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January 4th Weekly Astrology Forecast

On January 4th (or every Monday,) I will do a chart for the upcoming week, to help you better understand the energies you are experiencing. Many of the signs we experience today, and throughout the year, are the result of your past actions and how you have reacted to those actions. In my chart, I show how each of your planets is currently positioned and how the elements are flowing. This shows you where you are at now, and what is currently occurring in your life—both things that you have done and things that have happened to you.

This blog is updated on the first of every month. This blog will provide a single line in the weekly astrology forecast on the first of every month. This will include the birth date of the Sun, the Moon, the Ascendant, the ruler of the ascendant, and the lord of the ascendant. This blog will also include the current planetary placements. This blog will also include the current planetary placements.

Weekly astrological predictions for all signs 4. January 2021

Our astrologer, Elena.


Move on to something bigger in the 21st century.

Rise above negativity

Be prepared for a big impact

Aries, when it comes to New Year’s resolutions regarding your ambitions, career and work. Mercury meets Pluto in your status on the 10th, which could bring news or a clue about your current direction.

Not only do you know exactly what you want, but you exude sexual confidence when it comes to getting what you want. The ruler Mars lights a fire in your money house when he enters it on the 6th. It’s not just about your money, your income, or pursuing it, it’s about your values. Especially the way you evaluate yourself. Don’t be afraid to defend them if someone questions them. Ultimately, they may be motivated by jealousy.

Get up!

Mercury now enters your 11th house on the 8th and forms a square with Mars on the 9th. Of course, someone could try to betray that trust, but it won’t work. Venus in your 10th house. The 8th house, also from the 8th, not only rises above it, but behaves with class and diplomacy in a way that makes the other party seem ugly and petty. For on the same day that Mercury forms a square with Mars, Venus forms a triangle with it. I’ll just dip you in chocolate and call it Truffle Godiva. The same cannot be said for those on your side this week. The brown mass that sticks to it is something else entirely.

The conjunction of Mercury and Saturn on the 10th could make you hear about a very different kind of connection. This could have a significant impact on the upcoming cycle. Pay attention to the person you are currently listening to or communicating with. Yours and others may be moving in the same direction in the current era.

In a nutshell: Claim your part of the era now and make it yours, Aries! This week, Mars sends you hunting, and Venus gives you a boost in your career. Start making your New Year’s Eve plans.


wear red

Show me you’re serious.

Passion is sexy.

Va-va-voom, Taurus. It doesn’t matter that the weather is terrible outside. You are bubbling with enthusiasm and sexual confidence thanks to Mars in your first house. 6th Floor House This is a major passage where you make changes to your image, appearance, style, body, brand and especially your face or front. Try something new to be a braver, more exciting version of yourself in 2021. Involve Mars by choosing red – even if it’s just an accessory or a lipstick.

This is supported by the rulership of Venus in your ninth house. Sustained house, which is in trine with Mars on the 9th. You may receive compliments or even flirt when others approach you, which is new in this day and age.

This year you also have plans for something bigger that you want to start or accomplish. Plans can be made from the 9th when Mercury is in your 9th house. The house meets Pluto. You will feel a certain sense of rightness coupled with an exciting freedom for what you are about to do.

Report this obligation

Make sure others understand how committed you are to this. Mercury changes house on the same day as Venus. Give your area of success for the age of now. That’s a whole other success story you’ve made. Know when to stand up for what you think is right when it comes to 9th grade demands and responsibilities. Maybe it’s time to draw a line, but in the most agreeable way possible.

Around the 10th, important appointments can be made, plans worked out or documents signed regarding your career and long-term progress. But selling your soul for success? Taurus is not an option in the 21st.

In a nutshell: Hey, that’s hot! Use that sexy confidence and channel it into a passionate dream or goal for 2021. All that heat is very sexy, Taurus. Especially if you say it like you mean it.


Raise your expectations

Let’s get down to business.

Go straight to love

On the 5th, Mercury meets Pluto in the 8th heaven. House. Venus also enters this house from the 8th house. This week could bring a money-related change, or you could send someone a message about your expectations. For example, what you want for the future or how you want to be treated.

Your personal truth brings freedom

Don’t be afraid to talk to them directly. It’s not about being in love with each other. They’re not short of words either. With Mars in your 12th house. House wants to track things down and get to the bottom of them. Expect things to change and move around you accordingly. Especially after Mercury enters your 9th on the 8th. He will square Mars on the 9th, when Venus forms a trine with Mars in your 8th.

