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January 2021 Monthly Signs Astrology Forecast

My February will be a very interesting month, I can tell you that. The planetary influences will be very strong, with the stars and planets nicely aligned. This will give you the upper hand in all matters, it will be a great month to get things done. The Moon will now be in your direct influence, which can make it a different matter. Your emotions will be very sensitive.

This month of January 2021 is noteworthy. We see that a new and important planet is activating, which will be a major influence on the year ahead.

Astrological month predictions for all signs for January 2021

Age of Aquarius


Welcome the new year with a bang!

Get ready for the present

The future starts here

2020 has given us a year like no other. Because of extremely rare planetary configurations that we have not experienced in our lifetime. So what does 2021 have in store for you, Aries?

Awaken the ambition!

You start the year in a positive mood thanks to Mars, which is in full swing. The conjunction of Mercury and Pluto in your professional sector encourages you to adopt a new kind of success strategy for the coming year. You want to reach your full potential and discover exactly what you can achieve when you set your sights on it. Mars in your money zone from the 6th gives you confidence and a willingness to take risks to push yourself or move forward.

You now have the desire to do more. And also eager to experiment. If it’s January, you won’t be afraid to stand out. Venus rules your house of money and begins to improve your public image and professional reputation by moving from the 8th to the 10th house. The house is coming in. During its transit here, it is in trine with Mars (9th) and Uranus (14th). Make ambitious career choices for the new year on these dates.

In the meantime, the new timelines in your 11. House also by the arrival of Mercury here on the 8th. Now you want to do things differently and be seen differently, especially when it comes to creating your own niche.

This is a month to gain a new perspective on yourself and adjust to the changes taking place on the team. The more flexible you are, the more opportunities you will have to take advantage of this exciting new cycle.

Check your table

You can also check your birth chart for Taurus factors. Many Aries have planets in their neighboring sign. If Mars and Uranus pass through here, they will meet the Taurus planets you have. In addition, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and the Sun are in your 11th house. House squared from the 19th. There will also be major squares between Mars and Uranus in your second house in January. House and all those New Age planets.

Remember, it’s your turn to walk out the door, especially since Uranus rules your 11th. It’s about collaboration, community and connection. If you want to get ahead, you have to make connections. What you’re looking for has to do with someone you know. Especially when it comes to this month’s earnings and income. So keep that in mind.

The squares give us energy to push ourselves. Think of it as an astral gym or a cross trainer. Sure, there’s resistance, but we need it to build muscle and be fit! Once you see the squares this way, you can really use their energy to move you to change for the better. They force us to solve problems and think in new ways. Especially if the Aquarius/Uranus factors come into play. We also have the opportunity to discover how much we can accomplish if we put our minds to it. That’s priceless.

Buck stops and starts with you

Aries, this month the new moon in your 10th house is calling you. House on 13. You set new goals for ambition. Above all, stay true to your values. With Uranus in your second house. House will ensure that they are reinstalled if necessary. This will help you understand what is really important to you. What you put above the price in your value system. Something that just can’t be bought or traded at any price.

For many of you who have experienced a radical change in energy in your 10th house after the departure of Saturn and Jupiter. The House experience can mean a radically different version of what you consider success than what you were doing a few years ago. This New Moon marks the beginning of an important phase of transformation as it passes very close to Pluto. Use your power and don’t let others determine your story and your future. There is a new dynamic at work here. And you will be the author. Set your goals for 2021 during this new moon.

The 28th. In January, the full moon is in your 5th house. House to Jupiter in your 11th house. House across the street. It’s not a full moon to hide. For some of us, of course, this is not possible. But what do you think about to communicate, share information and connect? To share with others? Use creativity and fun to achieve this. This full moon represents the peak of attraction. What have you worn that you want to wear in the future. Is there something you need to let go of to make room for something new? This full moon defines your intentions.

And if you must ask: What about love? Don’t forget – you 2. Half is ruled by Venus. Unexpected affairs that turn into something more serious, like… B. the attraction of this person suddenly being important to you? Dates to look forward to are the fabulous squares between Venus and Mars on the 9th and Venus and Uranus on the 14th.

Who is afraid of Mercury retrograde?

Mercury begins its retrograde period in the middle of the month. But he won’t be back until the 30th. Yes, we know that Mercury retro brings hiccups, cancellations and confusion. But it is also a time for evaluation and review. To reconnect. Especially if it takes place in your time: Now 11 Friends and Future. Get in touch with your old contacts. Reconsider your goals.

Appeal to your sense of belonging and community. How has 2020 affected them? Is it time to restore relationships with people? Find new ways to make new contacts. Or revise these objectives to ensure they are relevant. Stick to the re word during Mercury retrograde and you won’t go wrong. It means a change in thinking. Take it philosophically when Mercury throws a retro key into the works. With your 11 years, it’s still important to keep that universal perspective.

The good news is that Mercury retrograde means it will meet Jupiter not once, but three times! A triple benefit of Jupiter by those you know may be directed at you this month and in February. Mars meets Uranus in your second house on the 20th. House and then square Jupiter on the 23rd. Remember what you know: There is no bad aspect to Jupiter – only solutions and possibilities.

When the Sun enters your 11th, it meets Saturn (on the 24th) and Jupiter (on the 29th). The last week of January is an important one thanks to the meeting of Venus and Pluto in your 10th house. House on 28. January a period of power changes. This month, Aries, go after what you want. Then sit back and appreciate all that you have accomplished in the first 31 days of 2021!

In a nutshell: Mars sends you to 2021 driven by the desire for something new and better, Aries. Whether you’re looking for love or a new way to work, it all depends on who you know or connect with in today’s age.


Get a bigger or better role

Be prepared to take a risk

Prepare for liberation – and freedom!

Are you ready to talk, Taurus? To show the world that you are capable of much more. Those who have underestimated you lately will probably swallow their words. New Year’s Eve. Now, man. And a whole new attitude from you.

They aim for a more positive experience in 2021. What is more appropriate and meaningful for you. Last year there was so much pretense, now Mars is coming into your sign from the 6th. The year 2020 has forced you to try harder, grow and adapt in ways you never thought possible. It will also help you get in touch with your soul values. What you can spare and what you can’t spare. Your priorities have probably changed and evolved. All thanks to Uranus in your first house. House. It’s about changing your needs and realizing that what you want now is the key to your continued growth.

Be ready for recognition – and release!

So they will do what needs to be done and report it when it needs to be done. If Mars goes through your first year. House, it forms a square to the new age planets in your 10th house. The home of success, recognition and achievement. It is also your field that determines your image with the public and in your profession. This now puts you in a position where the changes you make will be great.

You also have a Venus ruler in your 9th house. 8th house. Although Jupiter was in its ruling house in 2020, it may not have offered as many opportunities for freedom as you would normally hope. Of course, some of you have had time to travel – perhaps just before Covid became really popular. Others may have received training, research or advice, but not seen how to put it into practice. Or the progress can stop once it has started.

This was due to the presence of heavy Saturn here. With Venus coming, there’s a whole new atmosphere here. Pluto is the only slow moving planet here. He forms an excellent trine with Mars in your 1st on the 9th. House and another trine with Uranus on the 14th. On the same day, the Sun meets Pluto, which will bring about a change favorable to freedom.

Keep in mind that the possibilities may not be what you thought. Understand that no matter what we can imagine, the universe can always improve it. Stay open-minded and don’t be afraid to take risks. Ask yourself if saying yes will change the situation for you – for the better. This is the only criterion you need to consider. If so, expect to be released from a situation that has held you back for too long.

Check your table

Check your Taurus factors now. Because it’s not just Mars that makes them shine this month. But when he and Uranus move up again, they become the new age planets in your 10th house. The square of the house. The same goes for Mercury, which is also in your 10th house. The house is. It slows down from the 15th, and then starts rising again from the 30th. This means it can be square with your Taurus factors more than once. Again, you should check your horoscope and if in doubt, one of our astrologers can help you.

The squares give us energy to push ourselves. Think of it as an astral gym or a cross trainer. Sure, there’s resistance, but we need it to build muscle and be fit! Once you see the squares this way, you can really use their energy to move you to change for the better. They force us to solve problems and think in new ways. Especially if the Aquarius/Uranus factors come into play. We also have the opportunity to discover how much we can accomplish if we put our minds to it. That’s priceless.

