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Is Sidereal Astrology More Accurate than Tropical Astrology

Sidereal astrology is the oldest of the astrological systems, and is said to have been amassed from the writings and observations of the Greek astronomer Ptolemy. Until the invention of the vernal equinox, most astrologers would have followed the advice of this ancient Greek astronomer. However, modern astrology has moved away from this ancient system for a number of reasons, including the fact that most tropical astrology was replaced by sidereal astrology.

Tropical astrology holds that the stars of the Zodiac (signs of the Zodiac) rule our lives, as we are born under one of them. Thus, they can predict how our lives will go. Sidereal Astrology, on the other hand, holds that the stars in the constellations of the Zodiac, not the signs, are the real rulers of our lives. Thus, it is more accurate.

Is stellar astrology more accurate than tropical astrology?

These are old questions: Is sidereal astrology more accurate than tropical astrology? The short answer is: Yes. In this article I will explain why. Astrology is as old as human civilization; the oldest records date back to 3,500 BC. Chr. This is the first time the world has seen the existence of the Pisces, although there is evidence of their existence as far back as 11,000 BC. Chr. Chr. could be the origin. Regardless of the age of astrology, we know that the sidereal zodiac and the entire system of sign houses constitute the oldest astrological system known to mankind. The ancient Sumerians were the first to record in detail the movement of the planets against a background of constellations; this procedure was later adopted by the Egyptians, whose zodiac signs are still recognizable today. But it was their predecessors who first divided the heavens into 12 equal sections, or houses. These ancient methods were common in ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt for thousands of years and are still used by Vedic and Western sidereal astrologers. But is sidereal astrology more accurate than tropical astrology?

Greek influence on astrology

Only after the arrival of Alexander the Great, around 350 B.C., did the city start to develop. Chr., Sumerian astrology began to take on features of Greek mythology and philosophy. During the next 400 years, sidereal astrology remained relatively intact. It is in this form that astrology spread in India. To this day, Indian astrology uses the zodiac system and the houses of the whole signs for all calculations and predictions. But around 150 AD. In the 4th century AD, the Greek astrologer and writer Claudius Ptolemy proposed that the zodiac should begin at the vernal point instead of the beginning of the constellation Aries; the zodiacal system we now call the tropical system. The problem with this system is that the tropical year is 20 minutes shorter than the lateral year. Thus the vernal equinox moves back one degree every 72 years. In the past 2000 years the vernal equinoxes have deviated by 24 degrees, which makes all calculations based on the tropical zodiac inaccurate. This means that your true sun sign and Ascendant may not be what you think. This also means that ALL your plants, points and houses may be in a different sign and house than you are used to seeing. The only way to be sure is to evaluate your old sidereal birth chart. word-image-18641

The tropical zodiac has evolved over time

In the course of the centuries, the tropical zodiac has deviated more and more from its stellar origin. Of course, Western astrologers were forced to invent new house systems to explain the increasing anomalies and erroneous predictions caused by the tropical zodiac.

Stellar Astrology – Real Astrology

Hundreds of unsuccessful astrological predictions eventually led to this once divine science being relegated to the category of pseudo-science in the West. Fortunately, more and more classical and tropical astrologers are rediscovering the power and accuracy of the sidereal zodiac. However, many classical astrologers use false astrological associations in their descriptions and predictions, but that’s an article for another day.

The power of ancient sidereal astrology

Ancient sidereal astrology holds the keys to discovering your true nature and your spiritual and life purpose. Your ancient sidereal birth chart is a guide to a life of health, prosperity and joy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is your sidereal chart more accurate?

Sidereal astrology is an ancient astrological tradition that has its roots in the Babylonian zodiacs.  It refers to the “constellations” (which are not considered constellations, but rather shapes in the sky) that occupy the path of the Sun in the sky throughout an entire year.  Sidereal astrology, sometimes called star astrology, has a history of at least 4,000 years, and has been practiced by many cultures around the world.  Sidereal astrology is still practiced in many parts of the world, including China, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, India, and Mexico. This text is sensitive. Try generating new copy.

Why sidereal is more accurate?

If you’ve ever looked up at the stars, you probably realized that our planet moves through space and that the stars in the sky do not. In fact, they do not actually move, but rather stay in the same position relative to one another. The stars have been observed to shift along with our planet, but how much and when? Why Sidereal Astrology is More Accurate? A lot of astrologers (those who do not follow the traditional methods of astrological calculation) believe that tropical astrology is more accurate, because they base their calculations on the apparent movements of the stars. There are a few problems with this: (1) The stars are not actually moving. (2) They are not moving in a way that is uniquely determined by the geographic location of the observer. (3) The stars are not moving in the same direction at the same speed for all observers. (4) The same star can appear to move at different speeds for different observers.

Why is Sidereal astrology wrong?

Is there any real difference between a Sidereal and a Tropical astrology? This is a very important question, as it will determine the validity of any astrology model, as well as the results of any astrological study. Sidereal astrology is based on the notion that the Earth orbits the Sun in an orbit that is perpendicular to the plane of the ecliptic, which is the plane in which the Sun, Moon, and planets move. This means that the sidereal zodiac is not part of the tropical zodiac. As a result, Sidereal astrology is based on observations from the night sky, and it does not directly relate to the Sun. Sidereal astrology is the astrological, or predictive, system that defines the zodiacal signs by the stars rather than the constellations. It is not based on the actual movement of the stars, but on the positions of the stars at the time of your birth. The sign your horoscope is cast in is not determined by where you were born, but by what time of day you were born.

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