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How to Read Auras: Part 1

Auras are often thought of as something imaginary, but in reality, they are just the electromagnetic emissions produced by the body, and they surrounding the body. Sometimes, they are just a diffuse light, while at other times, they can be very narrow in extent. In this post, I will be discussing the different types of auras that can appear as well as the methods of reading them.

Some forms of meditation encourage you to focus intently on your breath and the contents of your mind, while others promise to reveal your deepest secrets. Whether you choose to focus on the mind or body, or both, the end result is the same: a mind clearer than before, and a deeper awareness of your place in the world.

If you have ever spent time reading about astrology, you have definitely read about astral projection. If you have ever watched any of those movies that feature people leaving their bodies and floating around a room, you have seen astral projection. If you have ever given it a try and failed in practice, you have most likely read about astral projection. And if you have ever heard someone making an educated guess about your past, you have most likely seen astral projection.

Aura, Abbey’s 2010 film

Reading auras is incredibly simple, and in part 2 of this post, I’ll show you how to accomplish it using a few different techniques. But first, let me explain what auras are, what each hue represents, and how your energy field changes over time.

Auras: An Introduction

Auras exist in all living things. Even inanimate things may generate auric fields in certain circumstances, but they aren’t as powerful as those formed by live creatures.

The chakras, which are metaphysical energy centers found throughout the body, create the aura. The colors of an individual’s aura reflect his or her present mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual condition. They also show the resonance frequency of a person’s primary chakras.

Understanding the Colors of the Aura

Check examine this page for a more detailed explanation of each color’s meaning. If you’re short on time, here’s a quick rundown of what each aura hue most likely represents:

  • Physical growth, physical, financial, or home stress; immune system stress are all indicated by the color red.
  • Orange: a build-up of creative or sexual energy, as well as a strong basic feeling (sadness, pleasure, rage, etc.).
  • Yellow represents a racing mind, worry, analysis, planning, and a strong desire to ‘regain control.’
  • Kindness, generosity, compassion, and a desire to assist, heal, and lead others are all represented by the color green.
  • Blue represents tranquility (and occasionally boredom), contemplation, refinement, and knowledge.
  • Purple is a spiritual, intuitive, and mystical or magical color.
  • White indicates a connection to Spirit or the divine, as well as a high level of intuition and spirituality without effort.

Auras Change With Time

While each person’s aura has a prominent hue, the aura is usually a combination of colors that represent the energy frequencies that influence the individual’s life. As the body matures and the mind and heart grow, one’s aura will almost definitely alter.

Newborn newborns are little white light balls. The Root Chakra energy kicks in as a kid starts walking, resulting in auras with a lot of red. Puberty causes vivid oranges, while young people are often yellow. The greens are started by parental/nurturing energy, which typically lasts until the kids leave home. A blue aura is often associated with retirement and empty nesting. The transition between purple and white auras may happen at any moment, although it is nearly always present among the elderly.

Here are some of my auric mug photos throughout the years, along with some short explanations of what they represented. Take note of how the aura has changed over time.


1999: I had just graduated from high school, relocated out of state, and begun my new career as a professional psychic. The red ball of light on the bottom left was produced by all of that home and professional uncertainty, while the blaring yellows were created by my strong need to gain a grip on my new life (stress). There was some orange around the borders (not unusual for a teenager) and a smidgeon of green lingering around my heart – an accumulation of healing/teaching energy that was just starting to emerge in my life.

2008: After years of severe agoraphobia (the dread of leaving one’s home), I was just starting to go out into society again. My anxiety had gotten to the point that I had to give in and take anxiety medicine for a year. The resultant aura picture shows a light green aura above me with a broad ring of blue (chemically induced tranquility), both of which were caused by the medicine I was taking.

2010: My aura was back at full strength, plainly illustrating the mad-teaching tear I was on that year, despite the fact that I was far from anxiety-free (yellow ball on the left).

2012: I was the happy I’d ever been at this point in my life. I was living in a kind of mystical bliss (purple/white) without drama (the blue band above) with just a smidgeon of health problems that needed to be addressed without all the worry (and a ton of relationship turmoil) to obstruct my spiritual centers (the light green ball near my throat).

Three Methods for Interpreting Auras

We can go right into the fun part of attempting to perceive auras now that we have a solid grasp of what they are. Although the techniques mentioned here are the most frequent, it’s essential to keep in mind that not everyone, even psychics, is capable of performing all of them.

You should absolutely test each technique to discover which one comes naturally to you and concentrate on that. Work on the other methods after you feel you’ve acquired some competence.

Without further ado, let’s get started…

Auras Can Be Read With Your Eyes

Most psychics who read auras, believe it or not, do it without directly seeing a person’s energy field with their eyes. Simply by using your psychic sense – which I’ll show you how to do in a minute – you can obtain a pretty comprehensive image of someone’s aura. But keep reading if you want to read auras with your physical vision.

A dark backdrop is the first thing you’ll need. You may use any dark surface or piece of fabric, but if you have the choice, go with black since a colorful backdrop is far more likely to confuse the aura color.

After that, either have someone stand in front of your backdrop or place your hand or arm in front of it.

You should gaze at least 2-4 inches outside from the body to observe the aura. You may not see a hue, but you will almost certainly notice a faint, hazy shape – the aura.

If you’re having trouble, move your hand or have the other person move a little. Another technique is to glance at the aura with your peripheral vision rather than your eyes… at least at first. You won’t be able to unsee what you’re searching for after you’ve gotten a notion of what you’re looking for.

It’s like gazing at one of those magic-eye photographs. You can see it if you look past or through it.

You can notice an aura if you see a hazy outline of anything. If you are unsure about your abilities, a little regular practice will go a long way. If it doesn’t work, it’s much simpler and more practical to…

With Your Third-Eye, Read Auras

Using your third-eye to see auras is no different from using any of your other psychic talents. All you have to do now is focus your conscious attention to it.

One of my specialities is reading auras and chakras, and the method I use is very straightforward.

I just take a deep breath (or many, depending on my present state of concentration), shut my yes, and pronounce the name of the person whose aura I wish to see. Then I just let the picture of the person’s aura into my thoughts.

The most of the time, all I see is a black outline of a figure with bright colors radiating from it. I often perceive chakras as light balls, as well as the prevailing aura hue.


Of course, every psychic is different, so you’ll almost certainly see something that’s specific to you. If you find it difficult to retain pictures in your memory, you may also attempt…

Auras Can Be Read With Your Hands

Auras aren’t only about how they appear; they’re also about how they feel.

Almost anybody may sense another person’s spiritual energy without much effort. This is known as clairsentience, and it’s a natural talent that we frequently overlook in our contemporary lives.

Even if you can’t see color, you may attempt to sense someone’s aura by standing close to them or holding your hand approximately 6 inches apart from their physical body.

Ask yourself what you’re feeling: temperatures, pressures, emotions, and so on.

For the most part, this technique is simple. The difficult aspect is understanding the data you get. Allowing your instincts to tell you what it signifies is a solid rule of thumb.

If you don’t see colors in your mind’s eye when you first attempt this technique, it’s likely that you will after some practice.

I’m glad to arrange some one-on-one instruction if you’re having difficulty with these methods or want to develop any of your other psychic talents. To schedule your own psychic development class, please contact me.

It’s been a while since I last wrote a blog post, a lull that I’m hoping to make up for now! Auras are the key to understanding and predicting the future, and they are not for the faint of heart!. Read more about aura meaning and let us know what you think.

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