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Justice Tarot Card Meaning – Upright And Reversed

The Justice card is a symbol of balance. It is the card that represents the idea of giving and receiving, or light and dark. In this card, there are many things going on at once. There are three figures in the picture, one with a sword in his hand, another with a shield, and yet another with scales in his hands. Three figures together represent a balanced system of justice where all parties benefit from what they give to it.

The justice tarot card reversed is a card that can be used to gain insight into the present situation. It is also known as the Justice card.

Tarot Card Meanings: Justice

Truth, karma, and integrity are the primary themes of the Justice tarot card. The Justice tarot card indicates that you will be held accountable for all of your activities, whether good or negative. The Justice tarot interpretation is based on the concept of cause and consequence.

You must understand that whatever acts you do, the Justice card will force you to face the repercussions. But don’t worry, Justice Tarot isn’t only for negative acts; it also leads you to your destiny and provides you what you deserve. As a result, the Justice tarot appreciates it when you maintain your karmic balances in good standing.

Rather of attempting to run away from your reality, the Justice approach is to accept responsibility for whatever you’ve done and accept it as it is. When it comes to legal issues, justice cards are the greatest since they always show up as a good card.

However, you should be aware that the significance of the Justice card varies depending on the position in which it is drawn. When drawn in the upright position, Justice’s emotions point to truth, while when drawn in the inverted posture, Justice’s meaning points to dishonesty.

It does not offer a definite answer when it comes to the Justice yes or no in general, but it does give a yes when it comes to obtaining genuine justice for someone’s previous actions.

This is also true in Justice’s enjoyment of reading. However, if it appears as the Justice reversed love card, it acts as a warning that you will be held accountable for your activities if they have caused anybody harm in any way. But there’s no need to be alarmed since the Justice tarot’s connection with your karma is proportionate to the severity of your actions.

The only time the Justice reversed yes or no card is drawn, the message stays the same. It always responds with the word “maybe.” So that’s all for one of the most reasonable major arcana tarot cards’ general meaning. Let’s go on to figuring out what the picture on the card represents.

Descriptions of Justice Tarot Cards

Now that we have a better grasp of the Justice Tarot card meaning, we need also know the particular meanings of each element shown on the card.

In the Justice tarot card, the protagonist is depicted holding a balancing scale, which represents impartial choices in different life situations. It also demonstrates that Justice tarot like making logical choices. The Justice tarot’s scale helps you maintain a healthy balance between intuition and rationality.

On the other hand, we see a sword, which adds to the Justice tarot interpretation and serves as a stark reminder of the karma that will make us pay for our evil deeds and intentions. The Justice tarot is both fair and legal, and it makes proper use of both qualities as needed. In Justice cards, this double-edged sword also represents impartiality.

The square on the card’s crown is another feature that aids in the preparation of the Justice strategy. It demonstrated the clarity of her thinking, which is required to make legal choices.

As we go down the Justice card, we see the main character’s white shoe. This raises an intriguing element of the Justice card’s significance. It depicts the Justice tarot’s spiritual side and explains that everything the Justice likes to serve is a consequence of your own efforts and does not appear on its own.

With the Justice as emotions card, you may learn about someone else’s sentiments for you, which may surprise you. All of these factors, as well as the card’s fundamental meaning, combine to produce unfavorable outcomes. It always informs you that the other person has no emotions for you, whether you receive it as a Justice reversed card or in the upright position. You don’t need to wait for the Justice reversed love card to figure this out.

Finally, when it comes to Justice yes or no interpretations, these factors are useless since the answer of your query is entirely dependent on the circumstances and your previous actions. Even in the Justice’s reversed yes or no readings, it remains unchanged.

When the Justice tarot card appears in a tarot card reading, this is all about the overall meaning. Now it’s time to move on and learn how it’s interpreted in various areas of life.  

Upright Justice has a broad definition. The General Meaning of Justice Has Been Reversed
Justice, cause and effect, accountability, karma, truth, and lawful activities are all words that come to mind while thinking about justice. Injustice, retaliation, dishonesty, unequal procedures, and a lack of responsibility

Tarot Meanings for Justice Standing Up

Tarot Card Meanings for the Justice Upright

Righteous Love Career on the Upswing Finance with Integrity Optimal Health Spirituality on the Move
Compromise, equality, and remuneration for efforts Hard effort pays rewarded, as does honesty and integrity. Financial equilibrium, proper money inflow and outflow Improved health via a well-balanced lifestyle Life lessons, karmic responsibility

General Meaning of Justice Upright

When Justice occurs in a Tarot card spread, it indicates that the law of cause and effect will soon play a part in your life. When you have Justice cards in your reading, you will get justice if you have been mistreated, and you will receive what you deserve if you have done wrong. But keep in mind that when drawn as the Justice reversed card, the overall connotation of Justice upright changes.

Readings on Love and Relationships with Justice Upright

When it comes to love and relationships, the Justice card indicates that your efforts will soon be rewarded. Aside from that, the Justice tarot love reading is a clear sign that you and your partner need to compromise in order to improve your relationship. So, if the Justice card comes in your free love tarot card reading, know that if you have been honest in your connection, something wonderful is going to happen. In love and relationship readings, this is particularly effective when Justice is upright.

In Work and Career Readings, Justice Is Upright

The Justice tarot’s connection to your job is based on the same idea of hard effort being rewarded. If you want to get the most out of your situation, Justice tarot advises you to be responsible in your approach. In addition, the Justice approach here might be to stay responsible for all of your actions at work. In business and professional readings, the Justice upright wants you to be honest in your approach no matter what you’re up against, and to trust that all will work out in the end.

