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Leo Horoscope July 2021 | AstroDispatch – Astrology Around The Web

Leo is the first constellation of the zodiac, and is ruled by the exalted planet of the Sun, the great provider and giver of all things. It is the most important of the four zodiac constellations, and is the one associated with the initial sign of the zodiac, Aries. If you are a Leo and born on the 4th of July, then this Leo horoscope is for you!

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Leo is the seventh astrologic sign and it is the first of the fire signs. Leo is considered one of the most important signs of the zodiac and its influence can be observed in many different areas. The rulership of this sign is exalted, while the vices are cardinal, divine, and fixed. Just like other fire signs, Leo is characterized by its bold and brave attitude, and it is not afraid to express its emotions. In addition, this sign is known to be a bit egoistic, vain, and vain.

This month, your zodiac sign, Leo, has a lot going on. It’s all about you since Leo controls your image and profile, as well as your own ambitions and objectives.

It won’t be your birthday month until the 22nd, when the Sun enters Leo for the first time this year. However, Mars, the planet of activity, is in Leo until the 29th, while Venus, the planet of love, is in Leo until the 22nd.

Love & Relationships

Because these two planets are associated with love and sex, this may be a passionate month for you. The 13th, when Venus and Mars are conjunct in your sign, is a standout day. This is the only occasion this year that the lovers of the skies will get together, and it has the potential to be spectacular.

It may be about love, money, or being among powerful people. Take note of what happens in your life.

Furthermore, the Full Moon on the 24th, which falls in Aquarius and your relationship sector, is significant for partnerships. Full Moons are known for bringing things to a close.

In fact, as the month progresses, connections improve. This is due to Jupiter’s crucial return to Aquarius on the 28th, which affects your relationship sector. Jupiter’s themes are opportunity and freedom, and he will be here until the end of the year.

Your love life may have a foreign link. Alternatively, you could meet someone at a school. In any case, Jupiter may assist you in improving your connections. Because of what happened earlier in July, this is critical.

Mars & Venus Clashes

This is where some difficult astrology comes into play, and it all happens in the first week of July. Both Mars and Venus collide with Saturn and Uranus, and these two planets govern your relationship sector as co-rulers.

Saturn can flag up a disappointment or a block or obstacle. Someone who’s unavailable or who lets you down. This could be personally or professional. The key dates to note are the 1st & 7th.

Then, on the 4th & 8th, both Venus and Mars clash with unpredictable Uranus in Taurus. Therefore, this period of the month feels fiery and tempestuous.

Be mindful that tempers may flare at this time of the month, and try not to react rashly. Uranus is now in Taurus, the sign of your profession and vocation, and this is the other area of your life where a lot is happening.

You may feel as if you don’t belong at work or as if others are going forward while you’re left behind. This may be on a professional or social level with your coworkers. This month, instead than trying to satisfy others, you should focus on your goals and objectives.

If things don’t go as planned in July, do all you can to boost your self-esteem and confidence while working toward your objectives and next steps.

Be mindful that you may be drawn into other people’s disagreements or business. You may even find yourself at the frontline of a protest or a new development.

Slowing Things Down

However, particularly if you’re working with authority people or bureaucracy, try not to overwork yourself. The Sun, your ruler, is in Cancer until the 22nd.

Cancer controls the hidden sector of your horoscope, which may indicate a covert adversary or someone working against you. In this regard, the 17th is a difficult day.

In your horoscope, though, Cancer governs relaxation and retreat, so make extra space and quiet time for yourself. Slow down and listen to your natural impulses so you may hear your inner voice.

The month’s astrology highlights the importance of looking for yourself and others. You may opt to pursue a spiritual path while letting up of material accomplishments.

That is the most extreme result of what is taking place. However, you may be changing your priorities in some manner, big or little, and desire to spend more time alone.

Recharged & Refreshed

It’s also difficult to keep a good Leo down! If you take care of yourself this month, you’ll be able to recharge your batteries and feel renewed and revitalized by the time the Sun enters your zodiac sign, Leo, on the 22nd.

The Sun is the god of life and energy, and when it enters your sign, it gives you a burst of self-assurance. Use astrology to map and plan your future actions, with the goal of taking action in late July or early August.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is 2021 a good year for Leo?

2021 is a good year for Leo.

Which month is lucky for Leo?

Leo is a zodiac sign and its lucky for February.

What sign is the full moon in July 2021?

The full moon in July 2021 is a Cancer sign.

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