Are you stuck in a professional rut? January gives you a chance to get out of trouble. In fact, you will see opportunities arise that will have a positive impact on your status. Not only on your career, but also on your relationship status or your public image. Some of you can operate them yourself. Remember that Mercury is in your 10th house. House begins to slow down on the 15th and goes retrograde on the 30th. So try to plan these steps before they happen.

The universe has a plan

For others, however, career, image and status factors seem to have a life or direction of their own. It catches up with you and sets you on a new path in unexpected ways. When this happens, you need to understand that no matter what it looks like at first, there has to be an upside.

This month’s new moon in your 9th house. House on the 13th brings the promise of a new kind of freedom. It can also mean the beginning of a new learning path. Travel, writing, studying, media, publishing, teaching or even big business can be part of it. It’s time to explore more than that. Maybe you’re ignoring some of your Taurus potential? This month you can not only impress others, but also yourself.

It’s a beautiful new moon to start something big. Or take the first step in this great journey. Venus also meets Pluto in your ninth year on the 28th. House, indicating promising changes that may have to do with love or work. This is also the day of the full moon in your 4th house. House, the house of the moon.

Search for alternatives

Emotionally, this will be the culmination of the intense Lenten energy we are all experiencing this month. With this Full Moon, you may feel very vulnerable emotionally and unwilling to take risks, and crave the familiar. You may not want to try something that requires you to step out of your comfort zone. But since this Full Moon is in opposition to Jupiter, this is exactly what you should do. Especially when it comes to moving forward or doing something that involves a change from the status quo, but creates a greater sense of security and purpose for yourself and even the people you live with.

Mercury meets Saturn on the 10th and 11th, then Jupiter in your 10th house. House. The Sun, which has been here since the 19th, meets Saturn on the 24th and Jupiter on the 29th. You have the challenge, but you also have the opportunity to meet it. For someone, that could be an important introductory meeting, a job interview, or a job application. Or you may be given a new role and new tasks – with rewards to match.

Mercury goes into retrograde motion on the 30th. Next month, it will repeat its encounter with Jupiter twice. Once during the retroactive phase and again when it becomes immediate. Thus, it offers the status Taurus a great cycle in which he can review and rethink his goals and ambitions. What you start this month can be the crowning achievement of the next. Mercury swings it back and forth, but Jupiter always does well. So raise the bar and get ready to achieve and surprise!

In a nutshell: It’s time to set higher goals and achieve more in 2021, Taurus. If you are a square peg in a round hole, Jupiter will be in your 10th house. House to find the right solution for you. Career efforts started this month may lead to rewards next month.


Don’t just wish for change, be it!

How badly do you want to achieve this goal?

explore the possibilities

Impatient, Gemini? Perhaps you begin the month with a desire for change or simply the possibility of starting something new. Anything that gives that vibe and replaces what you’re fed up with isn’t going anywhere. Or just boring meh’s. On the 6th, Mars enters your mysterious 12th house. Characters. Mercury and Pluto meet the day after your governor in your house of rebirth and empowerment. At this point, things can still change for you.

Become the change you’ve been waiting for

It’s the feeling that something is about to happen that keeps you awake. But also determined to do something about it. On the 8th, Mercury enters your 9th. Century added. On the same day, Venus enters your 8th house. Characters. If the path to finding the missing passion was subtly hidden, you now know what to do. This applies to everything from managing the current situation to taking action to get what you want.

You approach situations without fear, where before you might have rejected them. Is there a void in your life that needs to be filled? Stand up for your need for love, if that’s what it is. Or the goal or the dream. It is also a good time to address issues that have remained unresolved for too long. You may have avoided it, but now you’ll find that procrastination keeps you stuck where you don’t want to be.

Check your chart for further action

You can also check your birth chart for Taurus factors. Many Gemini have planets in a neighboring sign. If Mars and Uranus pass through here, they will meet the Taurus planets you have. In addition, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and the Sun are in your ninth house. House squared from the 19th. There will also be major squares between Mars and Uranus in your 12th house in January. House and all those New Age planets.

The squares give us energy to push ourselves. Think of it as an astral gym or a cross trainer. Sure, there’s resistance, but we need it to build muscle and be fit! Once you see the squares this way, you can really use their energy to move you to change for the better. They force us to solve problems and think in new ways. Especially if the Aquarius/Uranus factors come into play. We also have the opportunity to discover how much we can accomplish if we put our minds to it. That’s priceless.

It is a cycle of revealing the truth. And Uranus is always associated with freedom and revelation. So what’s coming this month is really meant to set you free. The only question is whether you are ready for a look without makeup. You will see the past, people and situations as they really are, not as you imagined or wanted them to be. If someone is hiding something from you, expect it to come out in a surprising or unexpected way.

I would like to add that you don’t leave anything in your own closet. There is a difference between privacy and what you want to keep private. I hope there’s nothing you’d be ashamed of if it came out. As for confidentiality – that is governed by your 12th – please respect that if someone has confided in you.

And if you want to keep something, choose carefully who you trust now. Like I said, people will show their true nature. This can range from dreams you trust to gossip. If you need to share something very personal, it’s best to go to a professional whose ethics or code of conduct will ensure that what you say doesn’t lead anywhere. A doctor, priest, therapist, lawyer, counselor, or even one of our psychics, depending on the subject.

Welcome to change

Pluto rules your eighth year, and it’s not just Mercury that will be in conjunction with him this month. In the hard squares of the fixed signs, the Sun and Venus meet Pluto from the 9th to the 12th and from the 14th to the 28th. These dates could mark important changes, as well as a new moon in your 8th house. House on 12. Mei, that’s very close to Pluto.

Venus rules both your bank account and your love life. He also forms two soul-satisfying squares with Mars in your 12th on the 9th. House and then to Uranus on the 14th – the same day the Sun touches Pluto, and the day after the New Moon here. This could mean entering a new era of empowerment in terms of your income, assets or what you share with someone. It can also indicate what you owe or what is owed to you. And don’t forget it: Even if it’s your second home of money, the wealth we have access to or are offered can be more than financial.

Refer to your purpose

Karmic debts and credits are now paid or settled. Especially since the north node is in your 1st. The house is. But it also has to do with why you’re here. Your dreams are part of who you are. You have them for a reason. They are part of your journey and the purpose of your being here. Turn it on, and be ready with radical ideas on how to get there, not only thanks to Mars and Uranus, but also the New Age planets.

Jupiter is in the house that rules it in your horoscope. So think extra portions of happiness. In addition, the Sun is here from the 19th and meets Saturn (on the 24th) and Jupiter (on the 29th). Of course Saturn can cause problems. But imagine Saturn asking you how much you really want it, really ? Formulating your dreams should not be taken lightly. Saturn asks us to show our devotion. It can put an obstacle in our path when we see that there is no open path to our goals.

Should we turn around? Or shall we seek alternative paths where the ingenuity of Uranus and the certainty of Mars prevail? Especially around the 20th, when Mars and Uranus meet. Because when what we want is part of our journey and our goal, we look for new ways to get it when the first attempts don’t work. Remember – Saturn may challenge us, but Jupiter will always find a solution.

Explore more than one option!

The Sun enters your 9th from the 19th and hits Saturn on the 24th, then Jupiter on the 29th. This month’s Full Moon appears almost opposite Jupiter in your 3rd house on the 28th. House. On the same day, Venus and Pluto meet in your 8th house. House. Venus and Pluto enhance your personal charisma. They exude grandeur and irresistible sex appeal. So even when you’re at home or in the car, a night out becomes sizzling and vibrant. Expect the conversation to go from not to hot very quickly.

This is also a date to aim for if you want to discuss business issues, negotiations, money matters or the discussion I mentioned earlier. Under this full moon, you radiate strength and confidence. If you want to make an exceptional shot, this is your night. Now people will take your word for it. Some good advice: don’t start flirting if you don’t intend to continue it. Words are worthless, and actions must be just as strong, if not stronger.

Don’t let anything or anyone down and finish things before the end of the month. Mercury enters retrograde shadow from the 15th and becomes fully retrograde on the 30th. You know what to do, twin. You also know that Mercury retrograde — or any other planet retrograde, for that matter — is part of the natural cycle. We just need to know what to do and what not to do when it happens. Use the words re – review, revise, re-evaluate, release, revise, revisit, update. And yes, the revelations we talked about earlier are also the word re!

This will be your first demotion in the current era. And during its cycle, Mercury will move back and forth over Jupiter. Which house Jupiter rules in your horoscope. So yes, the return of opportunities and solutions is under the influence of what could be a bit of retroactive magic for you. Be prepared for other opportunities as they arise. His ninth birthday is now more than that. Maybe you missed the first time because something better was in the works.

