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How the Chinese New Year can set you up for success!

Chinese New Year, or Spring Festival, is a holiday that means a lot to people in China, but really, across the world. Usually, we celebrate this by giving some money to our grandparents or spending time with family. Some people think of it as the Chinese New Year as their new year. This year, as with all years, the New Year will come on January 31st (01/31/2017) at 00:00 UTC. So, why do we celebrate it? Well, this is the time to make new choices in life. We can make resolutions about how we want to live our lives this year. It is the time to get things going.

The Chinese New Year is a time of transformation. As the year comes to a close, the cycle of the year is reversed, and the days are now shorter and longer. This is a time of new beginnings, making it a great time to start new projects and to start fresh, as you begin a new life.

If 2021 didn’t start out the way you wanted: Don’t worry, there’s always a new date to start again: Chinese New Year! It takes place in a few weeks – this year on February 11 – and lasts almost a month, officially ending this week. Maybe you are still on track to achieve your goals this year. In Chinese astrology, the New Year represents a significant change in energy when the main zodiac sign and its associated natural element rule. This year, we celebrate the metal ox. The energy of this zodiac sign acts as a catalyst for positive change in your life and a way to break free from old patterns that have kept you stuck in certain areas of your life. Whether you’re trying to improve your finances, looking for a soul mate, rebuilding your marriage, haven’t defined your life purpose yet, or are starting your business: This year is the perfect year to get the job done! Indeed, Ox energy is a matter of work and perseverance. This is not a year where you can expect miracles to lift you out of a difficult situation, but rather rational, progressive, hard work to make concrete progress that will be transformative and lasting. This is the perfect year to focus on your strengths and strengthen them so that everything works based on authenticity. Taurus is not an energy that wants to make you rich by drawing lots: This is the year to lay the foundation for happy, lasting joy and progress in your life. It is accessible to anyone who sincerely wants to move forward. Another very interesting aspect of oxen power is its connection with nature and agriculture in general. It’s a call to pay attention to your body’s needs, get plenty of fresh air and build a healthy routine, whether it’s diet, sleep habits, exercise or meditation. You can also try buying a flowering plant or adding more greenery to your home to improve your well-being. Taking good care of yourself, taking enough time to relax and unwind, will have a positive impact on how successful you are – and how long you will remain. This extraordinary experience will also help you become more in tune with your own intuition and find creative ideas and solutions to move forward, in the long run. When we talk about the metal aspect of this year, it’s about developing a deeper sense of finesse, sincerity, honesty, perseverance and willpower. This year of the metal ox is an invitation to be honest with yourself about your life and work goals: If you had to rate from 1 to 10 how happy you are:

  • In your personal life.
  • With his family.
  • In your finances.
  • In your career.
  • with your ability to positively impact society
  • In your ability to be a parent.
  • In your environment
  • The appearance and health of your body
  • With your mental health/stress tolerance?

(1 for dissatisfaction and 10 for super satisfaction). Do you generally feel like you are where you want to be in your life? If you’ve been putting off achieving your goals or if life has been such that nothing has worked out, know that the Year of the Metal Ox is the perfect year to resolve these issues, break the deadlock and make significant progress. If you would like to connect with Archangel Michael today to receive guidance in areas where you feel stuck, please feel free to contact him: I would love to help you achieve your goals. Stay safe, Take care of yourself. Namaste. Ana Chat with Ana in the psychic Txt application.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get good luck on Chinese New Year?

Some people believe that good luck can be achieved by making a wish and writing it on a red envelope.

Can you shower on Chinese New Year?

Yes, you can shower on Chinese New Year.

Is Chinese New Year good luck?

Chinese New Year is a time for celebration and good luck.

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