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Libra Horoscope July 2021 | AstroDispatch – Astrology Around The Web

The Libra horoscope for July 2019 announces two things: increased luck and the urge to make amends. The first is certainly true, with luck being the ruling planet for the month and bestowing Libra with a good deal of it. The second however is not so clear cut. On one hand, Libra does have a reputation for being fickle, and for taking advantage of others with their charm and wit.

Today is the day of Libra, the sign of September and part of the Zodiac. Libra belongs to the zodiac of stars and it has the symbol known as the Balance. This sign is related to the element Water and governs the planet Venus.

It’s not a bad idea to make sure you have the right people around you in July. Friends and relationships can play an important role in your life.

Friends and relations

Indeed, the astrological sign Leo is where the action takes place. Your ruling planet Venus is in Leo until the 22nd and ambitious Mars is in Leo until the 29th. If you are a typical Libra, you have a large social circle, and friends and relationships are part of this month’s astrological picture.

The first week of the month can be challenging for friendships or your participation in a group. Venus and Mars are currently colliding with the Saturn-Uranus aspect, which can be both frustrating and unpredictable.

Try not to take sides if you are involved in a friendly argument, as this is a time of turmoil. Mars and Venus are in opposition on the 1st and 7th. Saturn opposite and colliding with Uranus on the 4th and 8th.

Because Mars is your partner planet, this can be a difficult time for close relationships. You may not approve of your partner’s friends. Or maybe there is a conflict between love and friendship.

Love and friendship

If there are problems in early July, wait until the end of the month, when you can hopefully settle things amicably. The turning point comes on the 13th when the celestial lovers Venus and Mars meet in Leo.

This band is quite rare and is a symbol of love and unity. A friendship can become something more. Or maybe you have a good friend.

Then on the 22nd the Sun enters Leo, and on the 28th the planet Mercury. Another highlight is the Full Moon on the 24th, a weekend ideal for friendships and group gatherings.

Love and friendship are also back on track. The end of July can mark a major turning point in these important areas of your life.

The major planet Jupiter is also in motion as it returns to your air sign, Aquarius, on the 28th. Jupiter was here earlier this year and will remain in Aquarius for the rest of the year.

Romantic relationships can be rekindled under these stars. Or maybe you’ll find a child or a lover. This is good news for your social life and also for the holidays in general.

Next steps

Until the 22nd, the Sun is in the sign of Cancer, which determines your career and vocation, your future path and your life goals. It’s about your status and reputation. The talking planet Mercury is also present from the 12th to the 28th.

So you’re probably looking ahead this month and thinking about what’s to come. Perhaps you are at a crossroads in your career or ready to start a new chapter in your life.

Set your sights on the future this month, especially during the New Moon in Cancer on the 10th. The following is a beautiful astrology. The successful conjunction of Mercury and Jupiter in Pisces on the 12th is ideal for establishing influential relationships or finding work.

Additionally, the Sun aligns with Neptune in Pisces on the 15th. Pisces manages your work and lifestyle, your health and routines. It is a clue to take care of yourself and maintain a good state of mind, body and spirit.

It can also help your workplace. Maybe a flexible work schedule or love what you do for a living. Work can be your escape, a place where you can be creative, compassionate and caring.

The key to solving problems this month is to appeal to your feelings, your emotions. Cancer and Pisces are both emotional water signs, and kindness is a central theme in both of these archetypes.

As a sunny Libra, you have a kind heart. Seeing the best in others is a good strategy to help you cope with the behavior or actions of others.

Moreover, you are one of the cardinal signs, so you are a leader, an initiator and a motivator. This month you may be on the front lines of life, taking on a difficult role or responsibility.

You can make a difference in your community, get involved in politics or stand up for a cause that is close to your heart. The astrology at the top of your horoscope indicates that this is a time in your life when you cannot sit back and do nothing. Be careful where you are written.


It wasn’t until the 22nd that this changed again. This is the date when your ruler Venus enters Virgo and therefore the most hidden sector of your horoscope, suggesting that you need to slow down and find more time for yourself.

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