Expect more than one path, solution or opportunity to open up as Mercury moves back and then forward again. This even includes rediscovering places you have visited in the past. You won’t be able to see all the alternatives until March. But if you try a few alternatives, it can all enhance the sense of adventure that awakens in you in the present, Gemini.

In a nutshell: January wants to show you that there can be more than one path to big goals and dreams, Gemini. Look at the alternatives. This month Mercury, the ruler of this place, invites you to resolve unfinished business. It will open the way to freedom.


2021 shows how much you are appreciated

Get ready for a new love dynamic

Get ready for a heart-to-heart talk

In recent years, love is sometimes hard to define or just plain hard. The good news for you is that : As for partnerships of any kind, January offers you a new beginning, Cancer.

All kinds of partnerships and duos, past, present and potential, will be presented at the beginning of 2021. Remember that your 7th is not only about long term love and partnerships, but also about all kinds of dualities and opposing relationships you can imagine. It is enough to know that now appears or enters a new phase the one who is called to develop your experience of life together. All this bodes well for the appearance of Venus in the ruling house from the 8th house.

Whatever you do, don’t cling to the status quo when you know in your heart that things need to change. Also, don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation with a loved one when Mercury meets Pluto here on the 5th. If Venus is on the 8th. In May, Mercury will also have changed signs and be in your house of intention, empowerment, sharing and rebirth. And yes, this is your sex house, but it’s also what you’re afraid of.

If you are downplaying your concerns or feeling anxious, it is a sign that the difficulties of the past few years are behind you. Looking for something else? Should we say an equal and accepted relationship dynamic? The kind that makes you feel like you can be yourself? This month, get the resources you need to create just that, a cancer.

Check your file on this hip thing!

Being straight? Yeah, if it has anything to do with Jupiter. Right now we are in a very tight weather situation with a fixed board. On the one hand, there are all the New Age planets. Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and then the Sun in Aquarius (8th) from the 19th. Then we have Mars and Uranus, which form the 11th house. House, and an approaching full moon in the 2nd. House on 28. On the same day, Venus and Pluto meet in your 7th house. House.

Check your file to see if you have Leo factors. Because this is your neighbor’s sign, many crabs do it. At some point in the current era, they will be in opposition to the planets in your 8th house. House. When this happens, you are challenged to dig deeper, tap into your inner power and stand up for what you believe is right. A lawyer for love, if you will. This includes loving yourself, which is your second. So keep that in mind at the end of the month.

In case of doubt, one of our astrologers can give you information about your horoscope and the new era to come. Also look for planets in other fixed signs – Scorpio, Taurus and yes, Aquarius. These new time planets will also be influential, along with Mars and Uranus in Taurus. Mars and Uranus will be particularly observed this month. If they go through Uranus, which is the 11th house. Signs of friendship and the future rules. And when they do, it creates a square with the planets in your 8th house. House.

The squares give us energy to push ourselves. Think of it as an astral gym or a cross trainer. Sure, there’s resistance, but we need it to build muscle and be fit! Once you see the squares this way, you can really use their energy to move you to change for the better. They force us to solve problems and think in new ways. Especially if the Aquarius/Uranus factors come into play. We also have the opportunity to discover how much we can accomplish if we put our minds to it. That’s priceless.

What you and the world need now

New opportunities for love or a new phase in a relationship will be brought by a New Moon in your 7th house. House marked on the 13th. The new moon passes very close to Pluto, the only slow moving planet in this house. This month you will also know exactly if something is good for you or not. In addition to Venus, the New Moon and Pluto, you have the Sun in residence, as well as Mercury until the 8th. Mercury will meet Pluto here on the 5th, then the Sun on the 14th, a day after the New Moon.

Venus meets Pluto on the 28th, the same day that the Full Moon is in Venus’ other house in your horoscope, the 2nd house. House. On this full moon of your 2nd year. House, you need both affirmation from others and a connection to your own values. This, of course, is directly related to love and true partnership. Because your 2nd also manages relationships that are assets to us.

Know your value and go from there. This is the message of the squares. And the grand conjunction of Mars and Uranus in your 11th house. The House of 20 also knows that you have to bring and contribute. Your deepest qualities – intuition, sensitivity, attentiveness – are now in demand by the world, and you will be able to share them with more people in new ways. Plus, the affirmation it gives you gives you a new sense of self-worth.

Draw the triangles

As Venus passes through your 7th, she forms a trine with Mars in your 11th on the 9th, and then with Uranus on the 14th. So it’s a great time to make all kinds of connections – and new ones. If love is your future goal, prove yourself in every way possible. But do it before Mercury retrogrades to your 8th house from the 30th. The house will do it, if possible.

With Venus and Pluto together on the 28th, this is a good time to have a heart-to-heart and allow a loved one or person into your emotional world. Don’t hold back and say what you really feel. You may come out of this situation more intimate or in love than ever.

It’s also a time to make wishes come true. Does this sound like Tom Ellis asking you what you want from Lucifer? The meeting of Venus and Pluto is something similar when it comes to what you want for your future. Especially for future relationships. But this potential will accompany you throughout the month. At the end of the month, everything comes to a head.

Mercury retrograde in your 8th house. The 2nd house meets Jupiter twice more starting on the 30th. The second time is when it retrogrades, and then the trifactor is when it goes direct again. Jupiter is known to always bring solutions and opportunities. It can include money, investments, mortgages, loans, income, shared ownership and benefits. And also your most intimate relationships. There may be some back and forth and negotiation between you for a while. If so, by March expect a new dynamic in the distribution of power or just a sense of superiority. In 2021, a new style of love and relationships begins. One that makes you feel valued for what you are, cancer.

In a nutshell: Get ready for a new love dynamic for the new age – Cancer. A place where you feel valued for your unique strengths and gifts. The world needs this sensitivity. Be prepared for the inspection.


Show every day that you love age

It’s about quality, not quantity

All kinds of duets will be in the spotlight in 2021.

Love of growth is now at the top of your agenda for 2021, Leo! Past, present and potential partnerships, duets and double acts of all kinds. Business partners, colleagues, best friends, business associates and even rivals or adversaries. Remember that you will not experience the New Age alone.

When you turn 21. To start the year, make the necessary changes in work, school, diet, fitness, routines, habits and well-being. Mercury begins the month in the sixth house ruled by it. Home and meet Pluto here on the 5th. On the 14th – the day after the New Moon – the Sun is also in conjunction with Pluto.

Venus also strikes here from the 8th. We can’t talk about your six years now. House without discussing what is happening in the world. Now it’s about bringing beauty and creativity into every routine. Venus allows you to do that. Accept that you need this structure and respect it too. But you don’t have to think it’s become boring, corny or prison-like. This month you can make lasting changes for the better that will get you started not only for the rest of the year, but for much longer.

So focus on how you can create something fun in your daily work (paid or unpaid), studies, habits, diet, exercise or a new, more varied schedule for yourself. One that not only includes what you need to do, but combines it in such a way that you have time to do what you want to do. Variety makes you more energetic and productive.

Time for internal and external maintenance

A good time to begin this work would be during the New Moon in your 6th house. House on 13. Perhaps you feel the need not only to make positive changes in your daily life, but also to create order, simplicity, cleanliness and health. In fact, you can opt for the less is more approach. It’s a great new moon for cleaning or fixing the house.

The moon is associated with parenting, so think about what you eat. It may not be about dieting per se, but about seeing yourself as making different choices in how you eat your body. So, again, it may be about quality, not quantity. For example, by choosing fresher ingredients. Avoid takeaways, ready meals and too much sugar. But without feeling marginalized. This new moon may bring with it a new sense of taking better care of yourself than in the past. This might be a little hard for you. Expect improvements between now and early March.

Check coefficients in diagram

We are now in the scent of a large solid shield. And yes, you are one of those amazing people who have the gift of building something lasting in a creative way. Be prepared to be flexible and change the status quo in January if necessary.

Like I said, you can start small – with a daily routine. You are supported by Venus, who only wants to do good, and is in trine with Mars (9th) and Uranus (14th) in your 10th house. House, which raises your status. This is a good time to list your work or career plans for the year. As well as anything to do with your well-being that will help you get out of a rut that prevents you from releasing your characteristic radiance.