Consider it an outlet for something better, especially around the 10th when Mercury is in conjunction with Saturn in your 9th house. The House is assembled. You want to get straight to the point in every discussion, and you don’t have time to waste with people who beat around the bush. Your benefit this week is to let others know where you stand. It’s funny how you can find someone who appreciates your candor. Get to the point, Gemini.

In a nutshell: Changes in money, income, joint assets or what you share suggest solutions, new terms and agreements that need to be made. Don’t be afraid to ask for conditions, Gemini.


Obstacles to love disappear

Partner, buddy, lookalike.

Start setting goals for 2021!

Looking for love, cancer? Venus enters the 7th day of her reign from the 8th. Characters. The atmosphere here is very different from the harsh weather conditions that have hampered all kinds of partnerships in recent years.

Pluto is the only slow moving planet here. Serious sexual discussions may arise early in the week when Mercury meets Mercury. Don’t forget that all kinds of duets and double acts take place in this house. Not only in love, but also in business, work and friendships that continue. Mars in your 11th from the 6th leads you on the path to the future with confidence. From now on, not only will you set new goals, but you will actively seek out people who fit the way you see your future.

Put the ring on the future

Mercury, which is in your 8th. The century nations can show you if someone is on your team now, if they are square Mars on the 9th. You and someone else may be on different pages. However, Venus is in conjunction with Mars on the same day, which could lead to a special date or encounter.

If you come to an agreement with someone this week – or make a joint decision about a partnership or responsibility – you will both be ready for the future when Mercury meets Saturn on the 10th. End the affair with a kiss. For some? Don’t think it’s all business this week, Krebs.

In a nutshell: New year, new age, new goals. Especially the ones having to do with love, cancer. You are at the beginning of a new cycle when the previous obstacles to progress disappear. Duets are dominating at the moment. We’ll double it this week.


Continue the routine

Knowing when to speak and when to write

Promises are kept

Mercury begins the week in its 6th house. House. Make final adjustments in your job (paid or unpaid), studies or routine. The entry of Venus into this sign offers improvements in these areas. You will be able to add a special touch and creativity to even the most routine activity. Your ambitions should also go up, as Mars turns up the heat in your career zone.

Be enchanted

Choose your words carefully this week. Words are magical incantations, hence the term spelling. So, before you speak, consider the impact your words may have, as Mercury moves from the 8th to the 7th house. Apply the filter first on the 9th, when Mercury is square Mars. They could easily be misunderstood or become embroiled in a pointless and unproductive discussion. This is especially true when it comes to your counterpart. Or even someone you work with.

Sometimes caution is the better part of valor. And the trine between Venus and Mars on the same day speaks volumes. With Mercury about to conjunct Saturn in your 7th house. House met, this indicates a lasting effect of your words. What you promise now, you must deliver. Others may see news that leads to a long-term deal. Or that conversation with someone that will take your relationship to the next level. Say it this week, Leo.

In a nutshell: This week, what you say has power and meaning. So choose your words carefully. You have the ability to create magic with what you bring in. Work on your charms, especially when it comes to love or career, Leo.


Be kind

Free yourself from energy waste

live large

Remember, this new cycle is about creating your best life now, Virgo. Mercury conjunct Pluto in your 5th. The house is right, paving the way for her. Your ruler sparks Pluto’s desire for transformation. In this way, the conversation leads to positive change and the appeal is used.

Making pleasant changes to daily life

Venus arrives on your fabulous 5th on the 8th. Hello. On this day, Mercury also enters the sixth house. Characters. While Mars is on the 6th. Day in your 9. So you have the desire to free yourself from everything that has limited, restricted or hindered you. Especially in daily use. This is how you show your love for yourself now.

Creating a new routine, letting go of old habits that no longer serve you, focusing on what really motivates and supports you, or even taking steps to change jobs if necessary can be part of the process. You have the confidence to make the right decisions in these areas, as the square of Mercury and Mars on the 9th encourages you to act. No delays.

The result is an improvement, more energy and a feeling of freedom all around. Venus is in conjunction with Mars on the same day, which can also bring a fiery flirtation or love. The changes you initiate now will likely be permanent when Mercury meets Saturn on the 10th. Moving in the circle of daily tasks? You can do it, virgin.

