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How to Shift Into a Better Dimension

The universe is a vast and complex place, and it can be difficult to understand the full extent of what’s going on. This is especially true when it comes to astrology. But with a little knowledge, you can learn how to enter into the next dimension in your life.

In anime fighting simulator, how to shift into a better dimension is the phrase that is used. This article will show you how to go to different dimensions in this game.

How to Enter a Higher Dimension

Ask a physicist: the evidence that time does not exist is growing. There is just the present moment. Your awareness shifts from one moment to the next, giving you the illusion of time passing.

There is still considerable debate over why humans seem to go forward in time rather than backward, despite evidence that the latter is conceivable.

I’m neither a physicist nor a biologist, but I’m willing to bet that time’s arrow has some evolutionary significance. This may be proven simply by the fact that you would panic out if you suddenly seemed to be living your life backwards.

If time isn’t real, everything that might be has already happened.

This indicates that there is an endless configuration of matter and situations that are ‘happening’ at the same moment. Each ‘now’ is a separate infinite, static world that exists alongside other infinite, static universes.

Switching Back and Forth Between Universes

The configuration of stuff in the neighboring world is just slightly altered – maybe by a few atoms – and the pace at which the change happens is so rapid that most of them go unnoticed by your brain.

Let’s assume that switching from one world to the other takes one millisecond. That implies your mind would have moved across one thousand million worlds in a single second, each with a minuscule variation in configuration.

It’s no surprise that humans don’t see the changes since they happen so quickly – nanoseconds aren’t even the shortest unit of time. Each unit of plank time (the smallest measurement of time) has 5.39121e-35 nanoseconds, and I’m not even going to try to explain how many universes that would be.

I’m going to stray from the subject for a minute, but trust me when I say there’s a method to my madness, so bear with me.

Your brain is a supercomputer with pre-programmed functions.

In some ways, your physical brain functions like a supercomputer, processing the sensory data you get in each ‘now.’

Your intellect may be quick, but it’s not likely to be plank-scale quick. This causes a little latency, ensuring that just one ‘now’ is registered every nanosecond or so. I apologize for not knowing the official rate at which the brain processes information.

Your brain is a component of your physical body, which may all be thought of as computer hardware. That computer comes pre-programmed with your DNA. If you leave your computer to its own devices, it will run on the default settings.

Aside from that, your natal chart, which depicts the positions of the planets in the sky at the moment of your birth, may have an impact on your default programming, which you can learn more about here.

Continual Programming Changes

Every new experience alters the default programming, which operates in the background and influences your new experiences and behaviors without your knowledge.

Positive experiences will train you to think positively and optimistically. Negative events will teach you how to be destructive and negative.

Making sense of the world around you is one of your brain’s functions; obviously, it requires the illusion of logical progression from one experience to the next.

This implies that if your life has been tough so far, your brain will rationally assume that the future would be difficult as well. In fact, if you offer this negatively trained brain with the possibility of a happy future, it would almost certainly reject it outright – this is what pessimism is all about.

This is important to grasp because you can only shift into a world that makes sense to you; your brain will only accept a shift into a new static universe in which the arrangement of matter is so infinitesimally tiny that the plank-scale lag is undetected.

This explains why you don’t sleep in 2018 and wake up in 1586. While such a situation is technically conceivable, it does not make logical sense to your brain, so your conscious mind dismisses it as a possibility, keeping you securely ensconced in the present year.

As a result, if you wish to go into a higher dimension, you must change your programming.

Reprogramming in a Positive Way

There are a plethora of techniques for reprogramming your brain to accept a happy result. Here are a few ideas for things you might try:

  • Getting off of social media and removing bad individuals from your life
  • Having a good, motivated group of individuals around you
  • Providing your body with genuine food and clean water is essential.
  • A good night’s sleep provides rest and renewal.
  • Getting frequent massages, acupuncture, or other forms of energy work
  • Stop reading and watching the news.
  • Meditation and yoga are examples of positive spiritual or religious activities.
  • Spending time in nature and outdoors
  • Exercise on a regular basis
  • Getting up and moving about is a good thing to do (all of that sitting is wreaking havoc on your body and body chemistry)
  • Stop putting in so many hours.
  • Stop wasting money on things you don’t need.
  • Living in a clutter-free environment
  • Reading articles like this may be very beneficial and motivating.
  • Using affirmations on a daily basis


You retrain your brain to accept a good future with each new happy experience you encounter.

You may, of course, adopt a more direct approach.

Developing Conscious Awareness

Because I want you to grasp the mechanics of dimensional changes, I’ve titled this article “How to Shift Into a Better Dimension,” rather than “Positive Thoughts Create Positive Outcomes.”

Your programming (beliefs) operate in the background, influencing the static world into which you will next shift. Knowing how the process works, on the other hand, enables you to make that change deliberately… and fast.

You may technically shift into any world you choose as long as you think it is feasible – even universes that seem to be quite different on the surface. There is growing evidence that dimensional changes occur on a regular basis. Visit see what I mean, go to the sub-Reddit Glitch In the Matrix.

It all boils down to this: belief (also known as programming) is a powerful tool! You may move into a higher dimension if you think it is possible. You will succeed if you make the choice to do so.

Make a decision on your future. Make the decision to live a healthy mind and body. Choose riches as a goal. Choose loving connections wherever possible. Make the wise choice. Choose happiness. Every day, choose miracles!

Are you having issues with your programming? Schedule a reading to learn what you may do to help yourself move into a higher level!

In the how to shift realities article, I will teach you how to shift into a better dimension.

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