Dive into your map and see where your Leo postal workers are. When Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and the Sun cross your 7th from the 19th, they will be opposing it. If you’re not sure, one of our astrologers can help you choose the right time. If you have Aquarian factors, it is clear that in this era all these planets will be in conjunction, doubling the love, doubling the duo dynamic!

Mars and Uranus are in your 10th and Taurus, they are in square with the planets in your 7th. And depending on where your Sun and your planet Leo are, they are. And if you have other Scorpio factors in your 4th house. house, these will also be affected. Some Lions move in with their partner or plan to move in with their partner. Or, because your 10th rules over your partner’s status as well as your own, you feel the effects of changes related to their career or work.

Remember: If Jupiter is involved, there is no sudden transit! You just have to try a little harder, that’s all. You’ll see what I mean during the full moon of your first year. House on the 30th of this month, illuminating Jupiter. This will happen the day after the meeting with the sun. The focus will now be on one particular relationship. With corresponding opportunities, solutions or advantages.

It takes two to tango

Don’t forget your 7th. The house is one of the attraction houses. Think of it as a place where you can engage in a relational dance with someone when important transits occur here. Salsa? Hip-hop? Tango? You will both have your own rhythm, depending on the subject of the dance.

Sometimes the transits here show us transitioning to a new dance partner when we find we can’t keep up anymore. Know that Jupiter is giving you great opportunities now to explore a new aspect of love, but he cannot fix what is broken to the point of impossibility. What it can do is make it easier to consciously stop communicating than at any other time. And maybe bring in someone new.

Saturn is also associated with commitment here. He also asks you to be serious. If you’re looking for something long-term, keep these criteria in mind. Do not receive those who do not want the same. The big events of the month begin for you when the ruling Sun comes into play on the 19th. Saturn meets Saturn on the 24th and Jupiter on the 29th. The day after the full moon of your first month. That’s what makes it so important to you. If a new connection is added now, it could become important. But you will definitely find out if you have made the right choice or not when you settle down.

Receive the good news of love retroactively!

Mercury has been in your 7th position since the 15th. House is delayed. He comes back here on the 30th. Define the usual retro rules. Despite the retrograde motion, Mercury will meet Jupiter twice during this period. So you triple your chances of finding love. Especially when Venus, who rules this house, arrives just in time for Valentine’s Day. Venus and Jupiter meet here next month and give you the biggest love boost in years.

Retroactive love for singles can mean reconciliation, rebirth, or just the return of love into your life after a long absence. Again: When 2021 arrives, you’ll know if you’re in the right place. Or, if that’s what you’re after, be sure he has that factor of a good future or not, Leo.

In a nutshell: Are you ready for love, Leo? Start the month by taking care of yourself. 2021 brings you the kind of partnership attention you’ve never known before. Prepare yourself by showing love to yourself first.


Start your heart on the 21st.

Create a life you can fall in love with

What held you back in 2020 is now known

How is this project of creating your best life going, Virgo? If you have already started this process, you can expect adjustments by March. It’s time to pay attention to how what you do every day affects your energy. It’s time to leave for good. To wait.

First, Mercury has a close encounter with Pluto in your sector of choice. This month, your 5th month will… Three plutonic encounters take place in the house. Mercury on the 5th, the Sun on the 14th, then Venus, who arrives in this house on the 8th, meets Pluto on the 28th. Keep yourself busy with romance, creativity, and anything to do with children, babies, teens, millennials, your adult children, or relationships in which you may become a parent or stepparent in the future.

Magnetize your wishes!

Also in the sense – well, Pluto rules sex. So if you meet someone new during this cycle, things can escalate quickly. You can also open yourself up to hedonism, fun, enjoyment, hobbies and self-expression. You may be feeling the urge to decorate. Venus here, along with Pluto, will make you appreciate all her charms. They then look for ways to demonstrate this. This is one of your houses where you are very visible, and Pluto and Venus together enhance your personal magnetism.

This is also one of your attraction houses. Remember, this house is all about fun and enjoyment. This tells you to let go of the situation and not take things too seriously. At least not right now. Remember, this is an open house and everything should go effortlessly. If you don’t, if you feel like all the work is coming down to you, that’s a red flag.

Start this heart for the 21st year!

Mars is in conjunction with Uranus in your 9th house. House of 6. Think of it as the beginning of the 21st century. That’s probably why you need excitement, heartbreak and freedom. Now it won’t be intrusive or annoying. You feel spontaneous, adventurous and outgoing. And a little courage. This I-try-everything attitude can extend to initiating a job change, a new hobby, or a first step. You will be amazed at the results of the courses that make your heart beat faster.

Data, when will you see your confidence rise and be able to take risks? Venus forms a trine with Mars on the 9th, then with Uranus on the 14th. And on the 20th, Mars and Uranus meet. These dates can also bring you unexpected opportunities or surprises. Again: Be ready to start. On the day before Venus and Uranus will be conjunct, there is a New Moon in your 5th house. House. This can lead to an alchemical attraction between you and someone who is passionately different. Or see how to tackle a bold transformation or creative project. Again, babies, children or teenagers can take on this role. Or is it the inner child that wants you to express yourself freely? Don’t hold back, virgin.

Heading for the present era

If Mercury is in your 6th position on the 8th. As you enter the 21st century and meet Saturn (10th) and Jupiter (11th) for the first time here, it’s time for you, Virgo, to enter your natal chart.

Do you have factors in Aquarius? Or one of the other fixed signs – Taurus, Leo or Scorpio? We are now in the scent of a large solid shield. Not only does your governor have Jupiter, Saturn and the Sun in his or her main house from the 19th, but we also have Mars and Uranus in Taurus and in your main house. House and Full Moon in Leo and your 12th house. House on 28.

So if you have planets in a fixed sign, they will be aspected by one, several or all of these factors at some point, depending on the degree.

This month, Mars forms a square with Saturn (13th) and Jupiter (23rd). Mercury makes a square to Uranus on the 12th. And Jupiter is in square with Uranus on the 17th. Remember that Jupiter and Uranus are both associated with freedom for us on some level.

The squares give us energy to push ourselves. Think of it as an astral gym or a cross trainer. Sure, there’s resistance, but we need it to build muscle and be fit! When you see the squares in this way, you can really use their energy to push you to change – in your case, the change that will set you free. And it will be about creating the best life you can live. Every day.

Squares force us to solve problems and think in new ways. Especially if the Aquarius/Uranus factors come into play. We also have the opportunity to discover how much we can accomplish if we put our minds to it. That’s priceless. For you, freedom means overcoming resistance that may be related to work, habits or routines. And replace them with new ways of doing things.

Mercury enters retrograde from the 15th. And starting on the 30th, there will be a moon trail in the opposite direction. Remember that this is in his dominant position (6th) in your horoscope. So pay attention to the details, the little things and the insignificant things that underlie your daily life. Look what they mean. How you feel is how you create a good life. Consider this retro an excellent opportunity to do just that.

Especially since Mercury will be going back and forth with Jupiter during this cycle. The first time is on the 11th. The day after Mercury meets Saturn. What you do now will have a lasting effect. Create structures, schedules, ways of doing daily tasks that support and sustain you.

Be ready for the awakening of the soul

Perhaps for many of you it will bring a new job, an offer or simply a better way of working. Revise habits, routines, diet, exercise, wellness and work to unite mind, body and spirit. Choose all these fresh foods.

Next month, you will emerge from this retrograde state feeling recharged, renewed and energized. And get ready to reveal the hidden truth about your mind-body connection. You may not have realized how much you are affected by what you do, think or a situation. But when the Full Moon appears in your 12th on the 28th, it will shine again in your 6th. An important truth you need to clarify.

Then you are free to experiment and do what you need to do to free yourself from anything that limits you, makes you stagnant or is just no longer useful to you. Remember, you have a big project to work on. Do whatever it takes to make your life one. Not just during the holidays. Not a single day. But now. It starts today, the 1st. January 2021.

In a nutshell: It’s time for some practical magic in 2021, Virgo. It’s about creating your best life for each day. January gives you the tools to feel extraordinary and fall in love with your life – not just one day, but every day.


Love makes you look at yourself differently

Know where to draw the line

It’s time to let go and trust

Infants, children, adolescents, young adults. Romance. This glowing lover. The relationships that caring for children, foster parents or just young people can bring into your life. And even indulgences. This is a month to boost your creativity. Self-expression will become increasingly important. Like your ability to detach from the situation and not take things too seriously. It’s a bit of a relief after the difficult events of the last few years.

