Exotic Astrology

Your Introduction To Rare Astrology, Sprituality and PseudoScience

Introducing Exotic Astrology

Welcome To The World Of Rare And Unusual Zodiac Study

Egyptian zodiac symbol People – A lot of people – are interested in Astrology and, incredibly, that interest seems to be increasing with time. We may become more knowledgeable and informed, the world may be smaller thanks to modern communication but our interest in the spiritual and mysterious grows nonetheless. Our interest in and captivation by, the perceived ability to forecast the future washes over the globe like a tidal wave. Whatever country, there will be large numbers of men and women who draw inspiration from daily, weekly or yearly horoscope forecasting. It’s not going away anytime soon, believe us. Are you one of them? You may well be as you’re here but you’re also not alone.


Even modern science recognises this with increasing interest in the science of convergence offered by Noetics. This multidiscipline branch of scientific study seeks to draw on both physical and metaphysical elements to reconcile the spiritual and inner conscience with hard science.  In this increasingly engaging and widening area of research, falls the fascinating area of Astrology and perhaps this is partly why the global interest in the astrological pseudo-sciences is increasing.

Common Types

Search yourself for astrological information in all its forms and variations and you will see a multitude of results and areas to explore however broad or deep is your interest. Look a little further however and you’ll find that sites begin to fall into a common grouping including such subjects as health, wealth, love (especially!) and work. You will also find recurring areas of astrological lore such as Western astrology, Chinese, Celtic and so on. You will find a hundred and one practitioners more than willing to offer you their interpretations and forecasts…as long as you’re talking about the common forms. Is that really all there is to it though..can it be?

Rare Forms

Of course not! Interestingly, there are a number of types of more exotic astrology approaches that aren’t so common.  Do these rarer types offer anything more to the worlds horoscope and forecasting consumers?  What do the respective Zodiac groups and signs look like and what are the main differences between the more common forms of Astro forecasting and analysis. Perhaps most importantly, what can we learn from the more niche branches of horoscope and chart analysis and prediction. Goodness knows, there is an enquiring audience out there just waiting and wanting to learn more.

Our Goal

Our goal here at Exotic Astrology is to open your eyes to the world of lesser-known forms of astrology from around the world. If you are interested in horoscope forecasting then you will be interested in this site. It will open your eyes to areas you may never have known existed. Remember also that even if you are well-versed in one of these more arcane forms there are many millions of interested parties who aren’t. Even if one of our rare forms is well known to you there will be an army of horoscope fans who will never have heard of it!

Enjoy visiting our site and looking around, whether you are a full-on follower or it’s one of your guilty pleasures, Hopefully, you will find it interesting as it grows and who knows…you may find a completely new door opening into a world of astrology that is just right for you. You won’t know until you look around but we promise to help you on your journey with the best information about the more exotic astro world!