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Life’s A Journey Spread

The planets, stars, and other celestial bodies also play a big part in our lives. They influence our interactions, our thoughts, our emotions, our confidence, and even our decisions. The astrology has a long history, dating back thousands of years. It has been a part of many religions, and has been used by many cultures for the purposes of divination, fortune telling, and navigation.

Life’s a journey. You have to start somewhere, you may not be where you want to be by the end, but you can make your life a lot better if you know how to make a few changes.

Life is a journey


Illustration above with Tarot Mystic Mondays by Grace Duong The tarot deck is divided into two arcana – major and minor. You could say that the most important cards in the deck represent the big picture or the most important influences in your life. In this broadcast, I have decided to consider them as the most important stepping stones on our journey. The secondary cards (colors) are daily actions and events that lead us between these stages. In this arrangement, the bridge is divided into several parts: Card 1 is taken in the majors, and cards 2 through 4 are taken in the minors. Life’s A Journey Spread word-image-6728 Card 1 = Target. Where do you want me to go? This is our map with the overview described above. Some (like the magician I drew for myself below) are inspiring, worthwhile, even exciting, and I can’t wait to get there. As a magician, I can manifest anything I want, and these crystals in her hands immediately caught my attention. I could have done so much more. So I’m ready to pull cards 2-4 to describe how I get there.

  • Immediate Action – Enchanted Princess. It’s time to live out your creativity and hobbies with enthusiasm. She has a confident and calm demeanor. It’s time to take action!
  • The next steps are the King of Cups. Okay, good. It’s time to work on controlling your emotions instead of being a slave to them. More emotional stability would be very helpful at this point. Attention and compassion, to not be carried away by the energy of the bars.
  • Long-term actions – 6 cups. Lockdown was a long, steady draw and I had forgotten how to have fun. After finding motivation and stability, it was time to rediscover my inner child. Playing is the order of the day. Just wishing the lockout would end is a pathetic existence. Enjoy the moment like we did when we were kids.

But before I get carried away, I want to warn you. Not all flows are attractive, and not everyone wants to go to the proposed destination. It may be an inconvenient place or time: More change? Can I get up first? I believe the Tarot represents the likely outcomes of our choices, and therefore we can make different choices, take different actions, and thus seek different conclusions. That’s why I gave options for the second part. Or how to get there? Or how to avoid it? Use the question that seems most appropriate to you. I hope the scattering and my readings have given you food for thought, Pyronik.