It should be clear by now that you have entered a very different year from the years you have experienced since 2017. You have probably been dealing with difficult issues that went to the heart of what is important to you: Your money, your life circumstances, your family, your job or even your relationships. This month you will see solutions and opportunities that dissolve lingering shadows for good.

House related matters, moving, buying, renting, selling, leasing, repairing, furnishing. Director Venus encourages you to show love for your home. These are not just any improvements, but improvements to your family, your style or your lifestyle. Venus in your 4th. The 2nd house, with Mercury and the Sun in conjunction with Pluto, could prompt some of you to redecorate your home or move in with your life partner. If you’re looking for a new roommate, chances are Venus will send you someone you can live with. Or a talented handyman to help you create the perfect home. Or you and your partner can work with Farrow & Ball to turn your home into a work of art.

First, unleash your creativity in your living space. Opt for a more personalized makeup. Mercury has been in your 5th since the 8th. House. She will meet Saturn and Jupiter on the 10th and 11th. Now start with something important, something you care about. Find love, an outlet for your talents, a creative project or a common goal with your one and only, if you have one. This is an opportunity to start something big and lasting. Don’t get discouraged if the goal seems difficult. Break it down into fun, easy-to-follow steps.

In this age of children, love, parenting, relationships and creativity, it’s all about attraction, and you know, or should know, that equals attract equals. Saturn in your 5th house. House asks if you feel you have the right to enjoy the benefits of life. Or do you feel like you need a reason? Did you leave with the belief that love, for example, must be difficult? Or are you preventing yourself from enjoying, coming, or just opening up to love?

Do you welcome spontaneity, fun and the opportunity to be yourself, or do you worry about what others will think? Or do you withdraw and end up watching others feel distant or unconnected? Saturn can put all these questions here. But you have Jupiter, which also gives you a solution. He wants us to grow. And in your 5th, it offers luck and great benefits if you take the first step.

Time to trust

Also, the positive side of Saturn in your 5th house. The sign is serious play or love. A second childhood, but lived with acquired wisdom. The same goes for romance. This is a month to let go of past resentments and open up. Trust and be more confident. You are in an important cycle regarding relationships, children, and/or whatever makes you stand out and shine. And you will see yourself in a different light if you address one, several or all of these areas. You will redefine yourself and attract solutions and opportunities when you do.

Check the coefficients in the diagram

The weather is now showing serious signs of stagnation. So this is a good time to check the aspects of the fixed signs in your horoscope. For example, many Libras have horoscope factors in the neighboring sign, Scorpio. So check for their presence and note the extent to which they are present. Also note card factors in other fixed signs – Leo, Aquarius new age and your 5th as well as Taurus. Again, pay attention to how much you do this.

This month Mars enters Taurus and its old 8th house. You also have Uranus here. It strengthens this solid energy. It is now up to you to question your values and the course you are on: The responsibility is here. If you have aspects in a fixed sign, the planets in your 5th and/or 8th house. will be in conjunction, opposition or square with them at some point. One of our astrologers can explain this to you in more detail and give you the exact dates if you are not sure.

As Venus transits your 4th house, she forms a trine with Mars, then with Uranus in your 8th house. Joint moves, negotiations, financial matters and major changes are all possible. Some of you may be dealing with professional, financial or domestic problems. You could infer this from the cycle that has been going on since late 2017. Especially during the new moon in his 4th house. House on 13.

But you may have to defend your values and beliefs because of a series of squares between the planets in your 4th and 8th houses. Mars, on the other hand, gives you confidence and security. Uranus offers both freedom and access to new ways of thinking. Both will work in your favor when they meet on the 20th. In three days, Mars will square Jupiter.

Remember, when Jupiter is present, there are no nerves! Of course, some of these squares have to do with Saturn, and we all know that Saturn can give us a learning challenge or an obstacle to overcome. But remember: Jupiter always gives us the solution. And with Saturn and Jupiter in your 5th house. House are close together, this should lead to a quick arrival if Saturn is not opposite!

Get some love Innovation

Love or what you love will be a catalyst that will make you change or look at yourself differently in the present. Especially when the sun goes down on the 19th. It also drives Saturn (24th) and Jupiter (29th). Plus, you have a beautiful full moon on the 28th – the same day that Venus and Pluto align in the 4th house. During this time you will be very open to your emotional needs in ways you may not have dared before. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. This is the perfect time to share your feelings and goals for the future with a friend or loved one.

You will also explore aspects of your personality or goals that you have abandoned in the past. Is it time to bring her back? Mercury retrograde in your 5th house. The house of the 30th is a matter of words. This includes, of course, reprogramming. But reunion, reconciliation, rebirth are different words. Mercury will meet Jupiter twice more during this retrocycle. Once in reverse and once in forward.

Romances or dreams may come and go, but in March there will be a great reset or new beginning. This can lead to a renewed desire, a hobby, or the desire for a goal. Or remind yourself of an important facet of what makes you so loved, Libra. Invention is the key to success. As in the fusion of an old love with a new love for the present time.

In a nutshell: Love and relationships will soon be a defining force in your life, Libra. You will change the way you see yourself through relationships, children or creative expression. This month is all about love in the Now Age!


Plans for the future

Focus on safety

Be ferocious!

Your two rulers, ancient and modern, are very busy this month, Scorpio. First, the modern ruler Pluto is the only slow planet in your 3rd house. This is the main house of Mercury, and we start it 2021. Pluto enhances Mercury’s ability to bring conviction and meaning to your words and ideas. Get your point across to your interlocutor and captivate him with your words. Especially on the 5th, when they meet.

This is the right time to move forward with those business and training plans. To direct everything, starting with your newly created CV, to this page. Venus has also been landing here since the 8th. Fills everything you say or send with creativity, appeal and passion. If you work in a creative sector, or if writing, photography or communications play an important role in your business, you are entering a period of powerful flow. The dates you need to remember to reach your goal are the 5th and the 14th. (Sun in conjunction with Pluto) and on the 28th. (Venus conjunct Pluto). If you also need to recreate your profile, brand, Instagram feed, resume, blog, etc.

Another date to keep an eye on is the 13th, when we have a new moon in your 3rd house. Again, the focus is on the familiar and your area or region. Now you can see it in a new way or make new discoveries. You may even discover opportunities right under your nose. Especially if you combine this with the new age planets in your home sector. More information on this in the near future.

Another benefit of Venus in your 3rd house. The house must not be neglected. Especially in combination with Pluto. These two embark on an unparalleled flirtation. Especially if you do it with your former ruler Mars in your 7th from the 6th. And a Venus/Mars triangle on the 9th. Uranus is also present, but Mars is more prominent than usual this January. Especially at the time of the connection between the two on the 20th.

Since the 3rd. Zahl has mastered the internet and communication, if you are looking for love, you should try this dating app. And don’t hesitate to take the first step. It’s also a good time to introduce yourself, present, pitch, apply for a job, or start an interview. Make your case – and your point. It will be convincing.

If you do marketing, advertising and self-promotion, you can now sell sand to the Saudis. Either people will want to follow you or they will listen to what you have to say. This is no time to be shy. Spread everything you have to offer, both personally and professionally. You now have a series of services.

Can you feel the heat?

We are in the time of a fixed sign for the age of now, Scorpio. It’s time to check your schedule. Not just because of the Phoenix factors in your own constellation. But for any planet or asteroid in one of the other fixed signs – Taurus, Leo, and of course new age Aquarius. If in doubt, one of our astrologers can help you.

Basically, this means that Uranus and its former ruler Mars are in Taurus and in your 7th house. House will be against your planets in Scorpio at some point. You will also square the stellium of the planets in your 4th house. This can form a square to all planets in your horoscope in your own sign or a conjunction/position/square to all factors in the other houses of the fixed signs. Again, one of our astrologers can provide information and a timeline.

They are a sign of hidden depths. And passion, too. You need that deep, alchemical connection. It’s either there or it’s not. So what is it? You have to remember that there is no bad transit of Jupiter. But it requires that we be ready to act when the opportunity arises. Or even change direction if something better comes along! Jupiter in conjunction with Mars can open a door if you are brave enough to walk through it on the 23rd. What’s on the other side of the door? Passion.

Be fierce and fearless

Your relationship needs may change. This can result in sudden changes in important connections – in both directions. This in turn has to do with Mars and Uranus in your 7th house. House to do. And the squares between them and these 4th degree planets. House. Don’t be afraid when it comes to fulfilling these deep emotional needs. Your desire for a more intense, exciting love is something that needs an answer now. Don’t ignore it.

