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Love Tarotscopes for the Next Four Weeks

The future can often be a dark and mysterious place. It can seem like there are no clear signs of hope, even when the stars are aligned and you’re surrounded by the ones you love. The key is to recognize the signs, and to make the right choices before it is too late.

In the “Love Tarotscopes” series we will be using the tarot to interpret the energies and planetary influences that could be affecting your life in the next four weeks.

Taroscopes in love for the next four weeks

I wonder what the next four weeks have in store for their relationship. I will describe the energy that surrounds us as a collective in the coming month using the psychic oracle tarot deck for the heart. You will get advice on what to do and what to avoid, so that your relationship runs smoothly and you can make decisions in your best interest. Total energy for the next four weeks Targeted efforts Just as an artist spends time and effort to create his masterpiece, we are called to strive to develop our relationships. Happy and satisfied partnerships don’t just happen, it takes dedication and hard work.  This month is especially important for strengthening your relationships with friends and family. Over the next few weeks, you are challenged to pay attention to all the relationships in your life and always act with respect and good intentions toward all. Take the time to really get to know people, understand their values and beliefs.  The better you understand a person, the better you can understand their motivations and desires. What do we have to assume for the next four weeks? Blooming Evaluate your relationships to see what works and what doesn’t.  For a relationship to flourish, it is important that both partners are open, honest and trust each other. Take time to think about how open and honest you are with your partner. Do you feel like your loved one is open and honest with you?  When in doubt, ask yourself: Does my relationship give me the love and understanding I need?  Am I being treated with respect? Do you treat your loved one with the same compassion and dignity? If you spend all your energy and get nothing in return, your energy is depleted. Accept those who give you strength and treat you with the same love and respect you give them, and reconsider the energy you spend on those who leave you without strength. Listen to what your heart tells you and you won’t be able to make a wrong decision. What should we avoid for the next four weeks? Times are tough. During the month, you may be surrounded by conflict energy, and like the man in the picture, he will erect a shield in front of him to ward off anything that might hurt him. You are also encouraged to dismiss any litigation that is not in your best interest. Instead of getting caught up in a disagreement and defending your position until you’re on top of it, take a step back and think about what’s right and true here. Is winning more important than finding an acceptable compromise? Those who win the battle never really win, victory remains hollow as the wounded walk away to let their wounds heal. Summary The energy for the coming month focuses on developing relationships with those who care about you and always treat you with dignity and respect. Think about the relationships that are not in your best interest and ask yourself if they are worth it. Try not to get involved in disagreements where there is no real victory, as the wounds can be so deep that they take a long time to heal. Focus on love this month and follow your heart, and your relationships will blossom. Communication with Sarah J. in the PsychicTxt application.

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