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Kosmos Oracle Deck by Carmen Bello

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I am a Taurus with Gemini rising and Libra Sun. I live in the Bible Belt with a Capricorn Rising. I am also of Irish, French, Norwegian, German, and English ancestry. My name is Carmen Maria Bello. All this adds up to a typical Aquarian. I am the daughter of a wonderful mother and a somewhat absent father. I have a brother who is three years older than I.

I thought that I would start writing about astrology on my blog, and I thought that perhaps I should write about astrology deck. So, I thought about the various astrology websites that I read, and I thought that I could write about the Kosmos Oracle Deck. I have been using this deck for about 5 years, and it has always helped me in my matters. It has helped me to know the people that I was dealing with, it has helped me to know the past, it has helped me to know the future, and it has helped me to know the present.. Read more about what are oracle cards and let us know what you think.

Carmen Bello’s The Kosmos Oracle was released earlier this year and has mostly gone unnoticed. And I’m not sure why, since it’s a fantastic, enjoyable, and very accurate reading deck. The word Kosmos is derived from the Greek phrase Kosmos, which refers to the cosmos as a harmonic, ordered system. This is a deck that will assist you in regulating Chaos.


This has a 1970s pivot-of-change look to it, at least that’s how it seems to me. The 1970s were a decade of societal development marked by civil rights and sexual revolution, personal spiritual enlightenment, coups and decolonization attempts in many developing countries, a surge in genre fiction in the publishing business, and the hippie subculture.


Bello has created a 54-card system that is both functional and coherent. As you can see, there are four elemental cards, seven chakra cards, holy journey cards, and zodiac archetypes. The levels of the Kosmos Oracle system are as follows. There are five suits in addition to the layers, which correlate to Fire, Water, Air, Earth, and Ether. Suit cards that appear in a pattern indicate specific recurring motifs in the topic being divined, as seen below:

  • Root or direct sources of fire (masculine energy), ambition as a driving force
  • Emotions as motivation, relationships, or interpersonal reasons are all examples of water (feminine energy).
  • Air (male energy): intelligence, reason, and logos as a source of motivation; communications, the mind, and the world of ideas
  • The body, access to resources, consumerism, and money are all examples of Earth (feminine energy).
  • Ether (both): cyclical cause; transcendental; greater purpose or higher awareness


If your deck has been touched, Bello suggests cleaning it to eliminate any leftover energy. Incense, salt, moon baths, or minerals like selenite, clear quartz, or tourmaline may all be used in this way. She also discusses the use of energy healing, sound therapy, and pounding or blowing on the deck.


The elemental symbol on the right bottom corner of the above spread of cards denotes the suit, as can be seen in the white caption bar (the circle is ether). The kosmos layer will be shown by the number in the left bottom corner.

The handbook is thorough and easy to use even for a complete novice. After pulling a card, you may check it up in the handbook that comes with the box. Safety is the fifth key, and it corresponds to the root chakra and the element earth. Earth, for example, sends forth the word, “You are being asked to return to your refuge, which is your body.” The root chakra governs the layer of reality that focuses on survival instincts and fundamental necessities. It discusses the tribe’s connections, the family, and the foundations. Ancestral wounds may be held in the root chakra.”


As a divination instrument, the cards function as a kind of spiritual diagnostic, and it works very effectively. The holy journey layer of cards in this deck, each of which is made up of a core element (bottom right corner of the caption bar), shows you where you are in your trip in terms of a particular milestone. Key 13: Origin may indicate a previous emotional trigger that has led you to your current position, and you must treat this old wound, even if it wasn’t your pain in the first place.


Action items are also listed for each card in the handbook. “Step out of your comfort zone,” for example, is the action message of Key 14: The Unknown. Consider if your worries are founded on truth or your imagination,” and so on. “Not knowing is okay,” says the affirmation, or one line of the affirmation mantra.


Psst… not important, but I find it amusing that the picture of The Unknown card in the handbook lacks an elemental symbol, yet it is given the elemental attribute of Fire in the deck’s final printed card.


I had no idea how much I would like and connect with this deck. The variety of female bodies, the vintage 70s style, and the production value– matte finish cards with metallic embossing on the card backs and peachy nude edging– all impressed me at first.


I realized, oh yeah, when I dug further into the deck’s idea, premise, well-written handbook, very well-designed structure, and, most importantly, how it worked. This is a very well-crafted deck.


More Sacred Journey cards may be seen above, ranging from Key 23: Vulnerability through Key 34: Protection. If you zoom in on the image above, you can see the body language of the characters in the cards, such as how the figure is positioned in Protection, Abundance, Patience, Resilience, and so on.

Each card in Kosmos’ Sacred Journey layer is about learning a particular life lesson or understanding one aspect of the larger Meaning of Life in order to progress toward spiritual enlightenment.


Card 43: The Trailblazer is the first of the Zodiac Cards, and the archetype of Aries is represented by The Trailblazer. Key 44: Taurus is the Nurturer, and she is wearing the Horns of Isis; Key 45: Gemini is the Student; Key 46: Cancer is the Mother.

I also like how the Chakra cards guided you through inner alchemical transformations and how the body influences fate, and how the Sacred Journey cards were primarily about mental development and how states of mind influence fate, and how the Zodiac cards are about outer alchemical transformations, namely celestial connections.