They also bring with them a new way of life. In the age of the present, you can expand your living space. It needs to be expanded or moved to a larger location. Mercury, here from the 8th, promotes real estate transactions – buying, selling, renting, leasing. Or you just decide to change something or look for something new.

If you live with someone and want to move out, but they don’t want to, you can make a convincing argument when Mercury is square Mars on the 9th. Mercury meets Saturn here on the 10th, then Jupiter on the 11th. It can literally open the door to a new home or lifestyle. For others, it may be a job or business opportunity that will result in a move or an increase in your living space.

Saturn gives you the opportunity to create a new structure or establish something. Jupiter offers solutions and opens doors. Mercury here gives you the power of words, ideas and communication. Mars brings action, fire and confidence, while Uranus brings evolution, surprises and new factors in line with your soul values. So think about how you can move forward in your life and live it better.

The sun enters your 4th house from the 19th. Enlighten the family, the people you live with, material and emotional security, and your long-term needs. She first meets Saturn on the 24th, then Jupiter on the 29th. It asks you to step forward and identify yourself. Your way. You’re an author yourself. Or something that will be a long-term improvement.

Scorpio, this will require considerable and sustained effort on your part. But understand that it’s for your own good. While on one level it may seem like it binds you or imprisons you, it actually represents freedom on another level. Because the other side of the coin is security.

You have to weigh the pros and cons carefully and think about the long term. Where you want to be, not just now, but in the future, and how you want to live. If you feel like you are living in someone else’s shadow or conforming to their expectations instead of your own, the coming age should free you from that. And let you live your life the way you want, without fear.

You will become aware of this, as well as the actions you need to take in this regard, during the Full Moon in your status sector on the 28th. October. Do you need to inform others of your decision? Remember that Venus and Pluto meet in your 3rd house on this day. The house comes together and gives you the persuasion.

Time signal

Remember that for important documents – whether you write or sign them – you should, at best, have the first draft finished or the dotted line signed by the 15th. But definitely for the 30th, when Mercury will be in your 4th house. The house is in disrepair. It will be investigated from the 15th. And by March, it will have left the other side of the retrothenium.

So the retro rules apply, but especially to anything to do with property, security or privacy. However, the good news – and this retrograde cycle has some – is that Mercury meets Jupiter two more times during this retrograde cycle. Once in reverse and again when in forward.

The bottom line is that you shouldn’t do anything rash. Or they feel they could lose if they do. Things can be postponed, canceled, or go back and forth. If something doesn’t work out, remember that it’s because a better deal or opportunity comes along. Remember, Jupiter opens doors. Wait and see how many there are now, Scorpio.

In a nutshell: Your words will have a powerful effect, Scorpio. So don’t underestimate him when you speak to love. The age of today also ushers in a new phase of life. Expand your space or sense of place in January.

Magnetic switch

show self-esteem

Don’t be in a hurry to close the deal.

Ideas travel and take you further

Time to flesh out and implement ideas you may have started but then neglected. Because they can be valuable or because you just rediscovered the one whose time has come. Turning ideas into reality is what the current era will be for you.

Be real about the real you

It starts with valuing your ideas, talents and skills. Have you taken certain aspects of yourself for granted? Have you ever been guilty of thinking, for example, that anyone can do what you do? Or do you feel you have gaps in certain areas? It’s time to be realistic. People tend to focus on one aspect of overcoming reality. And this is one of those cases where we are taught not to punch above our weight. In all areas. There is another side to being realistic and sober. And that doesn’t mean we minimize what we have.

The value itself

Venus in her second home. The sign wants us to appreciate ourselves more. This is on the 8th, three days after Mercury and Pluto meet. You also have a new moon here on the 15th. Someone who wants you to have everything you have. And they can offer. It tells you to value yourself and not let others reject you.

New ones can leave. Venus in the ruling house often brings a potential new lover. Especially when it is in conjunction with Pluto on the 28th. Another possibility is a new source of income. This could relieve you of the limitations you have faced in recent years. That’s because Pluto is the only slow planet in your second house. House of money, possessions, wealth and self-worth. Saturn and Jupiter, the ruler of the house, are both in your third house.

Like many Archers, you’ve likely struggled with income issues or heartbreaking situations since late 2017 that have tested your belief in yourself, your abilities, and even love. Even the arrival of Jupiter, which normally removes such blockages, has brought you only partial answers. January is the time when you really start to put everything behind you.

Important dates for you when strong changes may occur are the 9th when Venus is in conjunction with Mars and the 14th when Venus is in conjunction with Uranus, both in your professional sector. You also have very powerful encounters between the Sun and Pluto in your 2nd house. House on the 14th and between Mars and Uranus on the 20th. Do what needs to be done now. And don’t be afraid to change direction or try unconventional ideas.

Writing a New Age success story

This all happens against the backdrop of the New Age planets in your 3rd house. House. Mercury lands in 8th place here. And he meets Saturn and your ruler Jupiter on the 10th and 11th. This is, of course, the main house of Mercury. Saturn rules fatherhood. Mercury rules over communication. Jupiter, as you know, rules the media, big ideas, and anything involving long distances. It is time to send this message or idea to as many people as possible. And also to multiply it in the process. This will determine how far an idea or your message can take you now.

Now to the point for you: Writing, speaking, publishing, self-publishing, the internet, new media, online learning, teaching, studying, your resume, your portfolio, your Instagram feed. It’s about scripts, blogs, manuscripts, part-time, websites, agents and media.

And also how to get there. Your car, your bike if you still commute, your neighbors, your brothers, your sisters, your cousins, your community. Short trips. Fall in love with where you are. Be in the here and now. See the opportunities where you are instead of thinking the grass is greener. You know you have everything you need to reach your goal. And where you are now at the beginning of the Age of Now is exactly where you need to be to enjoy it.

Keeping a journal or setting goals can already yield amazing results. But when it comes to communication projects or future plans, it’s time to look at that from the middle of the month. Indeed, Mercury slows down from the 15th and begins a retrograde period in his main house.

Turn to insight and intuition

We are now in an intense period with the fixed characters. We have new-age planets that are your 3rd. Add to that Mars and Uranus in Taurus and your 6th house. House. Mars will be square with these 3rd house planets. Mercury will square with Uranus on the 12th. On the 28th we have a full moon in your 9th sign – another fixed sign, Leo. This is the Moon under which you can chart a new course or break out of your confinement. But the energy of this fixed sign tells you that it may require extra effort on your part. Fortunately, your ruler provides you with solutions and loopholes. And one that has to do with your intuition and inspiration.

Check your birth chart for aspects in one of the fixed signs. For example, many Sagittarians have planets in Scorpio. Note the grade if this is the case. Are they in opposition to these new age factors or in opposition to Mars or Uranus? Note the planets in the other fixed signs. If in doubt, one of our astrologers can help you.

On the 13th we have Mars square Saturn, then Jupiter on the 23rd. You may encounter an obstacle there, but you will find a solution to the problem. You, of all people, should know that there is no such thing as a bad or troublesome Jupiter transit. Just opportunities that present themselves in disguise or not!

The squares give us energy to push ourselves. Think of it as an astral gym or a cross trainer. Sure, there’s resistance, but we need it to build muscle and be fit! When you see the squares in this way, you can really use their energy to push you to change – in your case, the change that will set you free. Or in a way, broaden your world.

Squares force us to solve problems and think in new ways. Especially if the Aquarius/Uranus factors come into play. We also have the opportunity to discover how much we can accomplish if we put our minds to it. That’s priceless. Ideas can come unexpectedly and require you to take risks. If so, do so. Especially at full moon. If so, that’s your intuition in action. Guided by the hand of Jupiter.

Get ready for a backlash!

From the 15th, Mercury begins to slow down. You know the drill, Sag. Make backups. Read the fine print. Avoid making big purchases. Bringing projects to a more or less advanced stage. Don’t start anything. Expect delays, postponements, cancellations and cancellation of flights.

The Sun will be in your 3rd house from the 19th. Enter the characters. The meeting with Saturn takes place on the 24th, and with Jupiter the day before the full retrograde of Mercury (29th). For many of you, this may mean the successful completion of a project, an application or an initial design or phase. Now that you’ve come this far, reconsider, check your progress, and wait if you can.