In a nutshell: Daily love, joy and beauty should be your priority now, Virgo. The key is to make choices to create your best life. Here’s how to show each other love this week. Start small. They do a lot of good.


Secure plans for the future

Positive steps can be taken

As opposed to a song. You can have satisfaction!

If Venus enters your 4th day on the 8th. When the space of home, family and security comes into play, this space of your horoscope will have a very different vibration than you have felt for years. It’s because all that heavy energy you fought so hard against is now gone. And the only slow moving planet here is Pluto.

So, Libra, think about improving your home and lifestyle and anything that will increase your sense of security. Mercury meets Pluto here on the 5th – a few days before he enters your 5th. Again, this can be positive news regarding a move, an improvement to the home, family, the people you live with, or even your job, work, or money.

Hot or not

Change is definitely in the air for you now. Mars enters from the 6th into his former ruling house, the 8th. The attention to what you share, the rewards, and yes, the attention of the warm, sizzling kind. Just remember that if things drag on between you and someone else, Mars won’t tolerate it if Mercury is square with it on the 9th.

For others, however, it can open the door to a better way of living or working. Especially if you work or want to work from home. Venus, who rules, forms a triangle with Mars on the same day. Remember that the 8th is your second home of money and Venus rules your bank account. And a sense of complacency. You can make an agreement, financial or emotional, to consolidate this aspect. On the 10th, Mercury is in conjunction with Saturn in your 5th house. Period of the current era and forms a ring. This week, the scale offers something lasting. Strengthens home, income, friendship, lover, lifestyle, family. Make your choice. He’s here for the long haul.

In a nutshell: Important changes will follow the decisions you make this week, Libra. You and someone else can come to an agreement that gives you a new sense of accomplishment – permanently.


Tell your truth.

To win hearts and minds


The week begins with Mercury in the 3rd house. Degree of conjunction with Pluto on the 5th. What you hear, say or share can be the deciding factor. You won’t hesitate to express your feelings either. Even if you don’t normally stand out.

Old ruler Mars enters your partnership area on the 6th. When Venus lands in your 3rd and Mercury enters your 4th on the 8th. This is a good time to start a conversation with your spouse, partner, or partner you love. Share them and allow them into your inner world. Each of you can now communicate with authenticity, creativity and passion. It does not matter whether it is matters of the heart or matters of work or business. This openness is your biggest advantage.

Sign your name

It’s a winning combination of heart and mind, Scorpio. Don’t turn down a conversation with someone if you think it’s urgent. On the 9th, Mercury asks Mars to make room for discussion. Especially when it comes to the housing situation, your home, your income, your landlord, buying, renting, leasing, etc. While you may prefer a direct approach – and there’s nothing like openness right now – Venus in conjunction with Mars will bring gentleness. They are looking for that compromise.

With singles, the spark of flirting can spread pretty quickly. On the 10th, Mercury and Saturn meet for the first time in your 4th house. A home for the present. Long-term real estate decisions, lifestyle choices or even career plans may be negotiated. You can put your name on something important. Scorpio could even be someone’s heart this week.

In a nutshell: Speaking from your heart is the secret ingredient to your success this week, Scorpio. So feel free to share your inner thoughts. Others love your authenticity. And your willingness to share.

Magnetic switch

Concentrate on the things that matter most

Love what you have so you have more to love

Channel your energy in relationships

Work, money, wealth. Let’s focus on the relationship aspect of these sagas. Not something you have in a bank account or hidden under your mattress. Because it’s about how you feel about what you have, not how much you have.

You will pay attention to what is most important when Mercury meets Pluto in your money zone on the 5th. Venus rules this house in your horoscope and comes here on the 8th. It’s a very different place than it was for the last two years or so. Pluto is the only slow moving planet here. With the conjunction of Mercury on the 5th, it is an excellent day for work, business and lucrative activities. But it’s also a great opportunity to let others know what’s really important to you.

What is your most valuable resource?

It could be a completely different source. For example, your time. There’s no point in working to make money if you don’t have time to do what you love. Mars in your 6th house. The house gives you a boost of energy – hence the wellness aspect of the week. But it also forces you to spend your time, which is limited, on things that matter.

So it becomes increasingly important to know where to focus your energy, as Mercury is in the third house. Mars in the 9th degree. On the same day, there is a triangle from Venus to Mars. Managing your talents, time and other resources is the key to appreciating more of what you have. The conjunction of Mercury with Saturn in the 3rd house. The period of your current epoch on the 10th tells you that you have new and different priorities from now on. The ones that work much better and that you can work with in the long run.