In Money Readings, Justice Is Upright

Justice yes or no shows up as a huge yes in your reading when it comes to managing your money. The Justice tarot here indicates that you are well-balanced in terms of financial input and outflow, which is assisting you in being balanced. In money readings, the Justice upright wants you to be open and honest about how you make money. In addition, Justice as an emotion suggests that in order to be happy, you must balance your money goals with other areas of your life.

In Health Readings, Justice Is Upright

When the Justice tarot card comes in health readings, it indicates that you have been dealing with some health problems recently. And the upright Justice in health readings is a strong sign that it is due to an unbalanced way of living. In your life, the Justice appreciates balance and moderation. With this card in your reading, you don’t even need to know your zodiac sign by name, and it demands your instant attention.

In Spiritual Readings, Justice stands tall.

In spiritual readings, the Justice upright is mainly concerned with your karma. This should not necessarily be associated with previous actions in this incarnation; nevertheless, there is a chance that you are meant to acquire specific life lessons throughout this lifetime. Whether Justice is inverted yes or no or upright, the answer to inquiries about your spiritual path always requires you to conduct some introspection. You will get a satisfactory response from inside.

Tarot Meanings for Justice Reversed

The Justice Tarot Card Upright & Reversed

Tarot Card Meanings for Justice Reversed

Love in the Reverse Career Reversal Financing in reverse Health Reversed Spirituality in reverse
Game of blame, Relationships have been ruined due to a lack of responsibility. Dishonesty, partiality, and an unjust environment Financial transactions that are skewed and hazardous, with little accountability Overindulgence may lead to serious health problems. Avoidance, Simple life lessons, Universal suggestions, Intuitive

Reversed Justice’s General Meaning

When the time comes, justice will revert to love and punish the wrongdoers. It also indicates that there is a high level of dishonesty and corruption in the environment around you. The basic meaning of Justice Reversed is that you are either not receiving what you deserve or, on the other hand, that you are engaging in illegal actions that are harming others. The worst part of the Justice tarot in reversed position is that you are unwilling to accept responsibility for your misdeeds.

Readings on Love and Relationships with Justice Reversed

In your reading, the Justice reversed love card indicates that you are not receiving what you desire out of your relationship. Justice cards indicate that you and your partner are playing a blame game for things going wrong. When Justice is reversed in love and relationship readings, it means that neither of you is ready to accept responsibility. The Justice Tarot card encourages you to reach a common agreement in order to make things work in your favor. It may be very beneficial to know each other’s personality numbers.

In Work and Career Readings, Justice is Reversed

When the Justice tarot card appears in this location, it denotes an unfair and prejudiced working environment. The Justice Reversed in Work and Career readings can indicate that you or someone else at work is being dishonest in their attitude, which is destroying the system as a whole. A Justice card simply asks that you be honest in your approach and that you take responsibility for your actions, even if anything goes wrong.

In this case, the Fool tarot interpretation depicts a similar scenario, but instead of workplace politics or blaming others, it depicts a sense of stagnation and boredom.

Money Readings: Justice Reversed

In a financial reading, the Justice reversed indicates that you have engaged in some skewed, hazardous, and untrustworthy financial transactions. This has the potential to damage not just you, but also others who are closely connected to you. To keep the feeling of duty alive, the Justice reversed in money readings wants you to accept full responsibility for your choices. Justice’s tarot interpretation here plainly indicates dishonesty and fleeing, both of which are detrimental to your well-being.


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In Health Readings, Justice is Reversed

In the same way that Justice tarot card meaning in health readings in the upright position indicates that you are not living a balanced life, which is becoming the cause of some health issues, Justice reversed in health readings indicates that you are not living a balanced life, which is becoming the cause of some health issues. The only difference is that the connection between the Justice tarot and your health is a bit more strong here. The Justice approach is to avoid becoming too engaged with anything that is outside of your comfort zone.

In Spiritual Readings, Justice is Reversed.

The Justice tarot enjoys teaching you life lessons that are connected to your karma. However, in religious readings, Justice reversed demonstrates your perseverance in studying them. This gives the Justice card a negative connotation since it never quits until you learn your lesson and returns with more vigour each time. Knowing your destiny number may be very beneficial in this situation since it will reveal the hidden purpose of your life, providing you with direction.

Tarot Card of Justice as Emotions

Justice is no exception to the rule that tarot cards may be used to determine how someone thinks about you. Justice as emotions is not a wonderful card to get, whether it is chosen from the Jojo tarot cards or any other well-known deck. This card’s logical interpretation indicates that the person you’re contemplating has no good emotions for you. At the same time, this does not imply that they despise you. Justice as emotions appears as a card that depicts any person’s neutral feelings toward you. You should also be aware that going back to your sweetheart because Justice enjoys reading is not a smart option. This is not for any nefarious motive, but simply because you deserve better.

Yes or No Tarot Card Readings by Justice

This card, like The Hermit tarot cards, does not provide a clear solution to your closed-ended queries. When it comes to Justice yes or no readings, the answer is always a “maybe.” This does not alter when the card is drawn in a different position. The Justice yes or no in the reversed position is identical to the Justice yes or no in the upright position. This is because the outcome shown by this card is mostly dependent on your own karmic drama. The nature of your inquiry in the context of the region of your life will determine the response to your question.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is justice reversed?

Justice reversed is a legal term that refers to the reversal of a judgment or decision.

What is the Justice card upright?

The Justice card upright is a symbol for justice and the law.

What does the Justice card mean in a tarot reading?

The Justice card represents the balance of good and evil in a reading.

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