Mercury retrograde in the main house can give us a double dose of retrograde chaos. Think carefully about the chaos, confusion or misunderstanding. They may be affected by weather conditions during the journey. Interruptions, breakdowns and delays are possible.

Good news? Mercury meets the ruler Jupiter not once but twice during the retrograde. Once in retrograde and again when it goes direct. That’s why you can afford to wait. You have time to review your own projects and plans. If something is delayed or doesn’t work, don’t force it. Maybe there will be a better offer in the future.

The same goes for any purchase you plan to make. You should already know not to buy anything under Mercury Retro unless something is beyond repair, like a phone, car, appliances or even a horse. This deal could be very different.

If you are in the middle of an application, submission or filing process, you may have to wait for a response. This issue may not be resolved until March. Or negotiations come and go, and the terms may not be final until then. Don’t worry about it. Jupiter’s got your back now, Sag. The end result is in your favor.

In a nutshell: Even though you can’t travel now, your words and ideas have wings, Sag. And the ability to take you further than ever before. The current era offers great ideas. And new ways to communicate them.


Love yourself enough to get what you want

Directing your energy in the right direction

Rethink your priorities and become more successful!

Are you new to the new century? In 2021, we still have a birthday, and it’s all about new beginnings. The Age of Now draws you into the future like an irresistible force. In January, think carefully about what you want Capricorns to get out of this new January.

In recent years you have been forged in the fire of transformation. Saturn’s rulership at this time presents serious mental challenges that cause you to set new priorities. Especially in conjunction with Uranus in your 5th (more on that later!). Maybe your needs have changed along with your attitude. Is that self-confidence you’re planning? At this point, you should know what you’re capable of because you’ve thrown yourself into the challenges you face. Enter this new cycle with the knowledge that nothing is above you.

Pluto is the only planet still moving slowly in your 1st, and Mercury will join it on the 5th. On that day, you will have no trouble saying what you want. Venus also arrives at your 1st on the 8th. Mars enters your 5th on the 6th. Tag ein. Analyze the past year that immediately precedes this year. Write down what you have accomplished. Express your gratitude.

Venus in your 1st. House will also help you understand what you really want. And why you need it. This deep emotional motivation. How to get it. How to radiate and attract. On the 9th, it forms a perfect triangle with Mars. It’s time to focus your energy on getting what you want. And what’s that, Capricorn? A lover? A project? A job that does justice to your talents and skills? Confession? Oscar? Be honest, because getting what you want starts with total honesty – at least to yourself.

Venus is also in trine with Uranus on the 14th. The same day the Sun meets Pluto in your 1st and the day after the New Moon in your sign. This is a time to make new beginnings and give new meaning and priority to what you want to achieve. Above all, use this energy to bring to life what you have planned. Otherwise, you’ll suddenly wonder why you feel so irritable, surly and short-tempered.

Do you have any Aquarian factors?

Every energy must find an outlet or expression. Especially the energy of Mars, which always demands that you do something. We should do something on Mars. In your home of romance, lovers, children and creativity, we can act with passion, confidence and magnetic attraction. Our appeal is at its peak. We are guided by our actions.

When Mercury goes from the 8th to the 2nd degree. As he enters the 2nd sign, he meets Saturn (10th) and Jupiter (11th). Mars will be in square with these new time planets, as will Uranus. Check your horoscope for Aquarius factors that many Capricorns have. Are there any New Age planets in conjunction? Or is Mars and/or Uranus square to them? If so, redouble your efforts. And be open to a change of direction or something new. Especially if you’re looking for love.

Just remember that if something fails now, Mars and Uranus will likely lead to an unexpected end. Especially around the 20th, when they meet. For others, however, they can be an intriguing new alternative. Love may not be what you think it is. These are the possibilities. Another reason to keep an open mind. So adopt something (or someone) else.

New ways of making bread can also be realized through Mercury in your 2nd house. Characters to imagine. Just note that Mercury slows down from the 15th and is preparing for a full retrograde on the 30th. So when the Sun arrives here on the 19th, meets Saturn as ruler on the 24th and Jupiter on the 29th, make sure your current plans are at a stage where you can enter into an overhaul or rework.

Just before the retrograde, and on the same day that Venus and Pluto reinforce personal goals and your image, the Full Moon appears on the 28th in your other house of money, the 8th. If you’re negotiating or waiting for news about a job, client, loan, mortgage or other agreement or outcome, be prepared for things to grind to a halt for a while if you haven’t yet reached an agreement.

Turn for the better

People may change their minds, change the starting point, change the terms, move around, get involved in a power struggle or make additional demands. I don’t need to tell you to check the fine print on anything you sign under Mercury retrograde. Especially when it comes to your money. You can consult a financial advisor or other expert if you are unsure. If possible, postpone business until Mercury goes direct again in March and is no longer retrograde.

However, this retrograde movement has a hidden benefit. Indeed, Mercury will meet Jupiter twice more during its retrograde phase. Once when it is retrograde and again when it becomes direct. Some see the offer back on the table when you thought it was gone forever. Others may see the other party make a turnaround or a concession, while you thought nothing would change. The item you wanted but didn’t get will be displayed again. When one says no, the other says yes. These are the benefits and solutions that Jupiter can bring in February.

In a nutshell: Feeling like you’re carrying a heavy load behind you? When the year 2021 begins, ibex will be gone forever. I look forward to living a better life again. And to make your personal wishes and dreams come true.


Be yourself

What message are you sending?

Happy birthday to all Now Agers!

It’s an age with your name, Aquarius. Especially when the Sun enters your sign from the 19th. First, the weather plays a more important role than usual this month. I mean on time or not on time. Saturn rules both time and karma. Jupiter rules luck and the right time, the right place, the right connection. So a decision or result is followed by an opportunity. Be prepared.

Putting the finishing touches on exceptional projects and plans. Tie up the loose ends. Don’t leave tasks or things unfinished. The confluence of Mercury and Pluto in your 12th house. The sign means completion, so that a new phase can begin. It’s about time.

If it’s time for reconciliation between you and someone else, the presence of Venus in your 12th house can help. The house on the 8th floor leads here. Uranus becomes direct again in your 4th house from the 14th. House. Unexpected news from the past or a situation that has changed dramatically in your favor may surprise you. This is all thanks to Venus forming a trine with Uranus and the conjunction of the Sun and Pluto in your twelfth on the same day. Read what I have to say about what in your past is part of your soul journey.


You also have a fateful encounter between Venus and Pluto in your 12th house on the 28th. House. Again, there may be a rebirth or a resumption of the connection. But understand that if something doesn’t come back during this period and Mercury retrogrades in your 1st from the 30th, it’s time to let it go. The century asks you to look forward now, not backward.

They are a sign of original ideas and thinking. They are innovative and also turn things upside down and look at them from a new perspective. Diving into the depths of your soul, searching for the truth, or just rethinking, is what the new moon in your 12th house does. House on 13. On the same day, Mars in your 4th is aligned with Saturn in your 1st.

This may have to do with family issues or someone close to you. But that means you won’t hesitate to chase. Any interest in research, astrology, tarot, clairvoyance, spirituality, your family tree or even quantum physics can be awakened by this New Moon. You are moving into areas that were previously not for you or that you have avoided in the past. Everyone is looking for answers. This may lead you to discover information that will either set you free or close the chapter for good.

If you want to tune into the energy of this transition, meditate on the 8 of Cups card in the Tarot. If you look at the character walking away from the cups, you will see that he is not looking back, but forward. Whatever else your soul develops will go with you as part of the progression. Once you realize this, you will see that the past is simply meaningless to you.

Draw your way into a new era

Some of you may be thinking about making changes to your home or lifestyle, as Mars is in full swing and moving into your 4th house. In the coming year, you will actively seek out a new lifestyle or a new approach to lifestyle. One that reflects who you are and the lifestyle you want, not one that suits others. So come up with an alternative lifestyle or living situation that is unique to you. Friends will also be the new family of Now Age. The sense of community will become more important to you. And if you don’t have it yet, you want to make changes to get it or find it now. Radical if necessary, especially after Uranus returns to your 4th house from the 14th.

Unexpected news from the past or a situation that has changed dramatically in your favor may surprise you. This is all thanks to Venus forming a trine with Uranus and the conjunction of the Sun and Pluto in your twelfth on the same day.