In a nutshell: What’s the most important thing to you, Sag? It’s probably more than money can buy. As a time for what and who you love. This week, focus your energy on getting more of what matters. In that case, your future will be richer.


Time for hang-ups

Get ready for new experiences

Make 2021 your moment of glory

You may want to show the world how you express the planetary changes in your sign of Capricorn. You should feel lighter, more carefree and free. It’s like a weight has been lifted off him. Mercury conjunct Pluto in your main house. Signage is a matter of communication. As you wish. Your visual message, your brand image, your look and feel and the way you communicate it.

From backstage to the spotlight

Venus arrives on the 8th, allowing you to pamper yourself and look the way you currently do. Mars is in your fabulous 5th from the 6th. Mars brings you warmth, passion and above all confidence. You want to stand out now, be seen and admired by you. It’s time, Capricorn. Especially if you’ve felt like you’ve been working hard in the back room for the past few years.

It’s time to shine again and strive for that, because Mercury squares Mars in your 2nd on the 9th and Venus squares it on the same day. What does that tell you? Yes, you are worthy. On the 10th, Mercury meets Saturn in your second house. This is the first time this has happened since Saturn left your sign. How do you communicate your value, your self-worth? Not just by what you say, but by how you look? It’s time to invest in your future and renew yourself if necessary. Capricorn, make sure your appearance matches how you feel right now.

In a nutshell: It’s time for a little self-promotion. And rejoice in the person you have become. Find ways to demonstrate the new you for the current era, Capricorn. You don’t have to stand on the sidelines. You’re in the show.


Tie up the loose ends

Take precautions for your living space

Insight brings answers

Before we can move into the future, we need to put the past in order. Aquarius, are there any other mishaps you need to take care of?

This is the question Mercury will ask you when he joins Pluto in your 12th house on the 5th. The House is assembled. Just a few days before he died, on the 8th. In addition, Venus enters the 12th house on the 8th. Characters. you associate with heightened imagination, creativity and psychic abilities. They can tell you how to get the problem under control once and for all. Or show me where the final touches need to be made.

Free flight in modern times

After all, you don’t need unfinished business, because we live in the present tense. Thanks to Mars in your 4th house. At home from the 6th, you can start with topics close to your heart. In this house, Mars must always act. He needs a job. It could be communicating with your housemates, cleaning, repairing, decorating, gardening or even planning a move. On the 9th, it will align with Mercury in your 1st year. Form the house. On the same day, Venus forms a trine with him from your 12th house. Don’t put off doing what you know you need to do.

The actions you take will prepare you to live a better and more authentic life in the present time. Your decisions or actions will have long lasting consequences when Mercury is in conjunction with Saturn in your 1st house on the 10th. The House is assembled. It’s time for a change, Aquarius.

In a nutshell: Now that the age of the present is here, you don’t need attachments to the past to hold you back. So do all the work that still needs to be done this week. Inspiration reveals new ways to free yourself from what is holding you back.


Time to step up to the plate

If things don’t change, they can’t get better.

What you’re pushing away is easier than you think.

Something long overdue needs your attention this week, Pisces. So don’t procrastinate and put things off. Your high sensitivity often means that you are hesitant to have an important conversation or do something with someone. Especially since you don’t want to piss them off. But this week challenges you to put your feelings first for a change.

You’ll find that things can’t stay the same when Mercury meets Pluto on the 5th. Mars, moving from the 6th to the 3rd, removes any hesitation about what to say. This is the house of Mercury, and he is also on the move this week. She lands in your 12th on the 8th. On the same day, Venus enters your 11th. That way you can focus on the future and how you want things to be.

An honest answer is always correct

Mercury will square Mars on the 9th. And Venus will form a triangle with it. The bottom line is that treating each problem will not be as bad as you think. Some Pisces may even receive a message from someone from their past. Or show someone a different side of themselves in the present. Whatever your feelings, it is important that you answer truthfully. If you’ve been putting others before your own needs, that will stop this week, as Mercury is now in your 12th house. This week, say or do what you need to do. With long-term results and better than you ever imagined, Pisces.

In a nutshell: If you’ve been putting something off, now, Pisces, is the best week to do it. It’s time to realize that your needs are just as important as anyone else’s. By putting yourself first for once, you will make the necessary improvements.


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