also worth noting that, not long after the Greeks adopted Mesopotamian and Egyptian astrology, it went out of favor.

Sure enough, it did! People will ultimately cease taking your “science” seriously if it continues to fall short year after year, century after century.

Astrology was the science of the universe before the Greeks put their mythology on it. Generals were chosen by kings based on their birth charts. When the planets agreed, nations went to war. Astrology determined how people lived and died!

Astrology was relegated to the status of a curiosity after Greek influence.

That alone is cause to doubt the validity of naming planetary connections after their mythical namesakes, particularly Greek ones.

The Case for the Current Organizations

I know what you’re thinking: why have Greco-Roman connections stayed so popular if they’re a subversion?

I’m not saying that some planets don’t have an impact on humans. Venus, for example, seems to have an effect on people’s feelings. Mars seems to have an impact on an individual’s energy levels. We know this because of anecdotal evidence from astrologers all across the globe dating back millennia.

But were these planets connected with specific deities because of their unique effects over people’s lives, or were they named after particular deities because of their particular influences over people’s lives?

I wasn’t there, so I can’t be certain. What I do know is that some of the original astrological connections from the period of astrology’s invention in ancient Mesopotamia have survived. However, most of it has been tainted through the ages.

Even Worse Are Newly Discovered Planets

When it comes to the main planets, it doesn’t really matter whether the name or the effect came first.

Since… well, since the formation of the naked eye, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn have been visible to the human eye. The same cannot be true about newly found planetary bodies (although some believe that ancient humans were aware of the outer planets, but we cannot be certain).

In 1846, Neptune was found. That was just 169 years ago. Astrologers have never heard of this planetary body until that time. They had no proof of its impact on individuals or the whole globe. They only had the name Neptune, which had been given to them by scientists.

Astrologers determined that Neptune will be linked with the deity Neptune when someone selected the name Neptune.

Take the following example from Astrology.com:

“The trident of Poseidon, God of the Seas, is Neptune’s glyph. Much about this planet is fluid, dynamic, and deceptive in nature (Neptune controls the Earth’s oceans).”

What? Why? Because seas are enigmatic and ever-changing?

But wait, there’s more!

Astrologers don’t only make things up based on a planet’s name; they also base its connotations on what was going on on Earth at the time the planet was discovered!

This hilariously insightful wikipeida snippet sums it all perfectly:

“It debuted about the same time as anesthetics and hypnotism were discovered. In political terms, Neptune was associated with the development of nationalist movements in countries like as Germany, Italy, Hungary, Ireland, and Serbia, which sought independence for their country based on a mythical past. It was also associated with the birth of socialism and the welfare state. When Marx and Engels originally published ‘The Communist Manifesto’ in 1848, Neptune corresponded with the idealistic aspirations of Communism.”


So, disregard the fact that Neptune has been circling the sun and affecting sentient beings across the solar system since the beginning of time. Because we just recently found it, all of its connections now revolve around THE UTOPIAN IDEALS OF COMMUNISM!?!?!?

Seriously! This is what “astrologers” are supposed to accomplish! This is how they figure out your strengths and weaknesses, as well as your fate!

(Inhale deeply and take a drink of coffee…)

My Advice to Astrologers

If you’re an astrologer, I recommend rethinking your commitment to tradition. I understand that contemporary astrological organizations and your colleagues scorn such practices, but imagine what breakthroughs might be achieved if we all approached astrology with an open mind, rather than regurgitating the same old nonsense that has been forced down our throats since Ptolemy’s day.

Everyone Else’s Recommendation

If you’re not an astrologer and want to learn about astrology or get astrological guidance, think about where you’re getting your information.

If someone is teaching Greek mythology to you, chances are they haven’t given their own techniques any consideration. They’re probably simply repeating what they’ve been taught without really comprehending the science.

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