When Mars and Uranus go through your 4th house. If you go to the 2nd house, they form a square with the factors of your birth chart in Aquarius. And also Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and then the Sun. This is a powerful time of self-definition, goal setting and, yes, asserting your image, your brand, your look, your style, your message and even those unconventional Aquarian ideas! Don’t be afraid to experiment. Or stand out, for that matter.

When the sun goes down on the 19th. Your first realization, you must first get rid of something old and replace it with the new affirmation. It doesn’t have to be something big – even small changes are good. Or you can treat yourself to a Fab Five inspired makeover. No matter where your budget or inner desire to rethink takes you. It’s not just your Game Face, it’s Game On You!

Because you are so important in this cycle, it is very important to take care of yourself and your appearance. You’re your own best business card. In the next cycle, you will experience a moment of spiritual revelation in this regard. Maybe more than one. When will you realize that taking care of yourself is actually a mental exercise that has nothing to do with vanity! See how it all relates to your soul journey.

You have time

It starts at the beginning of the month, long before the sun enters your sign. Mercury meets your 1st on the 8th. Tag. It’s time to pay attention to how you communicate, not just verbally, but visually as well. Now it’s the message that counts. Embracing means taking what you communicate seriously. With the first conjunction of Mercury and Saturn on the 10th, this is a good time to do so. The two men are talking: If you don’t take yourself and your dreams seriously, how do you expect others to?

Chances are, you will see immediate results from any change you make in this area. Mercury meets Jupiter the next day, giving you potential opportunities or solutions to what has been holding you back since 2018! This is a great time to express yourself with confidence, Aquarius. And dynamism in all areas related to these objectives and ambitions.

Mirror, mirror on the wall – which is better?

The sun enters your first house on the 19th. Day and offers a birth cycle like you’ve never experienced in this life. It’s time to realize your potential. Now you don’t need validation. You must know how smart and unique you are. And that’s how you own it. But you know what? Affirmation and positive feedback can come from both sides!

Between the Sun’s encounters with Saturn (24th) and Jupiter (29th), there is a Full Moon in your 7th on the 28th. House. Imagine someone giving you a mirror so you can see yourself through their eyes. This should be a very good reflection, Aquarius. This Full Moon is good for meeting people, solving professional or career problems, or just enjoying the company of someone who plays an important role in your quest to become the best version of yourself that you can be.

Mercury slows down from the 15th in your 1st. House. After the 30th, he’ll downshift. The good news about this retrograde – yes, there are actually two parts – is that it will meet Jupiter not once, but twice. Things may fluctuate back and forth for a while, and the usual procrastination and failure periods may still occur. But it does give you a chance to finish the unfinished business that is you, your dreams and your goals, Aquarius. Become the poster child for the Now era.

In a nutshell: It’s time to step up to the plate, Waterman. I’m talking about you and everything you have to offer. It’s your first birthday for the age that has your name on it. Know who you are and be proud of it. The world needs your uniqueness. Give it as a birthday present!


Don’t limit your imagination!

Try a little manual magic.

Unpack the new reality for 2021

If there’s one thing you shouldn’t limit right now, Pisces, it’s your ability to imagine. All major planetary events in your 12th year. The Century wants to send you on a journey. On the way to amazing inventions and possibilities. It may well be that your faith and your ability to visualize and invent come out well – a truth more amazing than fiction.

This cycle wants you to understand that if you can dream it, you can experience it in some form. We will have a festive time in January. The beauty of the energy of the fixed signs is that it captures our goals and intentions. This gives us a realistic picture of our work. So consider all these activities in 12. Home as practical magic for the present time.

Since Venus has been in your 11th house since the 8th, along with the Sun. House is located, you should pay attention to how you can interact with other people who have the same interests and beliefs. More information at the end of this forecast. This is a time when you have the chance to make important new contacts and be a part of something. Yes, even with the social distance. Zoom, Meetup, and all the alternatives and variations. Especially if it involves creativity, tarot, psychic abilities, astrology, clairvoyance, spirituality, teaching, or just a cause or movement that resonates with you.

Remember, Venus is in your 11th house. House generally associated with the love of friends, not romantic love. This could be a time when you form friendships that influence your future path, receive help or other benefits coming from someone you know, and even come into contact with influential and/or powerful friends through conjunctions of Mercury and Pluto (5), Sun and Pluto (14), and Venus and Pluto (28).

We have ignition!

The new moon here on the 13th also sets the tone for your social life and your ability to achieve goals in the coming year. So, in anticipation of Mercury’s retro-factor starting on the 15th, when Mercury drops its retro-shadow, you should focus on business progress and all plans related to studying, writing, internet and business.

You are supported by Mars, who is now in your 3rd house. House, as well as Uranus, which is your 11th house. The house dominates. If Venus goes to your 11th house. When she is in the 2nd sign, she forms a trine with Mars on the 9th, then with Uranus on the 14th. On the 20th, you have the opportunity to make your dreams come true, build trusting relationships or inspire others with the power of your ideas, as Mars and Uranus meet to put these plans into action. Try to schedule meetings, presentations or mailings around this date.

Check your card for current ageFactors

In addition to inventive ideas, persuasion and self-confidence will be your main selling points this month. Your authenticity is the key to progress. Stay in touch with your soul’s values. Check your horoscope for Aquarius factors now too. Lots of fish have them. If Mars and Uranus are both in your third house. The signs, they’re all planets in your 12th. Putting characters in their place. If you are not sure, one of our astrologers can help you.

We also have squares this month with the current new age planets and conjunctions of Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter. And also the conjunction between the Sun, Saturn and Jupiter when it arrives here on the 19th.

You don’t have to see squares as a negative thing. The squares give us energy to push ourselves. Think of it as an astral gym or spiritual trainer, especially if it is connected to planets in your 12th house. The house is connected. Sure, there’s resistance, but we need it to build muscle and be fit! Once you see the squares this way, you can really use their energy to move you to change for the better. They force us to solve problems and think in new ways. Especially if the Aquarius/Uranus factors come into play. We also have the opportunity to discover how much we can accomplish if we put our minds to it. That’s priceless.

For you, it can open doors to new ways of seeing the world, rethink your past, and serve as a portal to something bigger when you’re ready. Again: I’m talking about your ideas and your imaginative/psychic abilities. Now you can make incredible leaps that will give you real results with solid energy. Unusual friendships or connections may bring you someone who can act as a guide. You can investigate something that seems unreal, yet is real. As in the multiverse, quantum physics, theoretical mathematics, science fiction, visualization of past or even future lives, healing, therapy, mediumship, clairvoyance. There is no limit to what you can do with it.

If you are already working in a creative field, this month can give you inspiration that translates into work that touches others on a deep level of resonance. So find new ways to share what you create with others, and in doing so, consider yourself a guide for the journey of others.

Corresponding to

Your sensitivity to vibration, to the feelings of others, and to the atmosphere is enhanced by the Full Moon in your 6th house. House on 28th. This is also the day Venus and Pluto meet in your 11th house. House. Spending time thinking about what you want to accomplish in the next 12 months is a good use of this Full Moon.

Even if you don’t feel like going somewhere or doing something, take that to heart, along with the rules of social distance. It’s just a matter of paying attention to what you’re listening to or taking in. Contrary to the obvious or said. Now, let’s assume that your impressions are correct. This is the mind/body/soul alignment point for you. So use this full moon to focus on that. Also, if you need help, ask under this moon. The above adjustment can extend to feeling that someone you know is also in need of contact or support. If you feel this way, contact them, even if only via Facetime.

Mercury will be in your 12th house from the 30th. The House refuses. This will be an influential and important Mercury retrograde. First, it’s the first for the coming Aquarian Age. And it happens under this sign. Jupiter will come and go here during the retrocycle. This is your home of faith, spirituality, psychic gifts, inspiration, but also your home of the past. During this retrograde period, you may have more than usual problems related to the past.

But it’s about shared beliefs and a common past. It depends on what you connect with others. Common karmic or soul groups and experiences. Be careful who you hang out with or get together with during the retrograde. There’s still a chapter to be written between you. Just as there may be another chapter to write when it comes to living life as you truly envision it, Pisces.

In a nutshell: Whatever you do in 2021, don’t put up barriers to your imagination, fish. The possibilities are endless when it comes to where your ideas can take you. Especially if you divide them by level.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is 2021 a good year astrology?

The year 2021 is a good year for those born under the sign of Pisces.

Which zodiac sign will be the luckiest in 2021?


What is the horoscope for January 2021?

The horoscope for January 2021 is a good time to make plans and set goals.

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