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Jupiter In Pisces 2021-2022 – How It Will Influence You –

Jupiter in Pisces is the next sign of the zodiac beginning on December 21, 2021. Jupiter in this sign and in the sign, starting at the exact time, will influence you in a very powerful way. Jupiter can be great, but Jupiter in Pisces can turn out to be a disaster. Jupiter in Pisces is very favorable for the following:

Jupiter in Pisces is a highly sensitive and enduring combination of two highly intuitive and creative personalities. Pisces and Jupiter are the two most important planets in their respective signs, and although Jupiter is a planet of growth, it should not be taken to mean that the native will be on a constant growth spurt, or that every decision will lead to self-improvement. Jupiter, however, is a planet of freedom, of expansion, of grand ideas, and of dreams for the future.

Jupiter in Pisces (July 21, 2021-March 21, 2022) is a time when you may experience a feeling of inner peace, appreciation for the motives and ideals that you hold dear, the opportunity to deepen your spiritual connection, and sensitivity to the needs and emotions of others. You may feel a strong urge to share these feelings with others, or you may find yourself in a position where you have to give of yourself.. Read more about when does jupiter enter pisces in 2021 and let us know what you think.

Jupiter enters Pisces, its natal sign, on May 13th, 2021.

Jupiter will be in Pisces until July 28th, 2021, for a short period. We’ll have our first taste of this travel in the following two and a half months. 

Jupiter returns to Pisces on December 29th, 2021, and remains there until May 10th, 2022, before returning to Pisces on October 28th, 2022, and staying there until December 20th, 2022. 

There Is Magic Everywhere With Jupiter And Neptune In Pisces

For good reason, many individuals look forward to Jupiter’s arrival in Pisces. Jupiter’s natal sign is Pisces, thus it feels at ease here. Jupiter may be as intelligent, spiritual, or big-picture as he wants in Pisces.

It has not been easy for Jupiter in the past few of years, when he shared signs with Pluto and Saturn. Our feeling of trust and hope will be restored now that Jupiter has moved into Pisces.  

But what makes this Jupiter in Pisces transit even more unique is the fact that Jupiter will be in Pisces alongside Neptune. 

This is particularly intriguing since Pisces is ruled by both Jupiter and Neptune. It’s quite magical to have both rulers in the sign of their rulership… I purposefully use the term “magic.”

We will begin to notice the enchantment everywhere when Jupiter, with its larger-than-life optimism and feeling of expansion, and Neptune, with its mystical vision, are in the same sign. 

Jupiter in Pisces – Surviving By Faith

Angels playing the harp may come to mind when Pisces, particularly when Neptune is in Pisces. Jupiter, on the other hand, is expansive, loud, and spectacular. Jupiter in Pisces would be arena rock in the 1980s if Jupiter were a musical genre. 

In November 1986, while Jupiter was in Pisces, Bon Jovi released “Living on a Prayer” (Jon Bon Jovi himself has 3 planets in Pisces). The song’s lyrics, of course, are extremely Jupiter in Pisces: 

“Wow, we’re almost there.”

Wow, living on a wing and a prayer.

Take my hand, and I promise we’ll make it.” 


Because it tapped into current trends, the song was an immediate success. Everyone experienced a Jupiter in Pisces transit in November 1986, and everyone was expecting a Jupiter in Pisces message. 

Jupiter performs this function. It establishes trends. It reveals what society’s mentality was like in that specific year. 

Jupiter, after all, is the planet of truth and consistency. Jupiter is the planet of universal consensus. Jupiter is the god of knowledge, education, morality, and the law. 

When Jupiter is in Pisces, everyone believes that we will ultimately succeed, no matter what life throws at us. 

Saturn is no longer in Pisces since Jupiter is now in Pisces.

Jupiter in Pisces bears little resemblance to Saturn.

It’s impossible to convince someone that the end of the world is approaching since Jupiter in Pisces has a different vibe than Jupiter in Capricorn.

Requesting that someone be socially responsible will also fail (not because being socially responsible is a bad thing, but because Jupiter is no longer in Aquarius). 

What works with Jupiter in Pisces is to create a bright future picture based on trust, compassion, development, and limitless possibilities. 

Since December 2020, Jupiter has been in Aquarius. Jupiter’s entry into Aquarius was a significant step forward from Jupiter’s previous position in Capricorn, and it has provided much-needed respite. Jupiter, on the other hand, had a serious (some would say cranky) roommate in Aquarius: Saturn. 

The conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius is ideal for “manifesting” Aquarius themes. Things get done when Jupiter and Saturn join forces.

And this is fantastic. What’s not so wonderful is that Jupiter’s expanding function has been disabled. 

While Jupiter (together with Saturn) may be able to get things done in Aquarius, the process may not be as enjoyable as when Jupiter is not in the same sign as Saturn. 

Jupiter’s change of signs signifies that he is no longer influenced by Saturn. It allows him to get things done his way. It becomes as open, cheerful, enthusiastic, and hopeful as it possibly can. 

That’s not everything. Jupiter is domiciled in Pisces, which indicates it is operating at full capacity. As a result, Jupiter is much more cheerful, expansive, and hopeful in this sign than it is in any other. 

Jupiter’s entry into Pisces will immediately brighten our spirits. And this is cause for celebration. 

Of course, the drawback is that we may get too hopeful. Because Neptune is also in Pisces, the optimism may devolve into wishful thinking and living in Lala land.   

How Jupiter Works in Pisces

Let’s get one thing straight: although Jupiter is associated with development and progress, it may also be a little unrealistic.

People born under the sign of Jupiter have lofty ambitions that they seldom accomplish.

