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Is Kundli Matching Necessary For Love Marriage?

There are some people who believe in love marriage even in absence of Kundli matching. Some believe in astrology and some believe in dreams. For those who believe in astrology, Kundli matching is not necessary. If you believe in astrology and dreams, you should know that if you have dreamed about love marriage in your dreams, it will surely come true.

Check out your star map on a momentous occasion. If you are looking to meet the right person, you might take comfort in the thought that the stars have aligned for you. The moon might have a certain aspect today, or maybe someone fell in love with you once in a certain year. As well, there are many other factors involved in love that could make the stars create a magic moment.

Followers of Vedic culture around the world believe that before making a marriage connection, an astrologer should compare the horoscopes of the future couple. The traditional assignment of kundli for marriage is based on birth charts and planetary alignments to predict the future of the bride and groom. It tests kundli compliance in eight categories, including happiness, fertility and long life.
Today we have evolved as a society and have reached the stage where girls and boys find their own partners. The choice of kundli for marriage is considered by the scholars as a pseudo-science, while the correct term is ancient science. Conventional wisdom says that girls and boys should know what they want when it comes to marriage. The high percentage of successful love marriages supports this argument.  In today’s world, it is said that the Milan kundli has no use.
However, one should not lose sight of the high percentage of successful marriages that have traditionally come about through kundli selection. Is it necessary to get a horoscope for a love marriage?

Is it necessary to have a free kundali?

When choosing the kundali, the astrologer analyzes the astrological charts of the bride and groom and relates certain elements to consider their joint effect. A suitable Kundli for the wedding generally corresponds to eight categories. These are Varna Kuta (social conformity), Vashya Kuta (control, malleability), Dina Kuta (health, family happiness), Yoni Kuta (sexual attraction), Graha Maitram (mental attachment), Gana Kuta (character conformity), Rasi Kuta (various general indications), and Nadi Kuta (physiological conformity, offspring). The Ashta Kuta compliance score is calculated from 36 and if the Kundli compliance can reach a score of 18 or more, it is considered a good compliance.
However, traditional free kundalini matching cannot guarantee a long, happy and successful marriage without bonding problems and adultery. Marrying for love is no guarantee either. Love marriages tend to be more open about friendships and relationships outside of marriage. And even if the marriage fails, you can survive and even thrive. In a post-Kundli Milan marriage, the couple is united in mind and heart, and they should prosper as one.
If a loving couple who want to get married in the traditional way cannot get the desired result on the kundali, an astrologer will suggest solutions to ensure a happy married life. These include:

Work on the Yoni Dosha

Pray to the fertility goddess, discuss your sexual preferences with your partner and solve problems as a team.

Ghana-Dosha work

Gana dosha is the main culprit in the tense scenarios that arise while choosing the kundli for marriage. This is an indicator of temperament compatibility. If both the girl and boy are harsh and aggressive, married life can be turbulent. If the Kundli Milana is not working, you should try to be as patient and rational as possible. Open-mindedness and mindfulness practices like yoga can help you act more constructively.
Similarly, in the marriage of love in free alignment with Kundali, yoga is of great importance. Because the girl and boy get a glimpse into life beyond romance. These include adultery, infertility, health and longevity, etc.
While choosing the Kundli, the four houses – 5th, 7th, 8th and 11th – are carefully studied to predict the yoga of love marriage in one’s life. The signs Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces, as well as the planets Mars, Venus, Rahu, Moon and Mercury contribute significantly to the effect of yoga. In a love marriage, the partners may already be aware of factors such as ambition, love, anger, temperament, friendship and other intangibles. However, learning the marriage-friendly yoga of love on Kundli will help you understand it better and prepare you to better cope with times of crisis.

However, no obstacle can resist the will of love, and this is essentially true. Instead of bowing or ignoring skeptical comments, kundli milan you take a step back and better prepare yourself for a world that often likes to see dreams crumble under the weight of reality.
A free comparison from kundli can help you. But this can only be useful up to a point, because people decide for themselves whether it is a marriage for love or a marriage of convenience. These are questions the young man and woman must ask themselves. Marriage is a lifelong commitment that will inevitably have its ups and downs.  With the right soul mate, the journey can be wonderful.
If you are sure that you are in love with the right partner, then you need not worry about complying with the kundli. Ultimately, the decision is yours. If a man and a woman are attached to each other and are determined to prove the naysayers wrong, no kundali can stop you. Choosing the Kundali for the wedding is a traditional and very flexible method. In the case of a mismatch, when people are in love, there are solutions they can try.

Bhakut / Nadi dosha

Bhakut guna has 7 points and Nadi has 8 points according to the Kundali. If any of these elements has 0 points in the Kundali horoscope, it is considered a defect. The horoscope of each person indicates his or her nadis according to the position of the moon in different constellations, or nakshatras, at the time of birth. If the bride and groom have the same nadis, then 0 points are added and the nadi dosha is considered formed. If their nadis differ from each other, a score of 8 is added to the score table. In fact, the position of the moon at the time of birth cannot coincide. But there are many pujas and mantras that should be recited in the Kundli Milan to reduce the influence of the doshas.

  • Singing Maha Mrityunjaya Jap
  • Give clothes, cows and grain to poor and needy people.
  • There are several yantras and gemstones that reduce the negative effects of Nadi Dosh.

To correct a Kundali shift, contact a ClickAstro astrologer to find solutions tailored to your natal chart.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Kundli matters in love marriage?

Kundli is a horoscope which is drawn up by the astrologer. It is believed that Kundli can predict the future of a person. It is also believed that Kundli can predict the future of a person in love marriage.

Is horoscope matching necessary for love marriage?

No, horoscope matching is not necessary for love marriage.

Can we marry if Kundli does not match?

Yes, if the Kundli does not match, then the couple can marry.

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