Even the smallest elements, such as the I Ching Ba Gua page spread held by the figure in The Student card, have been meticulously considered. The art has a lot of nuance to it, which I think fits in the context of what you’d use this deck for. There’s a ritual skyclad aura around the Kosmos Oracle, which I’m not sure I’m expressing well. That is why I believe the representations of nudity are effective.


This deck is fantastic for self-discovery, and as wonderful as it is, it’s also approachable for people who aren’t into woo and simply want to play around with an oracle deck. Find your archetype cards based on your horoscope.

Because my sun sign is Libra, my moon sign is Leo, and my rising sign is Aquarius, I’ll take up The Peacemaker (49), The Leader (47), and The Channeler (53), read the card entries in the guidebook, and then write my reactions to the three archetypes and what I’m reading in the guidebook.


The handbook includes a plethora of card spread techniques that are well worth your time to try out. I tried out a few of the card spreads and was quite pleased with the results. Yes, during the first several weeks of using the deck, I checked up each card’s meaning in the handbook.

However, after approximately a month, I found that I didn’t need the handbook at all. The artwork, the keywords you get, and just learning Bello’s method is more than enough to achieve strong psychic strikes and profound self-exploration with these cards.


I do have one production criticism, and the only reason I have it is because I want to utilize this deck on a daily basis. I’d want to use it on a regular basis.

I would never have reached to this stage of criticism if this was simply a “ooh, beautiful!” deck for my collection’s sake. I began getting opinionated because I wanted to maintain this deck in constant rotation on my reading desk. =)


Okay. The cards are very difficult to shuffle. The powdered edge treatment, along with the velvety rose-petal matte texture, causes groupings of cards to cluster together, and I can’t seem to shuffle them out. If you’re looking for a riffle shuffle, don’t bother– it’s not going to happen. =)


My approach is to divide the cards into a number of card piles that correlate to my life path number (Life Path 7), then trust my intuition on which card piles to use for a reading. But, honestly, what do you think? Even that proved tough since the cards cluster together even when I attempt to dole them out one by one into the card piles, making it impossible to get into a rhythm. I’m continuously stopping, pausing, and unsticking the cards.

In terms of divination, I like to get into a rhythm while I shuffle, and you might detect a distinct beat if you simply listened to the sound of my shuffling. I simply can’t do it with this deck. Sigh. So there’s my criticism, and the only reason it even came up was because of how much I loved this deck and wanted to play it on a daily basis. Other decks I’ve evaluated may have had the same problem, but I never mentioned it in the review since it never occurred to me in my own practice. If I was only going to use the deck once in a blue moon, it wasn’t an issue. Do you get what I’m saying?


I’m guessing that people that follow a Wiccan-inspired spiritual path will get a lot of use out of Kosmos Oracle. There’s a lot here that resonates with the Goddess Movement in the Neopagan tradition. What’s more, you know what? Despite the fact that I do not connect with either of those two spiritual systems, I am smitten by this deck of cards. And I’m trying to figure out why, since it doesn’t seem to be anything I’d be interested in at first glance.

So, here’s where I’ll try to be self-aware. For starters, I found it to be a reliable reading deck. However, I consider several cards, including oracle and tarot, to be “correct reading decks.” As a result, it’s not simply that. Hmm. I appreciate how each card is depicted with body language. The deck seems very much attuned to the physical plane as a tool, something you don’t frequently encounter in oracle decks. That’s a difficult quality to come by. A card that encourages you to get in touch with your body is uncommon. You may find a number of decks that are heady-high-concept or emotional-intuitive driven.


Bello said how she both thought of and constructed this deck during the 2020 pandemic lockdown, same to how I did with the SKT Revelation. There were a handful of additional decks I saw that were also created and finished under lockdown, but I can’t recall their names right now.


These lockdown-themed decks all seem to have one thing in common: they’re idealistically expansive. And by that, I mean that the images and idea seem like artists and creators attempting to break through physical boundaries in order to explore an endless universe. Isn’t it…interesting? It’s astral-journeying; it’s spacey, cosmic, or world-travel-ish…


If you examine any of the pieces here, you will find them to be inspiring. I like how her hair links her to the endless starry night sky in the card above– it is the boundless starry night sky.

If you’re going to use this deck for divination, I suggest utilizing it for short-term divinatory inquiries. These work well as altar cards and in concentrated meditation, as Bello points out in the handbook. When I say “short-term divination,” I’m referring to daily or weekly card pulls, gaining a feeling of the energy or psychic temperature of the time, and receiving practical counsel for what to do next, your next step, rather than long-term or lofty goal-setting, if that makes sense.

This deck is very useful, and it reminds me of the Awakened Soul Oracle deck in several ways. If you appreciate Ethony’s Awakened Soul Oracle, I believe you’ll like Kosmos Oracle as well, despite the fact that the two decks are quite different in terms of aesthetics, style, and even point of view.

I’m hoping that this deck will be picked up by a mass market publishing company so that it may be distributed more widely. There’s something here that experienced older-gen cartomancers will like, and something here that Gen Z witches on TikTok will find extremely contemporary. In terms of magic, this deck may appeal to both.

Carmen Bello’s Kosmos Oracle Deck may be purchased HERE.



Disclosure to the Federal Trade Commission: I got Kosmos Oracle from the deck developer for potential evaluation in line with Title 16 of the United States Code of Federal Regulations Part 255, “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.” Everything I’ve stated so far has been genuine and properly represents my feelings about the deck.

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