People with Jupiter transits take huge chances, are overconfident, and often find themselves into difficulty, losing everything they had in the first place — the exact reverse of what a Jupiter transit promises. 

Is Jupiter, as astrology portrays him, truly the nice guy?

“Where would we be without Jupiter?” is a better question to ponder. You may not accomplish all you wished for, but you will have gotten “halfway there,” which is a lot better than where you were before.

Jupiter’s development mentality may not help you become a billionaire, but it may help you get to a lot better position than others who don’t share your abundant objectives. 

When Jupiter transits, those who aspire to be best-selling writers may not sell 1 million books (there aren’t that many J.K. Rowlings and Stephen Kings out there).

However, they may still become best-selling writers in one of Amazon’s many categories, and their books may still have a positive impact on the 1, 10, 100, or 1000 individuals who read them. 

We are far more likely to accomplish our objective, or at least come closer to it, when we DO interact with Jupiter’s energy. 

And it’s for this reason that Jupiter is regarded as the great benefic in astrology. It’s not that when Jupiter is in your sign, you’ll be inundated with good fortune.

It’s because you’re far more likely to achieve success in your life if you have a growth mentality, are positive, and are actively seeking possibilities. 

Jupiter isn’t the one who bestows wealth and good fortune on you. You are the one who draws these things into your life by adopting Jupiter’s vibratory energy. 

Many people wait for years for a Jupiter transit, but when it occurs, they do nothing, and nothing happens as a result. As our Age Of Aquarius member Marc so eloquently put it, with Jupiter, you have to roll the dice and put yourself out there. 

Jupiter in Pisces, on the other hand, is a transit that may deliver miraculous luck apparently out of nowhere.

Pisces is the sign of limitless potential. Pisces is the zodiac’s last sign, and it includes all the previous signs, as well as all the chances that have one more opportunity to manifest before we begin again in Aries. 

How Will Jupiter in Pisces Influence You in 2021-2022? 

Jupiter is in Pisces, which is fantastic news for you and your natal chart. 

The greatest part about a governing planet transiting its rulership sign is that it causes things to happen. 

For example, if your ascendant is Gemini, your 10th house is Pisces. Because Jupiter governs Pisces, the ruler of the 10th house will be in the 10th house while Jupiter transits Pisces (as it is now).

There is a feeling of development and fluidity. Things are starting to fall into place. Projects come to life. 

Look up the house where Pisces is in your horoscope to see how Jupiter in Pisces will affect you. This is where Jupiter’s benefits will be bestowed upon you.

You will need to know your Ascendant sign or have an exact time of birth.

These are the aspects of your life that Jupiter in Pisces will affect, using full sign houses: 

  • Jupiter in Pisces, the Ascendant of Aries, will have an impact on your 12th house of the unconscious, magic, solitude, and faraway places. 
  • Jupiter in Pisces, the Ascendant of Taurus, will have an impact on your 11th house of friends and networks. 
  • Jupiter in Pisces, the Ascendant of Gemini, will have an impact on your 10th house of profession, prestige, and celebrity. 
  • Jupiter in Pisces, the Ascendant of Cancer, will have an impact on your 9th house of foreign affairs, learning, teaching, travel, publishing, and law. 
  • Jupiter in Pisces will have an impact on your 8th house of transformation, the occult, shared finances, and other people’s money if you have a Leo ascendant.
  • Jupiter in Pisces will affect your 7th house of partnerships and contracts if you have a Virgo ascendant.
  • Jupiter in Pisces, the Ascendant of Libra, will have an impact on your 6th house of work, health, routines, and acts of service.
  • Jupiter in Pisces, the Ascendant of Scorpio, will have an impact on your 5th house of children, creativity, play, and romance. 
  • Jupiter in Pisces will have an impact on your 4th house of home and family if you have a Sagittarius ascendant. 
  • Jupiter in Pisces, the Ascendant of Capricorn, will have an impact on your 3rd house of communication, daily encounters, learning, and siblings. 
  • Jupiter in Pisces, the Ascendant of Aquarius, will have an impact on your 2nd house of money, finances, and self-worth. 
  • Pisces Ascendant, you’re in luck! Jupiter in Pisces will have an impact on your first house, which governs your personality, energy, and genius zone. Jupiter in Pisces is your chance to shine and put yourself out there, even if you’re timid. 

If Jupiter in Pisces forms aspects with planets or angles in your natal chart, it has an impact on you.

If you have planets or an angle (Ascendant, IC, Descendant, Midheaven) in Pisces, Jupiter will conjunct this planet or angle at some time, and this is when the transit will reach its height.

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Jupiter in Pisces is one of the most important astrological events of the year. It takes place between July 11, 2021 and December 23, 2021. During this period, Jupiter will stay in 13th house of planetary ruler, Venus will move forward in her house of personal qualities, and the Sun in Virgo will move forward in his house of personal qualities. This period will bring about some of the most important and awesome events in your life, and you will be rewarded with amazing things.. Read more about jupiter in pisces transit meaning and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Jupiter in Pisces affect me?

Jupiter is the planet of expansion and growth, so its in Pisces. This means that you are a person who has an expansive view of life and can see things from many different angles. You have a lot of compassion for people and animals, which is why youre also a vegetarian.

What does Jupiter in Pisces mean 2021?

Jupiter is the planet that rules Pisces. The meaning of this sign is to be in a state of spiritual awakening.

What does Jupiter in Pisces mean for Pisces?

Jupiter in Pisces means that you are a person who is very good at understanding and relating to other people. You have a lot of empathy for them and their feelings, which makes it easy for you to get along with others.

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